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black and orange stripey tiger mural

22/11/2019   POSTED BY

Safari Wallpaper To Bring Out Your Wild Side

Spotted jaguar, stripy zebra, wild furry cats or the majestic feathers of an African eagle… these are the patterns, prints and textures that help you conjure up images of being on safari. From capturing the most magical moments of your travels to awakening your inner animal, our safari animal wallpaper collection is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

We’re excited to introduce a brand new trend for 2019/2020 – safari print wallpaper is taking over the design world. This interior design is diverse, glamorous and requires courage. You’ll see this interior concept intercepting every room in the house. Create wild and feral vibes whilst also paying tribute to the most remarkable creatures of nature. From the plains of Africa to the jungles of Sri Lanka, we’re celebrating all things animalistic and four-legged.

If you want to hit the refresh button on dull, tired interiors, create a safari wall mural with our fun safari wallpapers! Not convinced? Here are some stunning ideas to twist your arm…

Make a statement with a bold jaguar print wallpaper

jaguar wallpaper in a trendy living room

Get your claws into this striking Jaguar Print wallpaper. It's the perfect backdrop for a house full of greenery. Whether you opt for real or faux, plants are a match made in heaven for the colours in this mural. Great plant species to invest in are the fiddle-leaf fig, the swiss cheese plant, komodo papaya leaf vines and the staghorn fern. These plants all hail from the tropical jungle rainforest, where the jaguar spends its time.

As the third-largest of the big cats (after the tiger and the lion), jaguars are a big statement if you choose to have its print in your home. But don’t forget to tone it down with some neutral tones if you want to keep your interiors looking chic and sophisticated.

Jaguar facts: Jaguar cats can only be found in the Americas and although its coat is very similar to a leopard’s (found in Africa and Asia), it is much bigger in size and has fewer spots.

Cosy up with wild cat fur in your living room

cat fur mural in grey coloured lounge

Looking for the perfect safari wallpaper for the autumn/winter season? Keep the frost at bay with this adorable and sumptuous Wild Cat Fur wallpaper from our new range. It screams “luxury” as soon as you walk in and adds a beautiful texture to any lacklustre room. Harmonising well with cool-toned greys, it’s a quick way to transform a boring colour scheme into something special.

Build up interesting layers with cushions, throws and rugs. Crank up the log fire and put your feet up. This gorgeous safari wall mural is all about inspiring cosy comfort.

Wild cat facts: The wild cat can be used to describe two species: the African wild cat and the European wild cat. Both have fabulous fur and are creatures of the night.

Channel sophisticated zebra with the colour brown

zebra print wallpaper in quirky master bedroom

If you love animal print, but worry about being too ‘out there’, this stripey Brown Zebra Print wallpaper is kind of made for you. Sure, this safari animal wallpaper is bold. There’s no denying that it’s a showstopper. But the use of brown instead of black and white monochrome just adds a lovely grown-up touch. It softens it up for interior concepts that strive for sophistication.

Besides, warm pinks and browns are a big colour trend to know for 2020. So there’s no better time to incorporate this warming hue into your bedroom or living room.

Zebra facts: A zebra’s fur looks like a giant bar code and you can even scan it (sort of). Scientists track zebras by their unique prints. They are able to identify herds or individuals with their own scanning mechanisms.

Choose a sunset safari wallpaper to set the mood

elephants at sunset wallpaper in calming bedroom

Create a calming, relaxing ambience in your home with this gorgeous Elephants At Dusk wall mural. It sets the scene for good vibes and good mood. It opens up your space with the illusion of African plains during the most magical time of day.

If you want the beauty and romance of sunset wallpaper with the safari touch, this wallpaper ticks all the boxes. Transform a communal living space and make the room look more inviting. Or, turn your master bedroom into an inspirational travel homage.

Elephant facts: Friendly giant elephants are the world’s largest (and one of the gentlest) on-land mammals. Male African elephants can get to as big as 3 metres tall and can weigh up to 7,500kg!

Get wild with a tiger print feature wall

tiger wallpaper in a trendy living room

This is a fabulous safari print wallpaper for those who want to create an instant impact. It’s one of those “wow” wallpapers that can get people talking or divide the crowds. But if you don’t like to shy away from risky trends, this eye-catching Tiger Print wallpaper is yours to behold.

Don’t be scared to experiment with this look as the rise of bold print wallpapers are seriously making their mark for 2020. The louder, the brasher and more brazen, the better. What’s more empowering than the fierce and predatory tiger?

Tiger facts: The beautiful tiger is the largest of all the cat species. Adult tigers are known to be loners in their various habitats including rainforests, grasslands, savannas and even mangrove swamps.

Design a stunning safari wallpaper nursery

african animals at a waterhole mural in an on trend nursery

Create a playful, exciting and stimulating safari wallpaper nursery room for your little one. Give them a unique environment to grow, play and learn. This spectacular Waterhole wall mural brings out the fun in education and can be used for children of all ages. Not only is it perfect for a nursery room, but it’s also ideal for kids’ bedrooms, playrooms, music rooms and homework/study rooms.

Transport your kids to a world far away where they can roam with their favourite safari animals and set their imaginations alight. See more of our wonderful animal wallpapers designed for little people.

Do you love our safari wall mural trend as much as we do? Tell us about your favourites below or share your ideas on how you’ve transformed your home using animal prints and safari wallpapers.

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