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vintage jungle with birds and monkeys wallpaper in rustic bathroom

15/10/2021   POSTED BY

Bathroom Ideas 2022 for a Fresh New Look

Let us assure you - bathroom ideas 2022 couldn’t be any fresher! This year will bring an array of crisp, new looks that will make you feel refreshed as soon as you step in them - never mind after having had a wash!

Feel joy wash over you when you see beautiful green bathrooms decorated with emerald green tiles. Be revitalized by refreshing shades of blue and jaw-dropping wall art! Or be grounded with an organic textured bathroom adorned in natural stone and wooden surfaces.

Bathroom trends 2022 is about creating your own little sanctuary in one space: a spot where you can sit back, relax and soak in the bubbles. Not forgetting having a glass of fizz in hand whilst appreciating your gorgeous surroundings! It’s almost like having a mini-vacation every time you chill in the tub!

The moody blue bathroom for the daring

navy and gold mountain and moon wallpaper in gold bathroom

Mural in photo: Moon Glow

The blue bathroom trend is a huge hit when it comes to bathroom ideas 2022. We are seeing blue tile bathrooms and navy bathrooms for a dark and dramatic look.

When choosing a dark blue colour scheme, pair your choice of dark navy or inky black blue tones with contrasting white. For instance, a white sink, bath, skirting boards and wall panelling. It’s a timeless look that never ages. If you love a pattern or a scene, opt for a blue wallpaper instead of painting the walls navy. We can’t get over how fabulous this SpaceFrog Designs Moon Glow mural looks in this gold and navy bathroom.

The terrazzo bathroom for sleek Italian style

terrazzo bathroom ideas 2022

Image source: Dykeanddean.com via Pinterest

From flooring to walls or both, the terrazzo bathroom is big in 2022. This speckled pattern has been big for over 500 years! It’s even been traced back to the ancient Egyptians but is most recently known for its Italian origins. We think that terrazzo is big because of its rustic effect. Traditionally created by mixing marble chippings and stone with concrete, there is an imperfect, nonlinear beauty to this ancient look that will add so much texture and pattern to your bathroom.

Luckily for us, terrazzo is so much more accessible today and doesn’t have to be made the old-fashioned way! From faux terrazzo tiles for both the floor and walls, to trinket boxes, shower curtains and even terrazzo wallpaper, there are so many ways you can embrace this timeless look.

The classic white bathroom with colourful accessories

white bathroom with colourful accessories bathroom ideas 2022

Image source: Chsblonde.com via Pinterest

The classic white bathroom trend is a style that never dies. And when we say white, it doesn’t mean that the entire room needs to be in the same white tone. By choosing colourful accessories, you can easily modernise your bathroom (even from year to year) by opting for decor in the most popular shades! Green is big this year, so choose sage green towels and a bathmat! Next year, it might be yellow, so then choose the same items in yellow! It’s as simple as that.

Also, white vintage tiles paired with warm brass metal accents such as a brass handheld shower and taps are a gorgeous look. Not forgetting brass legged clawfoot baths where the tub is kept white or painted black. For even more of a contrast, choose a black crittal shower screen to make a statement in your white bathroom. After all, black and white is a classic look too.

The bathroom wallpaper trick (it adds so much more to the room)!

chinoiserie tree wallpaper pretty bathroom

Mural in photo: Chinoiserie Garden

If you love to create show-stopping interior design, then bathroom wallpaper is the answer. A provider of pattern, colour and style, it is the easiest way to give your bathroom a makeover! When choosing wall coverings for bathrooms, use a print to suit your current colour scheme or theme. For instance, a dark green tropical wallpaper would look luscious with an emerald green tiled bathroom.

But do be wary of bathroom wallpapers out there. Make sure that they can survive in more damp environments. We highly recommend our Premium Paste the Wall wallpaper in the bathroom as it has anti-microbial and anti-mould properties.

The earthy toned bathroom (say yes to terracotta)!

earthy toned toilet (bathroom trends 2022)

Image source: Thesorrygirls.com via Pinterest

We are so pleased that earthy tones are one of the biggest bathroom ideas 2022! Not only are these warm tones a reflection of our need for nature, but they create a sense of escape, making us think of distant Spanish or Moroccan shores

These colours for bathrooms 2022 consist of rich terracotta, apricot, clay, burnt orange and deep brick tones. Either paint the walls or units in a warm shade or opt for an orange toned wallpaper and keep the rest of the room neutral by opting for off-white shades and accessories. Alternatively, if embracing these colours on a big scale makes you feel a little wary, do it in touches instead. Keep your white bathroom the same but add in terracotta accessories: clay floor tiles, a bathmat or simply your towels.

Organic textures to merge the outdoors and indoors

stone effect wallpaper with tub for bathroom ideas 2022

Mural in photo: Stacked Stone

Bathroom ideas 2022 will provide a blurred line between interiors and exteriors, where nature will become part of our indoors. This is why organic textures are key.

Firstly, wood. Choose natural wooden decor such as a wooden vanity, wooden stool/table for displaying items and even wood-look tiles to add warmth.

Secondly, stone. Adorn your floors and walls with stone slabs, stone tiles or pebble effect tiles for an even more natural look. If you want to go one step further (and don’t fancy having to retile), choose a stone effect wallpaper instead like the Stacked Stone mural above.

Next, marble. As well as marble effect wallpaper, why not go classic by opting for large marble tiles. And the beauty with marble is that you can experiment with a range of natural looking shades - browns, whites and near blues will add a touch more colour but still achieve a rustic look.

Lastly, embrace textures with decor made from hemp, rattan and wicker. A braided hemp bathroom rug will keep your toes warm from a cold floor as well as add a touch of colour to the room. Not to be disregarded, leafy green plants are also a biggy in adding a touch of the outdoors and also help to purify the air. Why not make your own detoxifying eucalyptus shower?

The green bathroom (one of the most popular bathroom ideas 2022)

sage green jungle wallpaper in rustic bathroom

Mural in photo: Monkey Sanctuary

A green bathroom is one of the most popular bathroom trends for 2022. Green's growth in popularity is a reflection of our times. In response to many of us living in built-up areas, we are craving green spaces and funnily enough, just the colour green ignites something in our brains that makes us feel amongst nature. So simply a green paint or green wallpaper can make you feel like you’re in the natural world. Clever stuff, huh?

There will be a huge influx of emerald green bathrooms adorned in shiny emerald green tiles transporting you to The Wizard of Oz’s Emerald City. Pair your green tile bathroom with crisp white walls and fixtures to lift some of those dark tones and create a clean, crisp contrast of colours.

As well as emerald, mossy green and sage green bathrooms are all the rage. Even more subtle tones, such as grey-green are a winner when it comes to bathroom ideas 2022. Basically, green bathrooms are a big-must. And what’s more, you can make everyone GREEN with envy!

Excited about these bathroom ideas 2022? So are we! Want more inspo? Visit our bathroom wallpaper collection, or leave a comment below with any interiors questions!

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Who wouldn't want to bathe in an indoor bathroom designed with outdoor aesthetics, it's like being one with nature every time you take a bath, however, this type of bathroom is suitable only for certain people and convenience-wise not so much. But a lot of green bathroom designs are creating a buzz in the industry and making every loo a much calmed place to relax.

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hello Maria! Thank you for your comment. Yes, bathrooms with outdoor aesthetics are great for those who want to bring the outdoors in.

Afton Jackson


Using earthy tones in a bathroom was definitely the idea I liked reading about the most. Just the thought of having a warm and earthy area for us to spend more time relaxing in makes me think that it'd be a great benefit for us in the long run. I'll work towards something like this for sure when I hire a bathroom remodeling expert.

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hi Afton! You're absolutely right. Making sure your bathroom is calm and relaxing is great in the long run.



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