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bathroom idea with jungle bold wallpaper

06/06/2019   POSTED BY

Bold and Beautiful Bathroom Ideas (Plus Q&As on Maintaining Bathroom Wallpaper)

Are you a fan of bathroom wallpaper? If you weren’t before, you might change your mind after seeing these amazing bathroom design ideas for 2019. We know that some prefer to keep their wallpapering efforts for the bedroom or living and dining areas, but there are so many ways you can add depth, drama, ambience and colour to your bathroom using wallpaper. Our wall murals help you get creative with prints, patterns or landscape art, completely transforming your space and giving you the flexibility to update your bathroom if you get bored.

This year’s bathroom trends feature everything from copper finishes and warm brass to art déco and beautiful botanicals and wallpaper plays a lead role in each story, bringing entire concepts to life.

bathroom with marble wallpaper feature wall

Feeling inspired? Here are the best bathroom ideas 2019 has to bring! Plus, find our handy Q&As at the bottom, with advice on keeping your bathroom walls looking tip top.

Metal accents and monochrome florals

This year, we see a floral explosion in the bathroom department. Flowery wallpaper is no longer reserved for grannies and thatched roofed holiday cottages. If you want to avoid kitsch or shabby chic, just dip your toes with something soft and muted. Opt for elegance by wallpapering small sections of the wall, and balance the rest of the space with minimalist white tiles.

pink roses wallpaper in luxury bathroom

Our rose wall murals are on-trend yet sophisticated and add a touch of femininity to your bathroom. Juxtapose with copper or brass accents for that edgy, contemporary, urban appeal.

Create a boho bathroom jungle

Designing a boho jungle in your bathroom is one of the easiest bathroom ideas 2019 has to offer. Feature walls with leafy designs add calming greenery to your space and look stunning with a freestanding bath or as a backdrop for your vanity. Opt for arty jungle print wall murals to keep it cool and urban, or choose a photorealistic wallpaper to transport you away to a wild destination. If you want a spa-like ambience, scenic wallpapers can really soothe the soul.

boho bathroom with jungle wallpaper

This Watercolour Tropical Palms wallpaper is ideal for a feature wall and will work well with a clean, white bathroom design and metal or industrial finishes. Complete the jungle look with beautiful bathroom plants, such as ferns, bamboo plants, and ivy.

Art deco glamour and gold accents

If you love statement wallpapers and luxurious marble countertops, the art deco trend is a great bathroom project to get your teeth into. Have fun with different patterns, make allowances for dark colours (it’s ok, they’re in), mix old and new design, and bring the space to life with antique gold finishes.

luxurious gold and purple wallpaper in white bathroom

For a more contemporary twist on art deco, geometric wallpapers work well. If you want to go down the expensive-looking marble route, we have a huge selection of stunning marble murals to choose from, including designs with flecks of gorgeous gold pigment.

Pink + green = Tropicana paradise

Banana leaves and palm leaves are all the rage right now and so is the colour pink. In fact, anything that conjures the image of tropical islands, dancing flamingos and cocktails with umbrella sticks is worthy of an Instagram pic. When combined, green and pink create a Tropicana style paradise, something that isn’t worlds away from the ‘boho jungle’, but is certainly different enough to stand out. This is nature with a retro twist and we’re loving how it can instantly brighten up a dull bathroom space.

pink jungle wallpaper in bathroom

Get the retro look in your bathroom with our daringly bold Pink Jungle Wallpaper. It’s one of our favourite bathroom design ideas this year, and it will make your bathroom a talking point with guests.

How to look after your bathroom wallpaper – Q&As

Not sure whether wallpaper in the bathroom is right for you? All homes are different, and some bathrooms have better ventilation than others. So it’s just about knowing what works best in your space, and knowing how to take good care of your walls.

Here are some Q&As to help you out.

Q. Can you wash the bathroom wallpaper?

All of our murals are wipeable, but not washable. You can maintain them by wiping them regularly and making sure you position the wallpaper in a place that isn’t going to be in direct contact with stains.

Q. Should I choose a peel and stick wallpaper or a paste-the-wall wallpaper?

For all bathroom wallpaper projects, we recommend choosing paste-the-wall wallpaper. Peel and stick wall murals are more likely to lose their adhesiveness in rooms with higher humidity. So they may not be suitable if your space is tight and poorly ventilated. However, if you’re looking for quick and easy wallpaper for a downstairs toilet, peel and stick could be ideal.

Q. What if the bathroom gets steamier than I thought and the wallpaper starts to peel?

If you experience problems with seams coming away, you can purchase extra adhesive to re-seal the wallpaper. To prevent any further peeling in the future, it’s important to install suitable ventilation.

Q. Can I install the mural next to the shower?

No, this is not recommended. Although splashes every now and then won’t cause it to deteriorate, murals should never be placed in direct contact with water.

Q. Does my bathroom have to be well ventilated?

Yes, it’s important for bathrooms to be well ventilated if you are going to install wallpaper. Simply opening windows can be enough to ventilate in some bathroom spaces, but also having an extractor fan is usually recommended. Another alternative for eliminating moisture problems is a dehumidifier – these work well to remove water from the air, helping to protect wallpaper from damp.

Q. How can I test out the wallpaper in my bathroom?

If in doubt, we recommend installing wallpaper away from baths, showers and sinks. Placing your wallpaper close to a window/fan, gives it the best air circulation. We also offer a sample service for all of our mural designs, so you can see, feel and try the wallpaper before you buy.

We are able to post a small selection of samples (in random designs) completely free of charge. This gives you a chance to get to know the material and the quality of it, to get a better idea of whether it would work in your bathroom. We can also print specific design examples for a small fee. Contact our team to find out more about bathroom wallpaper samples.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our bold and beautiful bathroom ideas 2019! Let us know in the comments below which design is your favourite.

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