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Electic interiors showing a bedroom with a bright wallpaper mural and bright yellow accessories

27/01/2023   POSTED BY

Eclectic Interiors – A Guide to a Unique Style

The term ‘Eclectic’, is derived from the Greek word ‘eklektikos’ meaning ‘choosing the best’ or ‘pick out, select’ - which is why this term has been embraced by the interior world. Eclectic interiors combine a variety of periods and styles. They are then merged through the use of colour and texture.

Each art form, from fashion to architecture, has its own terminology. Within interior design, some common terms are farmhouse, minimalist, gothic and modern Victorian. To stray away from common styles means entering the world of eclectic style. They are a wonderful way to express your individual creativity. It is not bound by rules or structure, it is an expression of pure creativity.

Are you drawn to the distinctive and individualized style of eclectic interiors? Then continue reading as we guide you through the eclectic style…

Choose contrasting colour palettes

Dark bedroom with varying colours of bedsheets with a blue wall

Image source: tfdairies.com via Pinterest

Eclectic interiors pride themselves on a multitude of colours. Whether they are matching, contrasting, bright, or muted. It’s the mixture that creates the eclectic style. As your bedroom is your most personal space, it will be easy to transform it into an individualized spectacle based entirely on your creativity.

When designing your bedroom, remember to leave nothing exposed. By this, we mean items like your bedframe, picture frames etc. A great way to do this is by painting your bedframe or furniture the same colour as your feature wall, or a dark or lighter shade.

Embrace multiple textures

Eclectic interiors showing a living room with botanical plants, a blue ceiling and wooden flooring

Image source: eclectictwist.com via Pinterest

A great way to embrace eclecticism is not just through colour but through a mixture of layers and textures. Think velvet, wood, rattan, and even foliage! Eclectic interiors are more than just a cluttered room, think more ‘ organized mess’ It is possible to embrace a myriad of textures and make them work within your room.

If taking the leap to eclectic design is daunting to you, a great way to counterbalance this is to stick to materials of the same tones. It will help to ease you into the unique style, whilst still allowing your individuality to shine. Natural wood and muted tones would be a perfect combination.

Much like the room above, the main theme is blue with botanical elements. As you can see, although the space is built up with many textures and layers, it is not overly bright or cluttered. This is due to the colour scheme being muted or soft.

Eclectic interiors need commitment!

Kitchen interior with a green wall, brass wall art, and excessive ornaments

Image source: roomssolutions.com via Pinterest

Commitment to an eclectic interior is paramount if you want your style to work. We’re sure you’ve heard the term, ‘go big or go home’ – this should be the tagline for eclectic design! Yes, this particular style encourages you to collaborate on a variety of colours, textures, and pieces, but you need to fully embrace it.

Imagine walking into someone’s living room or even a café or restaurant and only seeing one bright purple wall and a few yellow or pink items dotted about – it wouldn’t look good. Eclectic interiors depend on full commitment. It’s a freeing, truly creative endeavour that is waiting with open arms, waiting for you to give yourself to it completely.

Dark colours are always welcome

Dark green and teal bedroom with a black fireplace and mustard bedsheets

Image source: thegirlwiththegreensofa via Pinterest

A common misconception about eclectic interiors is that they have to be bright. This isn’t necessarily true. Muted or even dark colours can still be used to create an eclectic style but the way to do it is to incorporate varying colours. This medium is also great for people who don’t want to paint an entire wall a bright colour or have overly powerful wallpaper.

Choose a wallpaper, if you prefer this over paint, that includes a heavy pattern. This will work as the backbone of your style. Pick out certain colours within your wallpaper and use them though out the rest of your décor. Then, choose a contrasting colour to ramp up your eclectic vibe. Mustard yellow is the perfect contrasting choice for a blue or teal-themed room.

Small spaces can be eclectic too

Colourful wallpaper mural of speckled texture with white panels, a light blue sofa and pink cushions

Wall Mural in Photo: Burst of Joy

Eclectic interiors are not constricted to large or open spaces. A smaller bedroom or compact living room has just as much right to be a part of this wonderful design style! The way the work around your small space is to rely on the placement of colours. If you do have a small bedroom, living room or kitchen and don’t want to reduce them by too many pieces of furniture or other items, choosing a vibrant wallpaper and contrasting furniture is the perfect solution.

When choosing your wallpaper, opt for something with a unique pattern, much like the above ‘splatter’ effect design. Choose colourful furniture, like a small sofa or reading chair, in a colour composite opposite to your wallpaper. Adorn your furniture with contrasting colours , or opt for a colour within your wallpaper, but a different tone.

The mixture of hot pink and blush pink accessories on the above seating is a perfect example of utilising colour placement. Now, your small space has taken a giant step into eclecticism.

Pops of colour are perfect for eclectic interiors

Bare red brick walls in a kitchen with light blue cupboards and a pine dining table

Image source: apartmenttherapy.com via Pinterest

Sometimes it can be difficult to pick a starting point when it comes to eclectic interiors. Especially if you live in an apartment, or a building where decorating the walls is a bit tricky. A way around this is to study your room and pick out key features to that you can add colour. Think cabinets, shelves, and even period features. By doing this, you can inject pops of colour into your room – perfect for the eclectic vibe.

If you’re focusing on your kitchen, choose and combine uncommon colours, such as bright blues or purples for your cabinets, but paint any beams yellow or orange. Finally, use your accessories to finish your eclectic style. You can do this by opting for coloured glass containers, and shelves stocked with items ranging from useful to ornamental. Even wallpaper prepared out of hanging pans can be a great way to keep your funky interior feeling lively.

If you love colour, don’t hold back!

Eclectic interiors of a bedroom with a bright and colourful wall mural and bright yellow accessories

Wall mural in photo: Crazy Rainbow

One for the colour-happy people! Eclectic interiors are very versatile and can be created any way you please. If you prefer darker tones, go ahead! Lover of interesting furniture? Fill your boots! And if you love bright, lively colour schemes, don’t hold back! A perfect place to start your eclectic journey is with your walls. Imagine them as a huge canvas waiting for you to unleash your creativity.

If you like to get messy, you can paint awesome patterns directly onto your walls or you can choose a vibrant wallpaper mural. Wallpaper murals are quick and easy to install, plus there is a vast range of colourful designs and patterns just waiting to be discovered from our collection! We especially love this bold design from Studio Arterie.

The plethora of colour on a striking artistic design is eclectic in its own right! By highlighting the rest of your bedroom décor with pops of bright colours, such as yellow and pink as detailed in this striking wallpaper, you can create a beautiful eclectic interior.

We think it's safe to say that eclectic interiors are a fabulous way to enhance your interiors. Will you try your hand at the eclectic style? Let us know in the comments below!

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