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Christmas storage hacks in a home office with an abstract scandi Christmas wallpaper with a white desk and Christmas presents

21/12/2023   POSTED BY

10 Brilliant Christmas Storage Hacks

Whether you are a neat freak, clutter hater, highly organised, or maybe someone who loves a challenge when detangling your Christmas lights for next year… we have gathered together some of the quickest and easiest ways to store all your Christmas decorations – meaning next year you can spend more time enjoying decorating as opposed to frantically trying to locate your baubles!

So, it’s time to enjoy packing away your Christmas decorations with these brilliant Christmas storage hacks…

Brilliant Christmas storage hacks start with egg boxes!

Christmas storage hacks of a grey egg box holding blue and silver baubles

Image source: cosmopolitan.com via Pinterest

Let’s face it, the plastic boxes most baubles tend to come in nowadays are flimsy and easily lose their shape and stability once you have opened them – this can make storing your baubles a bit of a tricky task, but not anymore! For quick and easy storage of your baubles, save any egg boxes from all those Christmas cakes and cookies you’ve made by using them to house your decorations safely.

Plastic tubs holding colour co-ordinated Christmas baubles with cardboard dividers

Image source: creativecaincabin.com via Pinterest

Another easy and cost-effective way to safely store away your baubles is to use storage boxes – yes, pretty obvious right? But why not recycle all your leftover cardboard by cutting and slotting them into dividers? This way, you can neatly colour code your baubles and the little personal sections will help to stop your decorations from rolling and breaking as you place your tubs back in the attic for next year.

Sandwich bags will save the day!

Christmas storage hacks with sandwich bags holding Christmas baubles

Image source: decoradventures.com via Pinterest

If you found yourself short on leftover cardboard this year, another wonderful way to store your baubles away safely and neatly is to use sandwich bags. One or two packs should be enough (depending on how many baubles you have!), and they can be used year after year, meaning you don’t have to keep buying up plastic.

Using the zip-fasten bags will help eliminate any unfortunate ‘tipping’ accidents, meaning if your bags happen to fall out during an attic-slash-ladder faux-pas, you won’t be left with escaping baubles rolling and spinning out of control all over your home!

Be the best wrapper you can be!

White wooden door with metal over door baskets holding wrapping paper and ribbons

Image source: lovechicliving.co.uk via Pinterest

If you are anything like me, wrapping everyone’s Christmas presents is one of your favourite Christmas activities! (Yes, I do make sure everyone acknowledges the beautiful wrapping before they are allowed to open their present) so having a designated Christmas wrapping station is compulsory. The only issue with being a master wrapper is the dreaded ‘where is the Sellotape? I’ve just had a hold of it?’ or ‘where did I put the red snowflake ribbons?’...

Brilliant Christmas storage hacks can be achieved by using over-door storage, which you can purchase at a home store or online. You can neatly keep all your magical wrapping items in one tidy location. The wonderful aspect of this type of storage is how it can be used all year round. Once you’ve used up all your Christmas paper, simply re-stock for birthdays, weddings, and christenings… and remain the present wrapping King or Queen all year round!

Never deal with tangled Christmas again!

Rectangular pieces of cardboard to wrap your Christmas lights around

Image source: marthastewart.com via Pinterest

The nightmare begins… you have safely removed all your Christmas boxes from the attic and started to dig through the baubles and tinsel… and there at the bottom of your tub… the dreaded tangled Christmas lights! Tangled Christmas lights are by far the most frustrating aspect of putting up your decorations, so why not take a little time to store them in a neat and easy to unravel way?

A simple and quick solution is to utilize any leftover cardboard. Simply cut pieces into squares or rectangles, depending on the length of your lights, then cut a slit in the top left and bottom right of each piece. Now you thread one end of your lights through the cut and wrap them around the cardboard until you reach the top, then tuck the remaining wire through the other cut and voila! Brilliant Christmas storage hacks don’t come any easier than this!

Designated Christmas rooms need storage too

Home office with cardboard file holders filled with wrapping bows and ribbons

Image source: buzzfeed.com via Pinterest

If you transform your spare room or home office over the holidays into a designated present storage and/or wrapping station, the use of file holders doubles perfectly as holders for all your beautiful and colourful bows, ribbons and Christmas bags. This way, you can preserve any leftover Christmas bows for next year or any upcoming birthdays instead of being met with squished and ruined bows as they get lost under the rest of your decorations.

Home office with a white desk and green scandi style Christmas wallpaper

Mural in photo: Forest Folklore Trees

If you do have a particular spot where you like to wrap your presents or if your home office transforms into a Christmas paradise, why not install a removable Christmas wallpaper to keep you in the spirit? The wonderful aspect about our ‘peel and stick’ wallpapers is that they can be removed safely and without damaging your walls after the festive season.

Oh, and did we mention that all of our wallpapers are made from environmentally friendly inks?

Christmas storage hacks for during and after gift wrapping

White baskets with holes and inside multi-coloured ribbons

Image source: ablissfulnest.com via Pinterest

Brilliant Christmas storage hacks can be made from many household items or bought for low prices at many home stores. Using a standard bathroom storage basket is a great storage idea for those who like to get fancy with their wrapping game. Simply use small dowels or straws to push through the holes and slip over your beautiful ribbon collection!

This particular ribbon hack will prove effective during your wrapping process as you will no longer have to watch on with dread as one of your ribbon wheels makes a mad dash across your room and resides under your bed - the struggle is real.

Take care of your tinsel

Coathangers used on a door to hold scarves or tinsel

Image source: bestproducts.com via Pinterest

If you are a tinsel lover and want to show it the same care and affection you show the rest of your decorations as you begin to pack them away, a great hack is to use a coat hanger and curtain rings. This way, once you have slipped the ring over the coat hanger, you can slot your tinsel through the rings.

If you store your Christmas decorations in your attic, simply attach a small nail or screw to a beam to hook your coat hanger up and allow your tinsel to dangle effortlessly, ready for next year. This storage hack will eliminate any damage to the delicate tinsel, as you will no longer need to drag it out of your Christmas box and watch it shed its shimmering strands!

Have your own Christmas storage hack? Let us know in the comments below!

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