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Christmas table decor idea with green accents

07/12/2023   POSTED BY

Christmas Table Decor to Wow Your Guests!

That time of year is almost upon us! Family, friends, presents, food and drink are huge parts of this festive holiday! Your dining room will host the main event, so you’ve started to look at Christmas table décor that will have your guests over-come with Christmas cheer! It’s a time to relax, catch up with friends and see your distant relatives.

So, whether you are hosting a Christmas dinner for your family, an elegant party for friends or an intimate dinner for two, you’ll surely find some Christmas table décor ideas to suit your style!

Sink into the Scandinavian style

Scandinavian inspired Christmas table decor in a neutral dining room with wooden chairs

Image source: stylemepretty.com via Pinterest

Scandinavian design is a stunning trend which is sweeping throughout homes. So, it makes sense to embrace this ‘hygge’ style at your Christmas dining table. A wonderful aspect of Scandinavian design is how it utilises minimal and natural décor to create a powerful but uncluttered style.

Keep your items down to neutral colours, such as muted gold, greens, and exposed wood. If you opt for a tablecloth, go for cream, beige or a muslin material. Scandinavian Christmas decorations are the perfect choice of décor for those who don’t want too much on their table but still want to create a gorgeous setting.

Keep your traditional Christmas colours

Red Christmas table decor in a red themed dining room

For a traditionally beautiful Christmas table decor, adorn your tale with a red tablecloth and mix your plates to be white and red. Throw in hints of green in the form of candles or small garlands to trail over your beautiful table setting. Hang a green wreath on your wall and serve your guests with beautifully folded napkins. Christmas dinner will never have looked so good!

Christmas table décor just in time for breakfast

christmas table idea with neutral colours

The first Christmas meal of the day is breakfast! So why wait until the evening or the afternoon to get your table all dressed up? Whether you have friends or family staying over or want to create an intimate breakfast experience for you and your partner, your Christmas table décor shouldn’t have to wait.

For ease and simplicity,  choose festive bowls and cups with a sprinkling of presents, stars and pine cones and a garland to inject some Christmas vibes. This is a great way to start your day off in the Christmas spirit but also to minimise how much clearing up you need to do before the main event! Small hints and odd trinkets are enough to create a pretty Christmas breakfast experience.

Dream of a pastel Christmas table setting!

Pine dining table in front of an abstract pastel mountain wall mural

Mural in photo: Winter Light

Pastel Christmas decorations have been popular amongst the Christmas decor trends this year. Even the traditionalists out there have to admit there is something innocently festive about pastel Christmas decorations.

Pastel pink decor would combine perfectly with a white tablecloth and gold accessories like plates and cutlery. Throw in hints of pale blue to mix up your pastel decor, and voila! You now have a magical pastel Christmas table setting which looks beautiful.

Minimal design is beautiful

Dark blue dining room with a christmas table with minimal accessories

Image source: goldisaneutral.co.uk via Pinterest

If you are short on space, you can still create a gorgeous Christmas table decor with a few specifically picked and placed pieces. A great place to start is with your lights. Weaving warm-white lights over your table will create a cosy glowing atmosphere, but it will also act as an illusion to make your table appear fuller.

Choose golden or bronzed tall vases and candle holders, or candle sticks (as the light will reflect in a glorious way) and choose green or white candles. Fill your vases with pine branches, and if you are able, hang decorations over your table to help create a cosy and intimate feel.

Christmas table décor with a romantic twist

romantic Christmas table decor

For an elegant and almost wedding-style table décor style, aim your decorations to focus on romantic design elements. These include rose-red items, such as napkins and candles. Mix these with golden knives and forks and weave beautiful red roses in the garland you have placed in the centre of your table. Choose crystal effect glasses for an added air of sophistication for the finishing touch.

Get cosy with your rustic table décor

Large dark wooden table in a farmhouse with white plates and green garland

Image source: tribeofburton.com via Pinterest

Everybody dreams of escaping to a snow-covered log cabin in the middle of the wilderness as they warm their mulled wine on an open fire. Whilst not everyone is lucky enough to pack up and leave for this magical cabin, you can recreate the style with your Christmas table décor! The easiest way to mimic a rustic or farmhouse-style table setting is to keep all your wood bare! You may be tempted to invest in tablecloths and chair covers... but nothing says rustic more than an exposed wooden table and chairs, especially if they are a bit mismatched!

White kitchen with pine worktops and a pine dining table with a realistic stag wallpaper

Mural in photo: Frosty Stag

Another way to mimic this style, especially if you have a neutral kitchen, is to adorn your wall with a removable Christmas wall mural. Nobody wants tonnes of decorations in their way as they are cooking and serving dinner, more so if your table is in the kitchen! All you need is a green, frosted garland placed in the centre of your table with Christmas-themed napkins and table mats. Let your stunning wall mural do the talking for this Christmas table décor!

Peel-and-stick wallpapers are perfect for injecting Christmas cheer over the festive holidays and can be removed without damaging your wall! All you have to do is make sure your wall is correctly prepped before installation, then you can be transported into a winter wonderland!

A moody Christmas is a beautiful Christmas

Dark dining room with a table covered in a black table cloth with white and black plates and black candles

Image source: vamvidnee.ru via Pinterest

The word moody and Christmas tend not to mix well! But what if you could have a moody Christmas that would make everyone happy? A way to achieve this is with a beautifully dark Christmas table decor setting. A dark tablecloth, broken up by light grey placemats which are holding a combination of matching plates is the best place to start...

Next, place a dark green garland in the centre of the table and surround it with tall, black dinner candles. Use black or anthracite serving bowls and keep your lighting low and mysterious. This style is perfect for those who wish to host a Christmas dinner party that oozes elegance and class!

If you’re in the festive spirit and want to try one of our Christmas table décor ideas, let us know which you have chosen in the comments below!

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