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Vintage bar interior with dark wooden seating, yellow fabrics and a large brown map wall mural

31/01/2023   POSTED BY

Beautiful Wallpaper Designs for your Bar Interior

A bar is much more than a place to grab a drink. Bars are increasingly becoming a place to spend time with friends and family. They are a place to catch up, chat, and even host meetings, which is why your interior needs to give people a reason to stay.

People gravitate towards bars whose interiors are warm and welcoming and provide more than a place to sit. We all crave establishments that have a theme or personality, as well as a beautifully designed interior. Your interior is a great way to communicate great food, drinks and customer service.

A great interior is a reason why your customers will continue returning to you, but Instagramable interiors are also a big game changer. Social media is the perfect platform to attract customers who are after those amazing Insta shots. The perfect way to achieve this is with a beautiful bar interior - and we can help you.

Tropical prints will create an exotic atmosphere

Pink and green tropical wallpaper in a cafe with dark wood tables and chairs

Wall Mural in Photo: Pink Jungle

A great way to stay on trend is to go botanical. Tropical prints will instantly lift your interiors from boring to eye-catching. If you want to create a feature wall that will attract customers and provide a beautiful backdrop as they eat, drink and have a merry old time. Tropical prints are perfect for creating a ‘picture-perfect’ area. Their funky colour schemes and bold designs are a continuing trend re-emerging each year.

Botanical designs reflect many colours associated with the natural world - making them a perfect choice to complement rooms of any palette.

If you are building up your interior to a funky level, pink and green wallpaper will enhance your space, giving it a tropical look. At the same time, a tropical wallpaper design can be the focal point of your bar. If you prefer to keep the rest of your décor subtle. Mahogany tables, chairs and even bar stools will be the perfect companion to your tropical print wallpaper.

Get that picture-perfect area with a realistic 3D wallpaper

Interior with a 3D wallpaper of a wine cellar in a bar with rustic furniture

Wall Mural in Photo: Epic Wine Cellar

The perfect bar interior doesn’t have to feel over-powering or rely on cluttered designs. Too much decor can take away from your space, which isn't good when it comes to customers. A 3D effect wallpaper mural is a perfect way to create a beautiful feature wall that can give the illusion of depth. This is especially helpful if you only have a small area to work with or are looking for a way to utilise an otherwise redundant corner.

One of our customers has created a gorgeous and rustic area by adorning its walls with one of our 3D wall murals. With the simple placement of wooden barstools and a barrel purposed as a table, you have a striking area everyone will be clambering to sit at.

3D wine cellar wallpaper mural in a wine bar with wooden tables and green and red chairs

Wall Mural in Photo: Wine Cellar

This wine bar in Madrid has transformed its interior using a similar 3D design. Perfect for a wine bar this beautiful 3D wall mural will make customers feel as though they have settled into a cool wine cellar. The subtle use of colour from their red and turquoise chairs, pair wonderfully with the dark wooden tables. They have created a beautiful focal point with the placement of their wine cellar wall mural.

It draws your eye into the design, making the already spacious room feel even bigger. The use of realistic imagery in this context helps to give a larger room character, more so than a plainly painted wall. Beautiful wallpaper can come in many forms. Whether it is a patterned design or a realistic photograph, each design will help to give your bar the edge over any competition. Most importantly, it can make your customers feel as though they are experiencing something unique.

Bar interiors can embrace eclectic style

Bar interior with a colourful wall mural with marble tables and black chairs

Wall Mural in Photo: Crazy Rainbow

Bar interiors don’t need to be subtle, especially if you want to create an interior that packs a serious punch! A colourful wall mural is a great way to embrace an eclectic style. Many modern bars are incorporating funky and dramatic designs into their interiors. This will attract a vast range of customers to their establishments. If your interior has a distinct theme, it can attract people to you for that reason alone.

A bar that isn’t centred around the physical bar is a great way to take the obligation out of drinking. A bar interior can set the tone in a multitude of ways. Adopting a bohemian style, for example, will communicate to your customers that a laid-back experience awaits them. whether they want to drink some fabulous cocktails or a creamy coffee.

Never underestimate a well-placed map wall mural

Vintage map wall mural in a bar interior with dark wooden furniture

Wall Mural in Photo: Executive Political World Map

Everyone loves the idea of travelling. Seeing the world outside our hometowns and cities and experiencing different walks of life. The bar above in the USA adorned its walls with one of our map wall murals and it looks amazing! The beige overtones match perfectly with the bar's already retro style. The map wall mural allows this bar interior to create a large but beautiful feature wall.

Map wall murals are incredibly versatile and there are many designs to suit many specific needs. Whether you’re looking for a vintage map, abstract, 18th century, colourful or traditional - we have a vast range ready for you to find your perfect design. This is why a well-placed map wall mural can do wonders for your interiors.

There are many different designs you can choose from, including everything down to the colour. You can even upload your own image and personalise your map to your home town as it is now or as it was many years ago!

Versatile bar interior wallpaper for day and night

Large, dark floral wall mural behind a bar with low hanging lights and green tiles

Wall Mural in Photo: Pink Rose Jungle

Most people who journey out to a bar go to relax. They merely want to meet their friends, wind down after a hard day or simply enjoy some alone time and observe their environment. If you own a coffee house or café that doubles as a bar during the evening, attracting people during the day is also an important step.

Many people nowadays enjoy their ‘night out’ during the day. Basically, a new trend of going out during the afternoon for a more civilised outing is fast becoming the new norm. A wonderful way to attract customers who aren’t out for loud music and dancing is to create an eye-catching bar area. Floral wallpapers are a wonderful way to draw customers' eyes towards you, especially during the day when bright lights aren’t as alluring.

Creating a cool and calm interior will appeal to those who are out for a quiet drink. A laid-back atmosphere is perfect for those who want to catch up with friends or simply enjoy some alone time.

Create a bar area in your own home

Orange and black geometric wallpaper in a home bar with orange accessories

Wall Mural in Photo: Terracotta Tiles

Many people are seeking to bring the bar to them! With the odd times during lockdown, a surge of homemade bars came to fruition. People were transforming spare rooms, sheds, garages and even their living rooms into ‘stay at home’ bars. During this uncertain time, we had a lot of time to spend designing and kitting out our home bars. The wallpaper featured in this interior, designed by Twisted Pixel Illustrations, features sharp and striking geometric shapes.

By utilising the bold colours within this abstract design, our customer has created an interior that has a contemporary twist. A beautiful wallpaper mural, such as this abstract design, is a wonderful way to inject life into your home bar. whilst also providing a stunning feature wall – especially if your bar is situated in your living room or kitchen.

You can enhance your bar interior with our wide range of fantastic geometric wallpaper designs. Each style is ready to add colour and character to your bar, whether it is in your home or if you have your own establishment.

Bar interiors are the perfect way to enhance your customer experience and attract new potential customers. Whether it's a lively Saturday night or you are serving decaf lattes to afternoon dwellers, the interior of your establishment will always benefit from a beautiful wallpaper mural.

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