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weather blue sun house with tree in the doorway

21/08/2022   POSTED BY

What is Cottagecore & How to Use it in all Rooms?

In recent months, cottagecore has adorned every aspect of our lives! In this blog, we will explain the wonders of what this new culture is and how you can embrace its quaint, country look in every room. So, sit back, relax and get ready to become very much in touch with nature and the slower side of life… bliss.

What is cottagecore?

So, you’ve been asking yourself, “What does cottagecore mean?” Well, the simplest way to describe it is this: it's a lifestyle choice that is very similar to the TV show ‘Little House on the Prairie’.

blonde lady running in a sunset lit meadow

Cottage core is an internet aesthetic that rejects the stresses of modern living and is nostalgic for a quiet and peaceful pastoral life: baking your own bread, growing your own food, knitting, foraging, interacting with animals.

But it isn’t just limited to lifestyle – cottagecore is a visual movement that is celebrated in fashion as well as interior design.

So, are you ready to learn how to incorporate cottagecore into your home life? Well, let's go...

A cute and romantic cottage bedroom

One element of cottagecore is that it celebrates old-fashioned romance where two souls are meant to be together. So, bringing this calm and rural design into the master bedroom just makes sense.

When designing your cottage core bedroom, think natural, sustainable and simple. Choose raw materials such as wood, wicker and rattan and never forget to keep a plant or freshly cut flowers in the room.

blue and green illustrated botanical wallpaper in boho bedroom

Mural in photo: Blue Wild Meadow

This natural wooden bed and flooring blend beautifully together. Not forgetting this gorgeous Blue Wild Meadow mural created by the amazing Sir Edward design studio. It's the perfect cottagecore wallpaper for this sweet bedroom.


The carefully illustrated botanicals on these bed covers are a beautiful choice for a pastoral bedroom. And if you’re a handy DIY sort of person, why not have a go at building your own cat ladders and sleeping shelf? This owner has cleverly created their own with a recycled birch tree trunk!

Alternatively, hang green foliage or display plants on shelving above your bed so that you feel like you’re amongst nature even as you go to sleep. We think the addition of fairy lights in the room below really add a magical, fairylike touch. Fairy lights are not only easy on the purse strings but are so simple to install.

dark country bedroom with dream catchers, greenery and fairy lights

Did you know? Cottagecore’s popularity surged during social isolation in the global pandemic. It appears that many city-dwellers who have been held hostage in their apartments, with no outdoor space, have been left craving fresh, green, outdoor areas to roam in. (billiondollarboy.com)

The kitchen is the perfect spot for cottagecore aesthetics

We know that the heart of every cottagecore house is the kitchen. After all, this is where you will be baking all those delicious-smelling, fresh breads, making your own preserves and chutneys and cooking those fresh vegetables that you picked straight from the garden.

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A post shared by Paula Sutton (@hillhousevintage) on

One of the top cottagecore décor choices to remember in the kitchen are the following: a small, worn-with-love farmhouse table with knockdown legs for you to use as a prepping area. Not forgetting a spindly, upcycled vintage chair when you need to have a well-earned cup of tea in the middle of cooking! But most importantly, please make sure your kitchen doesn’t look like it should belong in a show home. There should be fresh fruit and vegetables laid on countertops, a jug of wildflowers on the table and bottles and bowls of ingredients scattered around everywhere. The kitchen is a working area: not something to just look at!

white country kitchen with meadow flower wallpaper above white tiles

Mural in photo: Delicate Floral Meadow

We love the old-fashioned sink, tap and natural wooden countertops in this country kitchen as well as the beautiful Delicate Floral Meadow wallpaper. We adore how this summery floral wallpaper looks like the flowers are growing from the tiles!

Did you know? The principal concept of cottagecore isn’t new . In the 18th century, European aristocrats would build ornamental farms on their countryside estates to basically play at living the pastoral life. In reality, their servants would actually look after the farms whilst they played as a farmer or milkmaid! (thespectator.co.uk)

A dark cottagecore lounge to wow your guests

Moody yet romantic, the dark cottagecore look is for those who love the country life but with more of a gothic edge. These ideas are perfect for goth cottagecore fans.


These vintage butterfly taxidermy frames really give this lounge a Victorian parlour feel. If you want cruelty-free versions, they are available to buy or you can get creative and visit your local craft store to make your own with wire and card.

illustrated holly and green foliage on black background wall mural with brown leather armchair

Mural in photo: Sketch Effect Forest

This botanical wallpaper would look fabulous in a dark home. The juicy red berries of the holly and fresh green foliage are so life-like. These beautiful illustrations really add a whimsical, woodland feel to this gorgeous lounge.

Did you know? In the UK, the rise in purchases of rural properties has been phenomenal since the global pandemic. It appears that everyone wants to enjoy the pastoral life and stay away from the increased risk of contracting the illness in high-density cities. (independent.co.uk)

A cottagecore room for wining and dining

Country dining rooms are light, airy and wholesome. As the growth of food and preparing your own meals from scratch is a key factor, you really need to make the place where you sit down and enjoy your hard work really special.

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A post shared by Amanda Cutter Brooks (@amandacbrooks) on

With a farmhouse dining table and vintage chairs, any dining room can have the pastoral, quaint look. By adding recycled glass bottles and vintage vases with freshly cut flowers, you’re sure to feel cosy and ready for a hearty meal in your cottage abode.

brown, green, blue hanging leaves wallpaper in natural wood dining room

Mural in photo: Hanging Eucalyptus

Or add a simplistic yet beautiful wallpaper. Botanical prints will really create a wow feature wall that will impress guests as they dine with you. We adore our talented designer Carol Robinson’s Hanging Eucalyptus wall mural with this natural wood and wicker dining set.

Did you know? This popular culture has been trending massively on TikTok. Hundreds are posting TikToks on how to dry and press flowers, plant succulents and cook wholesome, home-made foods. (dazeddigital.com)

Bring the outdoors into your bathroom

black and white birch forest wallpaper with white stand alone bath

Mural in photo: Sketch Effect Forest

Having a forest cottagecore wallpaper is not only gorgeous, but landscape wallpapers bring the outdoors in. Many of us love this rural look but are put off by the mere fact that we live in an urban area. But with the help of a mood-boosting outdoors wallpaper, you really can feel like you’re in your own cute cottage in the middle of nowhere!


Bathrooms are already great spaces to add tropical plants. Not only do they bring the outdoors in, but the green foliage (especially exotic species) are really content living in damp and humid environments.

Did you know? Cottagecore is closely linked to grandmacore, goblincore, farmcore and faeriecore which are other nostalgic aesthetic cultures. (nytimes.com)

Do you have any questions about this ever-growing trend and culture? Or do you want to share how you integrated the cottagecore look into your own home? Simply leave a comment below!

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