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Sunset beach wallpaper in pretty bedroom

12/05/2021   POSTED BY

New Ways of Bringing the Outdoors In

Whether you're heading into Spring or hibernating into Autumn, it's always a fresh thought to bring the outdoors in when it comes to home styling. Especially when most of us have to spend most of our time indoors whether for work or weather reasons.

So when most of us are cooped up inside, it's important to keep those spirits up - especially if you’re a lover of the great outdoors. From green-fingered gardeners and mountain hikers to beach babes or woodland-walkers, we all can feel claustrophobic when we have to spend the majority of our time behind walls.

To release tension and always feel like you’re amongst mother nature, discover these new ways of bringing the outdoors in.

Garden wallpaper for the green-fingered!

english pathed garden mural in living room

For the keen gardener, a serene garden mural will remind them of summer every day of the year! Add this passion to the internal walls in any room of the home with a made-to-measure garden mural from our landscape range. Living rooms and dining rooms are a fond favourite to install a stunning garden mural. Don’t you just love this serene English Country Garden wallpaper in this lounge? The clever installation of the garden wallpaper in this sociable area will be a fantastic talking point when hosting for family and friends.

Beautiful garden wallpapers for every room

sakura blossom wall mural in grey bathroom

There’s also something quite relaxing about garden wallpapers which makes them a great option for the bedroom or bathroom. Alongside traditional English gardens, we have images of beautiful Japanese gardens, Marrakech gardens, stunning Asian ponds and cherry blossom wallpapers. How tranquil would you feel with this Cherry Blossom Sky wallpaper in your relaxing bathroom?

Ways to extend your garden indoors

arched garden path wall mural in garden themed conservatory with gnome ornaments

What we learned from customer Karen’s photo was how clever her choice of garden mural was and where in her home it had been hung. Murals with paths and walkways are always great for extending a room and luring in the eye. Positioning it next to her external French doors with the path’s direction towards her garden has not only brought the outdoors into her home, but it has extended her garden from indoors.

autumnal japanese garden with pond wall mural in pine wooden dining room

Kitchens and dining areas are great places for creating this illusion and bringing the outdoors in. Generally located at the back of the home, these rooms come before the garden making them great for a garden mural that will bring the garden indoors. Just how stunning is this Autumn Woodland Colours wall mural in our customer Bill’s dining room? As well as installing this gorgeous Japanese garden wallpaper, their interior style has a natural edge. The natural wooden table and chairs, as well as the leafy green plant, harmonise perfectly with the oriental garden feature wall.

Walk amongst mountains every day

snowy mountains with sky blue lake in a trendy bedroom

If gardens are too structured for you and you’d rather enjoy the wild ruggedness of nature, then a mountain wallpaper is a great way to bring the outdoors in.

Mountain wallpapers for a relaxing bedroom

It is said that viewing a nature scene is just as beneficial to us as actually being amongst nature. Not only is it good for decreasing anxiety and blood pressure, but a nature wall mural is a fantastic way to bring biophilic design into the home. So the idea of installing a mountain and lake wallpaper in your bedroom is a really good one! It will soothe the nerves and prepare you for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Reminisce your mountain hiking trips over dinner

stretch of alpine mountains and lake in modern dining room

The beauty of our mountain wallpaper collection is that we have so many different kinds available! From the iconic Dolomites and the awe-inspiring Lake District to the heavenly Yosemite National Park and the Isle of Skye’s Old Man of Storr, you won’t be disappointed with our mountain wallpapers.

Mountain scenes are utterly relaxing and serene. So, it's a great shame to always hide them in your master bedroom. Instead, install a mural, like this blissful Alps wallpaper, in your dining room. Not only does it make you think that you’re actually picnicking by the lake, but it makes a fantastic talking point for when you have guests over for dinner! Share your memories of hiking days out or vacations in the mountains. You could even start planning your next trip!

Forest and woodland wallpaper to bring nature’s magic into the home

green branches of huge oak tree wallpaper in calm, white and grey bedroom

There really is something magical about forest and woodland wall murals. Not only do they bring the outdoors in, but they create a sense of balance and calm that is completely reassuring.

Bring back childhood memories of being outdoors

Choose from the golden leaves of autumnal forests or sunlit woodlands that fairies could call home. Or see mystical misty forests and trees poured over with sunset beams. There really are so many possibilities! That’s why we love this beautiful Angel Oak Tree Panoramic wallpaper in this master bedroom. Doesn’t it just remind you of your childhood where you would lie under a tree and look up at the sun seeping through the branches above you? Or does it bring back memories of climbing your favourite tree, try to reach the top?

Misty forests perfect for the home office

misty dark green forest in trendy home office

As many of us now work from home, it’s sometimes hard to shut off from your daily house duties to focus on the task at hand. That’s why it’s so important to set the scene where you achieve a sense of focus, relaxation and positivity. As well as creating as much of a minimalistic space as possible by decluttering your home office, consider a misty forest wallpaper.

Although all our nature wallpapers are peaceful, there’s something a bit more special about a misty forest. This serene Smokey Misted Forest wallpaper almost makes you feel as if your work stresses and worries are evaporating away…

Aerial view forests to give you a different perspective

colourful autumnal wood aerial view in stylish lounge

We couldn’t not show you one of our latest forest additions! Completely unique to our other tree wallpapers, this colourful British Woodland wall mural brings the outdoors in but in a more abstract, stylish way. Not only does it remind me of rainbow-coloured puffed rice candy, but this colourful wallpaper would be great fun to accessorise with. Just look how fabulous the patterned lilac armchair is. It’s a perfect match for mirroring the shades in this aerial view wallpaper!

Bring the outdoors in with a beach wallpaper

sapphire blue waters aerial view of coast with terrazzo patterned bed

We can be wowed by beautiful gardens, inspiring mountains and sun-drenched forests, but some of us can’t help but be drawn to the sea.

Bird’s eye view clear waters to soothe the senses

When we think of the ocean, lots of images come to mind. Those clear blue sapphire Mediterranean waters or the sound of the frothy waves sizzling on the sand. Or maybe the swaying of a palm tree silhouetted by a sunset sky is your idea of heaven? But did you ever imagine a bird’s eye beach view like this stunning Blue Lagoon wallpaper? What a calming and relaxing feature wall which brings the outdoors in!

You’ll never feel like you’ve left the beach with this coastal wallpaper in your home.

Sunset beaches to help you drift off to sleep

pink and white sunset beach in beautiful master bedroom

It’s not hard to understand why tranquil beach wallpapers are great for the bedroom. They are so calming and peaceful that you’ll be wanting to shut your eyes as soon as you see the mural (in a good way)! Install this beautiful beach wallpaper behind your headboard and choose a range of white and pastel pink décor pieces to mirror the relaxing shades.

Inspired to bring the outdoors in? Feel free to comment below with suggestions and notes of your favourite murals.

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I am interested in this mural but can't find it to purchase under the beach murals. Where can I find it? thanks, Sara

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