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white paneled room in minimalist style living room

29/01/2020   POSTED BY

Minimalist Interior Design: The Official Guide

Minimalist interior design is something that many of us have sought after for years. But temptation always gets in the way. Some of us are obsessed with on-trend colour schemes that have to be updated on a 3-year-cycle. Then there are those of us who feel the need to buy more and more ornaments until our homes are in utter clutter chaos. Not forgetting us over-thinkers. We try so hard that our homes look more like bare student accommodation rather than the cool Scandi look we were originally going for.

Although minimalism and functionally are one of the same, minimalist interior design can be achieved in many other ways. Whether you want to stick to two-toned rooms or embrace Japanese interiors rather than Scandi, this blog will help you to find what you’re looking for.

Stick to no more than 2 basic colours

black and white painting of stormy sea with ship in minimalist trendy dining room

The easiest way to achieve stylish minimalist interior design is to keep it simple and to not try too hard. Scandinavian and Nordic styles have been doing this for years. One of their secrets is to stick to white walls and choose one extra colour. To have more than two basic colours is a big no-no. Minimalism is all about being strict with yourself and not getting carried away with too many ornaments and décor. Keep it simple and brief.

One of our customers, artist Stormy, posted this photograph of her dining room. She's really got the two-colour combination just right. She's stuck with black and white throughout the room (we’ll let them off for the green plants and brown table) and added our vintage The Straits of Dover wall mural as a small feature wall.

terracotta minimalist living room

This is another great example of a two-toned room. The shade of terracotta blends gorgeously with the white interior. The beauty of this white room is that it really is a blank canvas. If you decide to change the terracotta theme, all you need to do is buy a few new room accessories to completely alter the design. No need for painting the walls or changing the carpet. Simples!

Japanese wabi-sabi minimalist interior design

Simple interiors don’t always have to be based around Scandi or Nordic design. Another great alternative to achieving minimalism is opting for the Japanese look.

With designs stemming back for thousands of years, Japanese home styling is steeped in ancient tradition. It's primarily based around clean and uncluttered spaces that revel in an appreciation for nature’s beauty. Unlike Chinese feng shui routes, Japanese interior design embraces wabi-sabi: finding beauty in imperfection. Instead of striving for pure perfection, adore rustic, unsophisticated and sometimes, unbalanced beauty.

black and white pheasant block print wallpaper in light grey and white lounge

This zen room depicts all these factors. The traditional Japanese Woodblock Print of Pheasants wall mural represents nature's beauty. Although there is a balance of colour and lack of clutter, there are definitely wabi-sabi vibes: no balancing drawers on either side of the sofa and the hanging lights are placed at the side rather than in the centre of the room. Like Scandi and Nordic interior design, the wabi-sabi technique is effortlessly stylish.

boho style desk

To top off your Japanese wabi-sabi look, find décor which revels in beautiful imperfection. We think that this rustic desk would look ideal with our black and white wallpaper.

terracotta, grey and white rustic plant pots

These wabi-sabi style plant pots from Garden Trading would be great additions to a Japanese style home. They are uneven and imperfect, but altogether chic and utterly gorgeous.

Marble minimalist interior design

Although opting for white walls is the usual answer to minimalist interior design, don’t be scared of stepping out of the safety zone. As long as your décor isn’t too overbearing and clashing, a statement wall mural can fit in well. The beauty of marble wallpaper feature walls is that they embrace the wabi-sabi approach. They are not symmetrically balanced, are naturally formed yet extremely beautiful.

blue and white marble in simple modern room

This calming Blue Marble Effect wallpaper is the cherry on top in this white and blue themed room. The choice of décor has been tastefully chosen to reflect the shades in the natural marble pattern: they’ve really stuck to the two colour rule.

blue and white marble wallpaper in scandi living room

One of our favourites from our beautiful marble wallpaper collection is this popular White Marble wallpaper. It looks fabulous in customer Sofia’s home. We love how she has only selected a part of the wall to install her fabulous mural and has left the remaining walls white. Her Scandi style chair, basket and white storage units are simple, classic and fuss-free.

Strip back to the bare essentials

Part of minimalist interior design is to strip back your home to its bare essentials to reveal the true essence of architecture. One way of doing this is to chip off that suffocating plaster. Find the hidden treasures that lay beneath.


This stunning home is a perfect example of using modern, geometrical shapes whilst still embracing the original features of the property. Exposing the bricks on part of the wall is classic, tasteful and you wouldn’t dream of nailing pictures onto it. The brick is enough: no fuss needed.

red brick wall in trendy grey and white bedroom

Yet, the idea of grabbing a chisel is daunting for many of us. Rather than finding a sound red brick wall, we’re more likely to discover corrosion and damp. Do you want to know the easy option? It’s brick effect wallpaper. The trendy Brick Wall wallpaper used in this room provides some texture and adds a splash of colour. Not only that, it avoids finding any hidden disasters. Sometimes, ignorance is bliss!

Don’t be afraid of concrete effect walls

grey concrete wallpaper in boho room

Are brick walls not your idea of minimalism? Would you like a more subtle texture-effect wall? Then a concrete wallpaper could be for you. Often we think textured walls are a mistake when it comes down to minimal design. However, wallpaper, textured plaster or concrete are all allowed. It’s all about balancing out those décor choices. This raw Texture of Plaster wallpaper is a great choice in this on-trend room. The wicker hanging chair, palm leaf plants and selection of black and white cushions and rug work perfectly.

wooden and wicker chair and wicker plant hanging basket

This Hanging Plant Pot and Longworth Chair from Garden Trading are gorgeous. They are effortlessly cool and give that laid-back vibe that is quintessentially Scandi.

Geometric minimalism to create structure and purpose


Another way to achieve minimalist interior design is to opt for geometric designs. They create a sense of balance that is pleasing to the eye and is great for those who love structure and organisation.

You can either plan your décor in geometric layouts, buy functional furniture or install a patterned wallpaper. The apartment above has used both. The geometric glass bedroom wall, bannister and feature wall work wonderfully together.

pastel pink purples and cream geometric wallpaper in modern lounge

We have an eclectic range of stylish geometric wallpaper. True, this on-trend Polygon Pastel wall mural uses more than one colour in its design. Yes, it is breaking one of the rules, but we will let this one go. After all, the shades are extremely subtle and don’t overpower the rest of the room.

natural wood circular coffee stable with geometric sliding top for storage

We think this Pepper Sq Arc Coffee Table has perfect geometric elements that would look amazing in the room above. It is both functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. If you're handy with a paintbrush, why not create your own geometric décor by upcycling preloved furniture? We adore this dusty pink cabinet and like most furniture in minimalistic interior design, it has a purpose as well as being aesthetically pleasing.

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Light-drenched Scandinavian wood-panelled walls

Last, but certainly not least, let's take a look at Scandinavian interiors. It's one of the simplest ways to achieve the ideal minimalist look. The mix of white, grey and cream shades often seen in Scandinavian design always create that clean minimalist look.

white wood panel wallpaper in grey modern lounge

Rather than opting for plain paint, light-drenched wood-panelled walls can add a subtle sense of character to a room. Not only that, minimalist room ideas, like white walls, can make small rooms appear much larger than they are. That's why minimalist design is great for those who live in tiny apartments or homes with limited space. We think this Scandi styled White Wood wall mural would be perfect for opening up any room. Although not made with real wood, this wood panel mural still has the same effect as the room below.

black frame room in bedroom

Don’t be afraid of nailing up frames of simple works of art. When creating a wall gallery, choose the same frames containing similar shades of colour, art or photography. We absolutely love these on-trend abstract prints from RocketJack. Pair the four frames together or opt for just two. Either way, you'll create a striking feature wall that injects personality without creating a mash of clashing colours on the wall. Keep it minimal. Keep it simple.

abstract women and black and white circles and sunrise art in frames

Whether you’re excited to start planning a Japanese wabi-sabi or a two-toned scheme in your home, we hope you have gained some inspiration from our minimalist interior design advice. Leave a comment below to give us your own minimalist style tips or which parts of the blog stood out to you.

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Awesome very delightful to read this.

Amy @ Wallsauce


Thank you for your comment Maruthi! We're glad you enjoyed the blog.

Subramanyam Naidu Kuchi


Thanks for publishing this blog, really awesome. Only experienced professional can do this.

Amy @ Wallsauce


Thank you, Subramanyam! We're glad you enjoyed this article.

Eli Thomasevich


Minimalist interior design is needed for the purpose of increasing the beauty of your house.

Mehak Mehta


Very well written and loved all your points. The idea behind it that the imperfection is beautiful is truly the source of life which is why Wabi-Sabi interior decor pieces are my favorite. They do leave a personal touch to your place. I have surely taken a promising amount of inspiration through this.

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hello Mehak! We're so glad that you took inspiration from this post!



Thank you for sharing this wonderful blog. Designs are beautiful.

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hello Sudheera! We're so glad you love these minimal designs. Thank you for commenting. ☺



Such an amazing blog, thanks for sharing

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hi Emma. That's great to hear. Keep visiting us for more home interior inspiration. :)



Thanks for such a topic.

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hi Mats! Thank you! Please keep visiting our website to see more inspiration.



Great round table. Do they come with a set of chairs or do they have to be purchased individually? I have a little space in the corner of the living room, I think it would be great with that round table. Thanks for the inspiration.

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hi Posa. We do not sell the round table, but it can be found here - https://www.peppersq.com/product/arc-coffee-table-with-storage-66cm/001076-1

Afton Jackson


Opting for wooden panels when designing a minimalist room sounds really interesting. I've never liked using plain-painted walls, so I can see this being a great thing to make use of in our home. I'll definitely make use of this in my list of ideas when I work with an interior design expert in the area.

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hi Afton. Thank you for your comment. We wish you all the best with your decorating.

Mortgage Broker Australia


I appreciate your post. Your piece about minimalist interior design was interesting to read. This content will be bookmarked for sure.

Rachael @ Wallsauce


Hello, thank you for your comment and we are happy you found our article bookmark worthy!

Edmonton Bathroom Renovation


Incorporating natural textures and using standout pieces sparingly are just a few of the minimalist home design tips and ideas presented in this post. The blog post is well-written and educational, and the advice it offers is useful and straightforward. Some excellent case studies of minimalist interior design are provided to further highlight the points made in the blog post.

Steve Smith


It's interesting when you said that color mixture could help provide a customizable design approach for your ideal design. A few nights ago, my spouse informed me she was planning to have a luxurious interior design in our home to have vintage touches for our living room. She asked if I had thoughts on the best option for a design consultation. I'll tell her we can try to consult a well-known interior design service as they can provide details about how their services work. I'm thankful for this valuable design guide article.

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hi Steve! Thanks for your comments! Good luck on your home design journey.



Love the minimalist interior design ideas shared in this article! The focus on simplicity and functionality truly creates a serene and stylish living space. Less is definitely more when it comes to achieving a clean and calming atmosphere at home.

Afton Jackson


I really do appreciate you talking about things like marble materials as something you can use when getting interior design. It's something that could really work for us when we get some completely new designs for our home, especially if we can use them as the focus for this place. If I can find an interior design expert in the area, I'll get them to help us with this kind of decision for sure.



This article beautifully captures the essence of minimalist interior design. The focus on clean lines, neutral colors, and clutter-free spaces truly resonates with me. It's inspiring to see how simplicity can create a sense of calm and sophistication in any home.



This blog beautifully encapsulates the essence of minimalist interior design, emphasizing the power of simplicity and functionality in creating serene living spaces. The insightful tips and stunning visuals provided inspire a newfound appreciation for the minimalist aesthetic, making it a must-read for anyone seeking to declutter their home and elevate their surroundings with timeless elegance. Thank you for sharing such valuable insights!



Great read! You explained the benefits clearly. It's helpful for those considering upgrades. Thanks for sharing.



This post presents some useful tips and ideas for minimalist home design, including incorporating natural textures and using standout pieces. The blog post is well-written and informative, and its advice is straightforward and practical. Additionally, the post includes some great case studies of minimalist interior design to further illustrate its points.

Right Angle Developers


Great read! This blog delves into the core of minimalist design, providing valuable insights for creating serene living spaces.

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