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3d effect navy wood panel wallpaper in trendy lounge

21/04/2021   POSTED BY

What is Textured Décor & How to Get it Right?

For a while, the words ‘textured décor’ has been singing on the lips of many Fashion and Interior Designers. And now Interior Bloggers and Journalists have also jumped onto this new craze. But what is textured décor and how do you get it right?

In this blog, we and top interiors experts will help you discover what this new trend is all about and how you can make it work in your own home. From the importance of layering, how to add texture to ceilings and walls, and much more. Ready for some fabulous texture? So are we...

What is textured décor?

rustic, antique diamond tiles in room with wooden bench and woven basket

Mural in photo: Alhambra Palace Tile

The answer is in the name. This style consists of furniture and room accessories that celebrate different tactile surfaces. It's about finding the correct balance of textures and layering them with style in mind. For instance, don’t choose all wooden items. Gone are the early millennial days when matching pine furniture was all the rage. Instead, pair a wooden wardrobe with wicker seating. Choose faux animal print fabrics and style them with authentic tile effect wallpaper. Want us to break it down for you a bit more? Then read on…

Look up at textured ceilings

blue and white marble effect wallpaper on ceiling

Mural in photo: Blue Marble Effect

Who would have thought that textured ceilings would be the next big thing? When we say this, we don’t mean anaglypta ceiling wallpaper. We mean textured ceiling paint and texture effect wallpaper. Monika Zasada, Design Consultant of Home Construction, says that,

'With ceilings, I like to use high gloss paint to differentiate them from other surfaces.’

By using a gloss, you will add a shine to your ceiling. Contrast the rest of the walls by choosing a matte paint or wallpaper.

If you’re looking for impact, why not choose a 3D effect ceiling wallpaper? By doing this, you can achieve the illusion of tactile surfaces in many ways. Think embossed metal effects, sleek marbles and ancient frescos. Or how about the Sistene Chapel and glass-domed ceilings?

Snooze amongst textured bedding

textured white bed with wooden room accessories

Image source: Linen House via Pinterest

One item that is a popular textured décor choice is bedding. You can’t watch a Netflix drama or read your favourite interiors blog without seeing cushions or duvets. It seems no one can get enough of textured white bedding adorned in ruffles and frills. And we don’t just mean the trim of the duvet and pillowcases (the types your grandma has). The latest textured white duvet covers are adorned with frills across the entire set. You won't be able to stop yourself from running your hands all over them!

From chevron or zig-zagged shapes to lines or floral patterns, these bedding sets all have one thing in common. They all resemble the same rustic look of woven hangings. Paired with macrame wall art above the bed, you can achieve the perfect bedroom décor.

Embrace layered curtains for textured decor

layered sage green and black and white tribal curtains

Image source: Apartmenttherapy.com via Pinterest

Many of us see curtains as functional rather than beautiful. They are there to block the light out or to invite it in and they give us privacy in our homes. But curtains don’t just have to be functional. Why not use them as a textured décor feature point? Andra DelMonico, the Lead Interior Designer at Trendey explains how to do this.

‘Curtains tend to be an afterthought for most homeowners, which is a missed opportunity to layer different fabrics. Start with a soft and lightweight fabric. This creates privacy while allowing plenty of light in. Then layer a heavier fabric curtain. This will can be heavyweight cotton, velvet, or damask. The two curtains add their own textures and work together to create a layered effect.’

As well as having a lighter weight curtain, you can also layer it above the heavier curtain. This creates a stylish two-toned effect. When you hook the lighter fabric onto the curtain rail, you can create a gorgeous, regal effect. Alternatively, choose two different patterned or coloured curtains next to each other. Just don’t be scared about mixing patterns and different styles together!

Create the illusion of textured walls

textured decor effect gold and white tree wall mural in dining room

Mural in photo: Monochrome Blossom

One great way to add textured décor into a room is surface effect walls. You can go all out depending on what effect you are going for.

‘Using textured wallpaper isn’t anything new. Take your walls to the next level by purchasing 3D wallpaper…They function more like wall panels that you mount onto the wall. Some wallpapers use innovative printing techniques to create rough or smooth surfaces visually.’ - Andra DelMonico (Lead Interior Designer at Trendey)

At Wallsauce, we do exactly that. Our range of illusional 3D effect wallpaper has a visual 3D effect but, when touched, they are flat.

red brick effect wallpaper in lounge with grey couch

Mural in photo: Beautiful Textured Brick Effect Wall

Have you thought about brick walling? One of our firm favourites for walls is exposed bricks. Jessica Davis, Principal Interior Designer at JL Design Nashville, agrees.

‘Honor the integrity of the home and keep bricks exposed. Rather than keeping the whole wall exposed, create a focal point and paint around to create a warmer, cosier space.’

If your home isn’t blessed with beautiful old bricks or you dread the idea of chiselling away plaster, then choose a realistic brick wallpaper instead. Although there is no texture, brick wallpapers look just as good and can be achieved without the mess.

dark navy panel effect wallpaper in greige lounge

Mural in photo: Dark Blue Panel

As well as brick, there is wood panelling. Otherwise known as wainscoting, wood-panelled walls create a warm intimacy in a space. They instantly give any property a timeless look - no matter its age. But if you aren’t confident cutting and levelling wood, choose a luxurious wood panel wallpaper instead.

Get creative with textured wall art

vintage books with horse design wall art in cosy lounge

Image source: Fiddle Leaf Interiors

You’ve created textured walls and have installed a surface effect wall mural. But there is still that one wall that is looking a bit bare. So why not create your own wall art? Interiors Blogger, Ana Ochoa from Fiddle Leaf Interiors, created her own amazing artwork by reusing old books. Great to look at and touch, this is an effective, sustainable way to add tactility into a space.

‘One of my best projects to add texture is my DIY book wall art installation. This is especially great to use and repurpose those old books laying around in an attic or basement, and to make a huge statement in your space. The project can be done on a large (like our) or small scale, which is fantastic for smaller spaces.’

When you create wall art, it can be made with and shaped into anything you want it to be. Why not create your own circular canvas wall art with paints and paper mâché for texture? You could even have a go at plaiting an oversized macrame wall feature.

Run your toes across beautiful flooring and rugs

dark green and white patterned rug in cool lounge with two grey chairs

When it comes to textured décor, flooring is key. Although it is not the part of the home we always think about, it is the one place that we are constantly touching. So when adding texture, we need to choose flooring that will be pleasing underfoot.

If your home is blessed with rustic floorboards, you are already onto a winner! Rip up the carpet and embrace the grains, colours and lines of the wood in your home. If you want to go one step further, add even more texture to your flooring by using a wire brush.

‘With wood flooring, I like to wire brush the surface, bevel each individual plank and use a multi-step finish process. The result? Instead of flat, plastic-like, one-dimension look, you end up with richly layered look’. - Monika Zasada (Design Consulant of Home Construction)

patterned orange rug with dark green panelled walls and orange chair

Image source: Audenza

If you don’t want to go to the extent of transforming the entire floor space in the room, choose a statement rug instead. If you love the maximalist look, then pair a funky wallpaper or wall paint with an even funkier rug! When it comes to maximalism, it’s all about clashing patterns and colours. But, if you want your décor to look more subtle, think carefully about the rug and the décor you pair it with. Sam Jernigan, Interior Designer at Renaissance Design Consultations, tells us how.

‘A heavily yarned wool area rug with tufts resembling oversized chunky ringlets would have more of a starring role by virtue of it being a statement piece, and might therefore compete for attention with, say, a focal wall covered with a large scale patterned wallpaper. A better combination would be something more subtle on the focal wall in that case (like a wood panel wallpaper).’

Additionally, think about layering rugs to create the perfect textured décor look. Sheri Holshouser, Rug Expert at Behnam Rugs explains more.

‘To layer successfully, look for patterns and materials that complement each other. A great way to play with texture when layering is to use a large jute rug for the bottom layer, and a beautiful traditional Persian rug, or geometric tribal rug, on top. Using jute or seagrass rug as the bottom layer will save you money, as these are much less expensive than hand-knotted rugs of a similar size. The material also gives beautiful texture and a natural vibe.’

Go wild with faux animal prints décor

monochrome snake skin effect wall mural in pink lounge

Mural in photo: Black and White Snake Print

What we love about celebrating textures is it’s an excuse to enjoy animal prints! From animal print soft furnishings and flooring to striking animal print murals, you can experiment with a range of textures. From the intricate lines of snakeskin, the repeated pattern of dots in a leopard’s spots, or the stylish black and white stripes of a zebra...

Robert Johnson, Founder of Sawinery, a woodworking website, has a passion for interior design and all things animal print…

‘This is my personal favourite since animal skin or prints not just add texture to a certain space or wall it also provides a strong character which I find very attractive and unique. It also adds volume to every space. My most favourite is snake skin since it looks very classy and neat with the simple pattern of its skin. Most often, people use animal prints on cloth or fabric materials, but I highly suggest getting out of your comfort zone and try to use it as your wall design.’

Textured décor is a great way to grab and hold the attention in a room. It’s an excuse to layer colour, pattern and different surfaces so that they work together well. Make sure that the layers don’t compete against each other, but rather work in synchrony…

Have you enjoyed reading about textured décor and how to enjoy it in your own interior design? We love to hear your own tips for us! How have you layered texture in your own home?

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