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blue wild meadow mural by Sir Edward

16/04/2024   POSTED BY

Responsible & Sustainable Interior Design Tips

Whether you’re a devout eco-warrior or dipping your toes into green interiors for the first time, there are many ways you can do your bit while making your home look beautiful.

There are no hard and fast rules about how you should approach sustainable design, as sustainable living is something that can take years of practice. Budget or product availability can also impact how you shop and kit out your house. But doing your best is a great start in maintaining the planet for generations to come, and it all starts with minimising our waste.

With the 22nd of April marking Earth Day, here are more ways to be responsible and earth-friendly with our tips on sustainable interior design for your next project.

Buy made-to-measure, low VOC wallpaper

Leaf wallpaper in dining room

Mural in photo: Herbal Branch Leaves

If you are hitting the refresh button on your walls, opt for wallpaper. Our wallpaper inks are water-based, meaning they have very low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions. These emissions are usually significantly lower than paint.

At Wallsauce, we offer a range of wallpaper materials, all printed with environmentally-friendly inks. Additionally, every wallpaper design is made to measure, meaning you will reduce paper wastage in the process.

In order to be as kind to the planet as possible, aim to choose a wallpaper with lasting power. Generally speaking, it is said that wallpaper can last three times as long as paint.

Choose a natural, organic theme

Organic decorating style with pampas grass

By going for an organic design theme, you can embrace natural materials and their timeless beauty. From dried plants to natural stone, there are many ways you can achieve that ‘organic living’ look in the home.

If you love fresh flowers, switch them out for the dried version. These last around two years, consuming less energy through growing and shipping, not to mention the reduced adverse effects of pesky agrochemicals.

For those who dream of luxury marble interiors, our wallpapers could be the perfect alternative. Not only are they a cheaper way of getting the look you want, but they don’t use as much energy to make.

While granite and marble are both durable and highly recyclable, they are made using non-renewable sources and have a very intensive manufacturing process. So investing in these materials should be a long-term commitment. If you’re just testing out the waters, something like this Light Teal Green Marble wallpaper is a way of getting the same high-end finish for less.

Embrace plant power to purify the air

Muted jungle wallpaper

Mural in photo: Jungle Paradise

Plants are wonderful for the environment because they purify the air and turn carbon dioxide into oxygen, creating cleaner and safer air quality indoors. Plus, they add an instant warmth and inviting quality to each room, bringing dull or flat interiors to life through texture and colour.

Recycling or reusing plastic pots that your plants come in is another way to reduce your carbon footprint, and propagating plant cuttings can give you even more greenery around the home.

To really celebrate the beauty of plants, embrace verdant wall designs like our jungle wallpaper murals, which create an eye-catching focal point. Make a feature wall that steals the show and adorn with leafy houseplants to create a stylish, healthy and sustainable interior design story.

Create sustainable interior design with handmade nostalgia

blue floral wallpaper in boho bedroom

Mural in photo: Blue Wild Meadow

If you’re looking for inspiration on handmade, sustainable design, just turn to the millennial crowd. This is the generation that knits, sews and crochets, and does just about anything our grandmothers used to do. Except, they’ve actually made it cool and chic with the new trend, Cottagecore.

Handmade nostalgia seems to be a common theme in millennial homes, and that means any interior stories involving kitsch homeware sourced from vintage fares are all fully acceptable. By reusing, rehoming and repurposing old items, we can reduce the waste that hits our landfills. And by making our own decor, we can skip the energy-zapping manufacturing process while also getting a nice sense of achievement afterwards. It’s really a win-win.

Cue the vintage floral wallpaper designs too. Anything that is chintzy/flowery is making a comeback and is here to stick around. Our Floral Romance wallpaper is the perfect example of ‘grandmillennial’ style, and we can’t get enough of the throwback vibes.

Opt for a timeless wall colour

Neutral floral wallpaper in living room

Mural in photo: Neutral Bloom

When you think of sustainable interior design, the first question you need to ask is what colours you want to work with. For walls to have longevity, it’s important to choose colours that have good staying power. Neutrals tend to work best when it comes to timeless interiors, so warm beige, soft browns, gentle taupe and mushroom, delicate greys and classy off-whites are the way to go.

Try to find a paint with fewer VOC emissions, or if you want to minimise those chemicals opt for wallpaper instead. Our wallpaper paste is made with renewable potato starch, giving you an eco-friendly alternative.

By sticking to a neutral wall colour, like grey, you can update your interiors each year without having to repaint or re-wallpaper. Some wallpaper patterns are so versatile that they don’t restrict you to certain looks or trends. For instance, many of our muted world map murals blend seamlessly into any room and can coordinate with everything from vintage interiors or Scandi minimalism to mid-century mod.

Say no to synthetics

boho bedroom

If your budget allows, avoid synthetic materials such as plastic or PVC. These materials are toxic to produce and can release harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. Not only is this bad for the planet, but they can add nasties to your indoor air. Additionally, plastics can take around 450 years to decompose, making them extremely bad for our landfill crisis.

For a sustainable design that lasts, choose natural materials like wood, stone and bamboo. These materials aren’t just a great investment – they also add a warm and cosy feel to your home.

If you love sustainable design, don’t forget to check out our made-to-measure wallpaper range for wallpapers with minimal paper waste. Let us know your tips in the comments below...

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