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Marble wallpaper in pink master bedroom

28/11/2023   POSTED BY

6 Tips to Make A Bedroom Look Bigger

Where you sleep should be the perfect spot in your home, but if it’s on the smaller side, it’s important to know how to make a bedroom look bigger. If you find yourself constantly frustrated with the compact size of your room, it might not feel like the best place to try and unwind. There is nothing worse than being unable to fall asleep, so if you find yourself nodding along with us (or yawning along!) then you’ve come to the right place!

If you are looking for some creative ways to make your small bedroom look bigger without turning your home into a building site or paying out for expensive extensions, then we recommend trying out any of these simple yet effective tips on how to make your bedroom appear more spacious.

1. Make use of your vertical space

amber landscape mural in bedroom with tall headboard

Mural in image: Amber Clouds

Not only is making use of your vertical space a great way to make your bedroom look bigger, but it can also add character to your room. We tend to forget that we can use our vertical space as well as our floor space, so it is worth remembering that you also have the area from the floor upwards.

Adding a tall headboard is a perfect example of how to maximise the use of your vertical space. Grace Baena, Interior Designer of Kaiyo has some great advice when it comes to maximising your vertical space.

“One of the top hacks for creating an illusion of space in a small bedroom is maximizing on the available vertical space. Tall floor-to-ceiling shelving will provide plenty of storage without taking up too much floor space, and will also give the room an impression of height. Hang drapery and curtains at the ceiling rather than right at the top of a window to create this same impression.”

A tall headboard in a small bedroom will instantly draw your eye upwards, thus making the room appear bigger. If you are not keen on a headboard that is too tall, you can always add a piece of artwork above it as it will achieve the same eye-drawing effect, perhaps even more so!

2. Add a 3D effect wallpaper to make a bedroom look bigger

Medieval Tunnel In a Bedroom

Mural in photo: Medieval Tunnel

A brilliant way to add depth to a smaller bedroom is to use a 3D effect wallpaper. It is a simple way to make a room appear larger instantly. It gives the illusion of space where there isn’t any. Cheeky but effective!

Take the above Medieval Tunnel mural. We love how it draws you into the space, instantly making the bedroom look bigger. Not only is it perfect for making a bedroom feel more spacious, but it is a truly gorgeous wallpaper that could add depth to any room.

3. Mirror, mirror on the wall...

bedroom mirror

Three mirrors? Four? Why not? Smaller bedrooms could struggle to stay light as you may only have a small window to work with. Incorporating multiple mirrors will help direct natural light in different directions, helping to brighten a smaller bedroom. They are also great for adding character without taking from the space. Zara O’Hare, Internal Interior Design Consultant at Land Of Rugs offers some expert advice when it comes to using mirrors to make your bedroom look bigger.

"Mirrors bounce light all over your room making everything look brighter and creating the illusion of having a bigger space. But remember, the bigger the mirror the bigger your room looks. Using light paint colours in the interior design world, it is well known that light colours make your room look bigger. It makes your room look bigger because light reflects more off-light colours, creating an optical illusion of having a bigger space. Adding an accent wall can also make your room look bigger while adding more colour to the space.”

4. Get a rug to make a bedroom look bigger

large rug in small bedroom

Using a large rug in a small bedroom may seem counterintuitive, but it can be a quick and simple way to make a smaller bedroom look bigger. David Janssen, CEO and Director at VPNoverview gives us some in-depth advice about using rugs in small spaces.

“Using rugs and mats, you may add colour, depth, and texture to specific rooms. For the best effect, stick to simple rugs in hues that match or are comparable to your walls.. Leave the decorative rugs for larger rooms. Everyone knows that vertical stripes may make a person appear taller or wider. You may also apply this technique to your flooring, which is excellent news. Use a striped rug to expand and enhance your space visually.”

A large rug will draw the eye wider, just make sure to keep to a light, neutral colour. The placement of the rug can also make a huge difference. Position your rug at the foot of the bed but make sure the bed is half sitting on it. This will create a great elongating effect for your room.

5. Add a lick of paint

small bedroom idea with green painted walls

Another great way to make your small bedroom look bigger is by painting your walls and ceiling with a light and bright colour. Cool white walls or soft grey would be perfect to make a smaller room feel lighter. Tiffany Payne, Director of Orangeries UK tells us more about the importance of colour and how it can make a bedroom look bigger.

“In order to make a room appear more spacious, wallpaper or paint might be used from floor to ceiling in the bedroom. You may try painting the baseboards, the doors, and the built-ins the very same color also as walls in order to create the illusion of more space. Another one of our go-to tricks is to use a lighter colour on the ceiling or wallpaper than we do on the walls. It visually expands the visual field, drawing the attention upward.”

If you are worried that a room painted too light may look a bit clinical, or if, like us, you are a stickler for colour, you could always choose a vibrant paint for a feature wall. A great way to give the impression of taller walls in a small bedroom would be to leave a gap around three-quarters of the way up. Your bedroom will look bigger and you still get a pop colour. The best of both worlds!

6. Show a little leg!

Marble Effect Wallpaper In a Bedroom (Make A Bedroom Look Bigger)

Mural in photo: Soft Tones

In a small bedroom, one of the best furniture styles you can have is those with legs! The more floor and wall space that is visible, the larger your room will appear. Robin Antil, Director at Leisure Buildings explains why.

“With slender furniture, you may show off a little leg. It's all about establishing a sense of mobility and mobility when it is about creating the appearance of more space. Light and air are able to move not only over, but also under and around furniture that is streamlined... Think low and slender mid-century modern furniture. The butterfly chair, on the other hand, is the ideal piece of furniture for soaring.”

Now, not all your furniture needs to have legs, but if you can have at least two items of furniture with a bit of height, it will make a huge difference to the room. Legged furniture will create an airy, open look which is perfect for making smaller bedrooms look bigger and feel less cluttered.

Feeling inspired? Leave us a comment below detailing which hacks you have used in your small bedroom!

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