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blush floral wallpaper in basic utility room

19/03/2024   POSTED BY

Laundry Room Ideas to Boss Your Dirty Washing

I think it is fair to say that many of us dream about the perfect laundry room and welcome any laundry room ideas. If not, you’re going to change your mind very soon. Whether you have a substantially sized room or just a corner of your kitchen, you can transform any space into the perfect laundry room area.

From different types of drying racks, the benefits of a sink, wallpaper and colour ideas to even dog showers, we have a vast range of diy utility room ideas for you to use in your own home!

Choose a clothes drying rack and clothes airer

pulley drying rack

Image source: Thisoldhouse.com via Pinterest

Having a clothes drying rack or a clothes airer is not only a good laundry room idea if you don’t own a tumble dryer, but it's great for airing out those delicate items. If you have room, a free-standing drying rack is fine, but if you want to keep the floor clear and create more space, opt for a hanging drying rack, or a wall-mounted drying rack. Both of these will be practical but are also the perfect farmhouse laundry décor item - inspired by the cottagecore trend that has arisen in the past year.

white and wooden drying drawer in small laundry room under window

Image source: Decorpad.com via Pinterest

However, if you have space and want to get really fancy, then install fitted slide-out drying shelves to air out your garments. Not only are these super sleek, but they are one of the best small laundry room ideas as they don’t take up extra space.

Soak items in a deep Belfast sink

fruit wallpaper in laundry room with Belfast sink

Mural in image: Yellow Fruit Flower

If you have space and appropriate plumbing, have a Belfast sink. Great for soaking stained items, or handwashing delicate clothing, a sink is a super handy laundry room idea.

For those of you who want farmhouse laundry décor, choose an old fashioned, deep farmhouse sink that will allow you to soak many items at once (plus they look just the part)! If you can, pair your deep sink with a cabinet so that it is a quaint utility room sink cabinet. Not only fabulously vintage, but a laundry room sink with cabinet also provides added storage – something we all need to hide away that mountain of odd socks!

Stack that washer and dryer!

black and white vintage laundrette with stacked washing machines

Image source: Onekinddesign.com via Pinterest

Make the most of your laundry room space by choosing a stacked washer and dryer. Either choose ones that can already be stacked or install cabinetry with units to store them on top of one another. Or, if you can't install your laundry machines under built-in countertops or behind a closed door, just add an extended shelf on top of them. This will give you more space so that you can pull out your ironing board and iron in your laundry room as well!

Choose smart storage and shelving

shelves with baskets and containers in laundry room

Smart storage and shelving is oh-so-important when it comes to laundry room ideas. After all, you need somewhere to store all those bits and bobs (a box just for what has been left in pockets, for instance)! We highly recommend a shelf for your laundry room or laundry room wall cabinets. Remember to use all available walls when installing storage to make the most of the space!

If you have plenty of countertops or shelving space, use large, fancy glass jars to store your detergent pods, cleaning powders, wooden pegs and conditioning beads: such a cute laundry room idea!

Get organised with laundry baskets

white baskets in grey and black laundry room

Image source: Amanda Worden via Pinterest

If you have the space, we recommend laundry baskets for everyone in the household to cut down washing sessions or to encourage the whole family to do their own laundry – we can at least try! A working laundry system for both adults and children is your answer to laundry organisation. Sort items into baskets: a basket for towels, dark colours, whites, bright colours and miscellaneous items. Add stylish labels to your baskets, such as blackboard stickers, to make it more child-friendly.

Think carefully about laundry room paint colours

dark green cabinets in laundry room

Image source: Domino.com via Pinterest

What colour is best for a laundry room? Well, laundry room paint colours depend on a number of factors. What colour are your units and what colour are your washer and your dryer? To avoid over expense by buying completely new items, choose a paint colour to complement your current laundry room.

Secondly, where abouts is your laundry room placed in your home? If it is south facing, then you are free to go for a dark, rich colour, such as emerald-green, as it will gain the most out of the day’s sunlight. If your laundry room is dark, choose a light shade such as white or colours with pastel tones. Thirdly, if you love colour, why not have fun by choosing a shade such as pink or yellow?

Hide everything away with closed cabinetry

white washing machine cabinets

Image source: Decorpad.com via Pinterest

If you love a minimalist look, and hate a lot of clutter, choose closed cabinetry in your laundry room. This doesn’t have to be throughout the entire room as open shelving can still look minimalist with a few items. However, closed cabinetry is great for when you’d rather forget about all that washing you have to do by just hiding it away! Warning: this is a temporary fix! Always keep on top of your washing to avoid laundry-overload– we all know how that feels!

Get creative with laundry room wallpaper

off-white, pink and grey floral painting wallpaper in laundry room

Mural in photo: Blushing Bouquet

Just because a utility room is functional doesn’t mean you can't enjoy laundry room wallpaper. Decorate it with a fun wallpaper pattern – it’s only a small space so have fun with it! And you really need stunning wallpaper for a laundry room if you feel like you spend all your time there! Choose a coloured or patterned, floral wallpaper that makes you feel happy or calm! The tones of blush pink in our Blushing Bouquet wallpaper by Carol Robinson look beautiful in this ultra-minimalist laundry room.

black, gold and white laundry room

Mural in photo: Black Ink Leaves

Or why not go for a sleek black, white, grey and gold theme in your laundry room? We love how great this Black Ink Leaves wallpaper looks in this on-trend washroom! The patterned rug, cushions and black washing machine all look perfect with this black and white wallpaper.

Utility room ideas for dog owners: a dog shower!

trendy grey laundry room with dog shower and dog bed

Photo credit: Tile Club

Yes, it may seem a little far-fetched (get it), but a woof-derful dog shower actually oozes luxury! After all, if you have the space to install a dog shower in your laundry room, your home must be quite luxurious.

With the necessary plumbing, a dog shower is so worth it if you have a dog who loves to roll in the mud on their walks! And if your laundry room is near an outside door, even better! Those muddy paws will never trail through your house again… If you want a doggy-themed laundry room, why not install a dog wallpaper mural as well? Wouldn't that be grrr-eat?

To sum it up: what should a laundry room have?

quaint vintage style laundry room

Image source: Garden Trading

A laundry room should have:

  • A washing and drying machine
  • A countertop to organise and fold
  • A Belfast sink to hand wash or soak delicate items
  • A clothes drying rack or clothes airer
  • Fun decoration: strong colours or laundry room wallpaper
  • Smart storage, shelving or closed cabinetry
  • Laundry baskets

Now that you’ve read our laundry room ideas, are you ready to do a laundry room makeover? Let us know how it goes by leaving a comment below!

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Ashikur Rahman


The Best freestanding dog gates select for your dog home. An innards quality dog doorway can be a must-have for dog proprietors, no matter what the case could be.

Rachael @ Wallsauce


Hello Ashikur, yes, having a dog doorway is always a great item to have in your laundry room!

Westside Laundry


I absolutely love these laundry room ideas! From the practicality of having a clothes drying rack and a deep Belfast sink for soaking items to the smart storage solutions and stylish wallpaper options, these suggestions are both functional and visually appealing. It's inspiring to see how a well-designed laundry room can transform a mundane task into an enjoyable and organized experience. Great job on these ideas!

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hi Westside Laundry! Great to hear you enjoyed this article :) We believe that great interior design can make even doing laundry feel fun!

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