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arabic orange tiles in bathroom with stand alone bathtub

27/11/2020   POSTED BY

Insta-Worthy Bathroom Trends for 2021

Many of us are doing it: we can’t stop looking at Insta-worthy bathroom trends for 2021. We endlessly follow interior designers, home bloggers or celebs whose homes are so pristinely designed that we think its unachievable.

“They have more money.”
“Somebody has paid them to design their home.”
“They have way more time than me.”

We’ve all said these things.

But don’t give up my friends! Creating an IG-worthy bathroom isn’t as far out of reach as you think. A little money and creativity can go a long way! In this blog, we have curated the best advice from professionals who are here to reveal the top Insta-worthy bathroom trends in 2021!

Circular mirrors to soften the space

pink wallpaper with green tropical leaves on wall behind round glass mirror in bathroom

Mural in photo: Pink Jungle

“Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who has the prettiest bathroom of all?” – You will! Very soon…

And the first step is choosing a mirror. Whether scrolling on Instagram or Pinterest, bathrooms tend to focus on a beautiful mirror. Although not a necessity, a mirror is one of those few accessories you can incorporate into any bathroom - whether small or large.

Jen Stark, Founder of Happy DIY Home, lets us in on a secret about which mirror shape is hot right now.

‘Circular mirrors are in. Since your bathroom usually incorporates a lot of very straight, harsh lines, adding a circular mirror or two can help soften your space. Place one right over your sink. You can add a larger frame to give it the illusion that it's much bigger and heavier than it really is.’

And the beauty of the circular mirror trend is that there’s a wide range available out there. What’s more, not all the prices will make you want to cry at the injustice of the cost!

Real, faux, potted or hanging – plant life is a must in bathroom trends 2021

tropical green plants on shelves above bath in white tiled bathroom

Image source: Carla Natalia via Pinterest

If 2020 hasn’t given us anything, at least it has renewed our love for indoor plants! You can’t go on Instagram without seeing these little green friends. They are certainly the bees knees in the world of interior design right now. Whether real or fake, as long as you have a potted or hanging plant in your bathroom, you’ll feel like you are an interiors boss.

We think that this craze for monsteras, spider plants, ferns and strings of pearls has been ignited by many of us spending a lot more time indoors. And as a result, we are craving the luscious greenery of the outdoors. Not only are they simply gorgeous, but many tropical plants thrive in damp, warm areas like the bathroom. They are also great for our health, filtering out nasty toxins in the air.

orange fried flowers on white bathroom sink with wooden accessories

Image source: Afloral.com via Pinterest

If green plants remind you too much of the jungle, why not opt for fresh flowers? Lola George of Overnight Flowers, tells us the benefits of fragrant florals in the bathroom.

‘One IG-worthy bathroom trend is brightening up your bathroom with fresh flowers! Not only do fresh bouquets add color, vibrance and a pleasant smell, they also make easy, elegant and eye-catching home decor.’

If you don’t have the budget or time to maintain fresh flowers all year round, why not opt for faux or dried? Although they won’t necessarily smell as nice, they will still add a certain je ne sais quoi to your space.

A free-standing bathtub that says, “Luxury”

blue, grey and white marble wall mural in large bathroom with free-standing bathtub

Mural in photo: White Marble

Although higher on the price range, we couldn’t not mention a free-standing bathtub. It’s definitely one of the biggest Insta-worthy bathroom trends for 2021. After all, you can’t search for a bathroom online without one of these popping up! If you can afford one, they really do transform your bathroom from lovely to luxurious. And we can't help it, but it's one of our favourite bold and beautiful bathroom statements.

‘One of the biggest Instagram-worthy bathroom trends 2021 is a free-standing bathtub. This is a big departure from more traditional baths and it instantly elevates your space and gives it a luxurious five-star appeal. There are traditional roll tops that have claw feet to slightly more modern twists with oval shapes to suit any design aesthetic and taste. – (Jen Stark, Founder of Happy DIY Home)

A big Insta-worthy bathroom trend 2021: shelving!

light natural wooden floating shelves in black and white bedroom

Image source: Rhiannonlawsonblog.com via Pinterest

One of the other huge Insta-worthy bathroom trends in 2021 are shelves! Whether floating shelves, ladder shelves or quirky round shelves, they're not only great for displaying tropical plants, but handy for storing items. Display cute baskets with rolled-up towels in them and cute trinket boxes or jars that hold those necessary cotton buds! You can also display beautiful cosmetic bottles, perfumes and scented candles as well!

Also, floating shelves break up colour on a wall and create a point of interest. We adore the black and white theme of the bathroom above, but the floating wooden shelves are the star of the show.

A great tip: Once you’ve used up the contents of your fancy bottles, fill them up with cheaper alternatives! They’ll still look as good and nobody will know that the contents are fake!

Bathroom wallpaper to add an IG-worthy quality

painted dark jungle leaves wallpaper in boho style bathroom with free-standing tub and wooden stool

Mural in photo: Dark Tropical Leaves

With maximalist interiors making a big move up in interior design, the need for bold wallpaper murals has dramatically risen. From tropical jungle prints, retro terrazzos, on-trend marble and vintage botanicals, stylish bathroom wallpaper will add an extra element into the room.

If you choose to buy a gorgeous bathroom mural with us, we recommend choosing our premium paste the wall wallpaper. It has anti-mildew and anti-mould properties, so much so, it is certified for use in marine environments such as oil rigs and ships. So, be assured that it is suitable for your humid bathroom!

Elegant vanity faucets and dresser sinks for vintage vibes

walnut coloured wooden vanity faucet in white large bathroom

Image source: Lowes.com via Pinterest

Whether your bathroom is large or small, you are able to have a dresser sink with the right sized dresser! Paired with black, brass or iron-finish vanity faucets (‘fancy taps’ to you and me), you will create a perfect old-world charm for your bathroom. John Barnes, the Design Editor of Lamps Plus, tells us more.

‘Dresser sinks give you a rustic, country feel, whether it be Americana or French country depends on your choice of dresser. Make the dresser vanity stand out by pairing it with wall lights and a mirror. Gold and brass finish accents work well with wood-tone dresser-cabinets. Or play off the wood with a wood frame mirror. If you have a dark or black finish dresser you can get a more glam look with the addition of chrome.’

Wash in style with a wet room or glass shower

beautiful grey tiled walls and floor bathroom with walk-in shower

Image source: Jlm-designs.net via Pinterest

Other massive Insta-worthy bathroom trends 2021 are wet rooms and glass showers. There is something undeniably luxurious about them both. Whether it’s the ease of having a shower without stepping into it or the way a glass screen opens up the size of a room, wet rooms and glass showers scream indulgence.

Bye, bye white. Hello organic colours!

bathroom with white walls and terracotta panelling

Image source: Amyepeters.ca Via Pinterest

For a long, long time, many of us have opted for all white walls in the bathroom - but no more. In 2021, we will be moving away from clinical, cold white and opting for warmer, organic tones. Interior Designer, Amala Raj Swenson, tells us more.

‘Another trend I expect to see more of in 2021 is warmer colors. The last few years have consisted of all-white bathrooms but I am getting more and more requests for organic looks.'

Instead of white, we are seeing organic greens, refreshing teals, warm terracotta and orange shades paired with natural materials such as raw ceramics, woods and wickers.

‘Earthy terracotta color tones offer an organic, natural room accent. To get the look in a bath space, use ceramic room accents for texture, say a small accent lamp on a vanity counter or a vase on a counter or floor. - John Barnes (Design Editor of Lamps Plus)

Geometric and patterned tiles will be all the rage in 2021

vintage patterned tile wallpaper in orange colours in bathroom with free-standing bathtub

Mural in photo: Orange Tones

Another great bathroom inspiration is the use of tiles. If you adore vintage style or love to celebrate colour and pattern, then a pattern tile feature wall is a must! Early 20th century floral designs in warm shades are extremely popular as well as brighter toned tiles with a Moroccan, Turkish or Arabic feel to them.

But, installing tiles can be a trial. So if you want to achieve this expensive look without the mess, and possibly spending a little less, opt for a stylish tile wallpaper.

Leave us a comment below to keep us up to date with your bathroom improvements! Or see our 2022 bathroom ideas!

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For 2021, this set of inspiring design really does spark inspiration for your next bathroom renovation. Love that the idea of round mirrors for that soft feeling of space.

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hi Martin! Thank you for your comment. Yes, round mirrors really do soften a bathroom. Especially because there are already so many lines and edges in this particular room.



These are some fine-looking bathroom designs especially the mosaic wall tiles accentuating well the center freestanding bath. Quite the view!

Amy @ Wallsauce


Thank you again for your lovely comment, Martin. Yes, we also love the tile effect wallpaper! It has a fantastic Turkish baths feel to it!

Rebecca Gardner


It's good to know that pairing organic colors with natural materials is popular in 2021. My sister wants to use her tax refund to have the ground-floor bathroom of her home renovated this spring. I'll have to share your ideas with her so she can make design choices for the bathroom that'll stay in style for a while!

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hi Rebecca! An organic toned wall mural would certainly look fantastic in your sister's bathroom! Why not take a look at our suggested bathroom murals to help you? See these here - https://www.wallsauce.com/wallpaper/bathroom-wallpaper-murals



Auch ich habe mich von den neuesten Duschtrends inspirieren lassen und schnell war für mich klar: Ich möchte unbedingt eine Glasdusche haben. Dabei ist mir eine hohe Qualität sowie eine lange Lebensdauer der Duschtür genauso wichtig wie die Ästhetik des Badezimmers, sobald es erst einmal vollständig eingerichtet ist. Hat man erst einmal seine Traumvorstellungen eines perfekten Badezimmers umgesetzt, kann man es kaum erwarten, Gäste zu sich einzuladen.

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hallo Verena. Wir sind uns auch einig, dass neben der Einrichtung des Badezimmers eine gute Dusche oder Badewanne der Schlüssel ist. Vielen Dank für Ihren Kommentar und Ihr Interesse an unserem Blog :).

Afton Jackson


I really liked the part of your article that showed off how to use more organic tones in the bathroom. Examples like this could help me decide exactly what I want for my bathroom considering that I've been on the fence about whether I should go for a modern style or an organic style. This design definitely suits my tastes better, so I'll use it when I talk to a bathroom renovation expert in the area

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hello Afton! We're so glad that our advice has helped you to decide which way to go with your bathroom décor. Organic style is such a great choice for a bathroom. We hope the makeover goes well.

Karlotta (Charly)


Die Bilder sehen ja echt klasse aus! Kann mir schon vorstellen, wie gut die auf Insta ankommen :) Hast Du eine Meinung zu Duschabtrennung (Glas oder Kunstglas, hauptsache kein Kunststoff)? Persönlich reißt mich nämlich nichts so sehr aus dem Wohlfühlmoment, wie ein alter, abgegriffener und teilweise schon verfärbter Duschvorhang.

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hallo Karlotta. Wir freuen uns, dass Sie von diesem Beitrag inspiriert wurden und finden, dass unsere Bilder sehr Instagram-tauglich sind! Wenn es um Duschvorhänge geht, wählen Sie einen Stoff aus, damit Sie ihn regelmäßig waschen können, damit er sich nicht verfärbt. Wählen Sie alternativ eine Duschwand aus Glas oder Kunstglas und stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie Schimmel entfernen, um Sie nicht von Ihrer entspannenden Dusche abzulenken!



Thanks for sharing this useful information! Hope that you will continue with the kind of stuff you are doing.

Rachael @ Wallsauce


Hello Mckinney, thank you for your comment and we are glad you found our post useful! We have many more posts to share with you, so make sure you check us out again!

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