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earth from space wallpaper in blue living room

22/04/2022   POSTED BY

6 Ways Wallsauce Are Being Eco Friendly

It’s the 22nd of April again which means it is Earth Day and time for us to take action and show support for environmental protection. In light of this important date, we at Wallsauce want to reveal how we have always worked hard to be the best eco-friendly business we can be.

For the last 10 years, we have been on a sustainable journey making sure our custom-made wallpaper murals are as environmentally-friendly as possible. From creating a recyclable wallpaper option and using eco-friendly inks to providing made-to-measure products that create less paper waste.

If you would like to find out more about Wallsauce and our efforts to protect our planet, read on to discover 6 ways we are trying to reduce our carbon footprint.

1. We provide a recyclable wallpaper

misty green forest wallpaper with white bench shelves

Mural in photo: Forest Glow

Since beginning its journey 10 years ago, Wallsauce has always been driven to provide a recyclable wallpaper material that would help to reduce land waste and move towards a more sustainable way of living. At Wallsauce, are been proud to say that our textured ‘Peel and Stick’ wallpaper is completely recyclable. All you need to do is remove this self-adhesive wallpaper from the walls and then place it straight into your paper recycling bin. It’s as simple as that. Not only this, but our Classic and Premium ‘Paste the Wall’ wallpapers are provided with an eco-friendly paste made with renewable potato starch. This is a much more sustainable alternative to other pastes.

Eco-Friendly Fact: Recycling paper reduces greenhouse gases, saves energy and conserves crucial natural resources. What’s not to like? (greenmatters.com)

2. Our wallpapers have low VOC emissions

multicoloured ink wallpaper with white desk and chair

Mural in photo: Colourful Ink in Water

At Wallsauce, all our wallpaper inks are water-based which means that they have very low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions. VOCs are organic chemicals that contain high vapour pressure in normal room temperatures. Because of this, they have a low boiling point which can cause molecules to evaporate from the liquid and enter into the air causing ‘volatility’. Because our wallpapers have low VOCs emissions, they are not only friendlier to the environment but to our health as well. What’s more, low VOC wallpapers are a much more sustainable option than many wall paints which have higher VOC emissions.

Eco-Friendly Fact: In 2018, more than 52 million tons of paper products were recycled in 2018. Roughly, that is the same weight of 350,000 blue whales! (recyclingpartnership.org)

3. We make sure little waste is created

kids animal forest wallpaper in white nursery

Mural in photo: Forest Lookbook

The beauty of our custom-made wallpapers is that not only are they easy to install but they create less waste than wallpapers that don’t fit the wall. When you order a Wallsauce wallpaper, we ask for your wall’s measurements and choice of wallpaper material. After this, we will print your made-to-measure wallpaper on demand so that it will fit your wall. Once installed onto the wall, any excess paper can be trimmed. Because of this, hardly any waste, if any, is created upon installation. This also means less money is wasted on excess wallpaper as well. It’s a win-win situation for all.

Eco-Friendly Fact: One of the first recorded uses of recycled paper was in 9th century Japan. Generally, in Japanese culture, recycled paper is treated as more precious than new and was often used in poetry and paintings. (nerc.org)

4. Our high-quality wallpapers are long-lasting

dolphins in ocean wallpaper in grey bedroom

Mural in photo: Dolphin Family

In an attempt to be as kind to the planet as possible, Wallsauce has always been determined to make their wallpapers long-lasting so that you don’t need to replace them in just a few years. On average, all our stunning wallpapers, whether Paste the Wall or Peel and Stick, can last up to 15 years and more. What’s more, it is said that wallpaper lasts three times longer than most house paint. Because of this, our durable, luxurious wallpapers are also much more cost-effective in the long run.

Eco-Friendly Fact: Recycling cardboard uses less energy than making new cardboard. To be precise, recycling cardboard takes 75% of the energy needed to make new cardboard. (roadrunnerwm.com)

5. We are aiming to improve packaging

earth wallpaper in blue lounge

Mural in photo: Blue Planet Earth

In recent times, we have been working hard to improve our packaging so that it is more sustainable. We are aiming to make our packaging 100% recyclable using only paper and cardboard materials. Did you know that in 2019, packaging waste generated was estimated at around 178 kg per person in the EU? However, this varied per nation. In Croatia, the average packaging waste of one person was 74 kg whereas in Ireland it was 228 kg.

Eco-Friendly Fact: About one-third of an average landfill is made up of packaging material! We are determined to help reduce that amount. (usi.edu)

6. We are an eco-friendly office

earth day quote wallpaper in office

Mural in photo: Be the Change

Not only do we work hard to make sure our wallpapers are made with sustainability in mind, but we work in an eco-friendly office. Currently based in rural offices in Northern England, the actual buildings in which we work are repurposed barns. The builders carefully used the stone and timber frames from the original barns and mixed these with locally sourced materials. When building the offices, a bat roost was discovered. In response, a timber-built residence was incorporated within the design to host these small, furry friends! Not only this, but the office area utilizes an eco-friendly bio-mass heating system that heats the buildings efficiently.

Eco-Friendly Fact: Did you know that recycling one ton of paper saves around 17 trees? (thegreenteam.org)

Did you find out something new about Wallsauce today? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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