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pastel pink, yellow, green and cream floral statement wallpaper in pink master bedroom

12/03/2021   POSTED BY

What Your Statement Wallpaper Says About You

Our homes are an ever-evolving declaration of our identity. Known to us or not, every fabric pattern, wall mural or decorative vase can form a window into our souls. For guests, your humble abode emanates subliminal clues about who you are.

This is part of the human nature of collecting things with meaning. Step inside a friend’s home, look around, and you’ll see the fabric of their life story. A collection of artefacts and relics that have accumulated over time. But, one of the first things you notice is the walls. This is why wallpaper and wall colour is a telling giveaway of their personality.

So have you wondered what your home décor say about you? Does your wallpaper embody your values, hopes or purpose in life? Or is it something you settled for because you had no time to redecorate?

Statement wallpaper is a very affordable way of expressing yourself. Here are some of the meanings behind different prints, colours and styles.

Galactic statement wallpapers = you’re enlightened

brown, gold and off-white galaxy wallpaper in neutral toned bedroom

Mural in photo: Carina Nebula Star Birth in the Extreme

Does this dreamy Carina Nebula Star Birth in the Extreme wall mural make your eyes light up? There’s something so exciting about space. The whirlpool of colours can captivate even the most jaded of imaginations.

A lot of galactic wallpapers draw the eye towards a central focal point. This could be your subconscious being attracted to the natural progression inward. This means you’re great at self-reflection and have a curious, introspective nature.

People interested in astronomy are often open-minded, intelligent and enlightened individuals. So when it comes to curating what your house says about you, space murals can be illuminating.

Dark statement wallpaper = you’re a deep thinker

navy-blue wood panel wallpaper in bathroom with free standing grey and white bath

Mural in photo: Dark Blue Panel

It’s a common misconception that dark wall colours are hard to work with. In fact, they can instantly transform a room, giving it depth and personality. Don’t be afraid to experiment with deeper hued wallpapers if it fits in with your character and lifestyle.

According to colour psychology, dark colours show you are strong and independent. It also exudes mystery, power and sophistication. But if black is too far on the enigmatic spectrum, opt for navy instead.

The navy living room trend is still going strong this year, so it’s perfect for getting your home up to date. If you’ve ever researched what your home décor says about you in terms of dark and light, you’ll know that balance is key. So make sure you create contrasts with your décor, giving room for the navy to shine.

Intricate prints = you’re a complex creature

emerald green and blue peacock eyes statement wallpaper in room with white cabinet and wooden chair with purple cushion on top

Mural in photo: Peacock Eyes Print

Textures can say a lot about us, but you can interpret different types of texture in different ways. The more intricate the details, the more complex and multifaceted you could be.

According to a study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, rough textures are linked with harshness while smooth textures are much more accepted. Thus, finding the right statement wallpaper is vital. There’s also plenty of texture research to suggest that texture is linked with mood. So, consider how you want to feel from day to day.

With something like beautiful peacock feathers, there’s definitely an element of luxury. The duality and rich colours appeal to sharp minds. The opulent pattern also feeds our grandiosity.

Wallpaper with symmetry = you’re a problem solver

multicoloured geometric triangle wallpaper in retro 70s style room with wooden desk and fur covered bench

Mural in photo: Diamonds Geometric

Problems at home or in the workplace don’t stand a chance against your resourceful nature. If geometric murals with symmetrical shapes are your thing, you’re attracted to logic. This means you put your rational left brain to work on a frequent basis.

This retro Diamonds Geometric wallpaper, in customer The Rambling Man's room, is perfect for the office. It will keep you level-headed and solutions-driven. It also acts as a reflection of your balanced thinking and smart ideas. A great way to show off your personality in any room of the house.

Symmetry is to be pleasing to the eye, but it can also help us stay organised. This is why geo's and repetition are a favourite for business leaders and anyone with a sense of ambition.

Yellow wallpaper = you ooze energy

grey and yellow watercolour of flowers wallpaper in lounge with neutral and white decor

Mural in photo: Transparent Gold

This humble hue is luminous and warm, and so are the people who have it in their home. Basically, you’re full of good vibes and you have the ability to light up the room. That’s likely what your home says about you if you’re rocking yellow walls.

Combined with gentle grey, yellow also makes up 2021’s Pantone Colours of the Year. Together, this dynamic duo creates a wonderful sense of balance.

If you want to make your home an energetic place, yellow wallpaper is your jam. It is even known to increase metabolism, trigger creativity and improve your self-esteem!

Purple statement wallpaper = you’re unconventional

purple, gold and white bird statement wallpaper in room with cool wooden bench and mustard throw

Mural in photo: Elegant Flight III

Opposite to red on the visible light spectrum, purple or violet is connected to a higher level of thought. People who have purple in their home are amongst the more adventurous decorators.

You shun convention, celebrate individuality and you’re not afraid to be different. Deeper hues of purple also symbolise royalty. So, there’s a good chance you have a weakness for the finer things (cue credit card).

Choose this statement style if you’re anti-mainstream. Luxurious purple wallpaper is also great if you want to fine-tune what your home décor says about you in an expressive format.

Floral wallpaper = you’re a dreamer

off-white, pastel pink, yellow and green floral wallpaper in pretty bedroom with pink accessories and pink chair

Mural in photo: Vintage Peonies

This romantic Vintage Peonies wall mural is made for romantics. If you have a penchant for pretty prints, you’re likely to see the positive side to everything. (And prefer to keep your home happy and positive too).

Botanical designs, like this gorgeous Uta Naumann design, reveal that you’re a dreamer, but a perceptive one. Rather than having your head in the clouds, you’re sharp-eyed and insightful. And you have great vision when it comes to interiors.

According to science, looking at fractals (repetitive patterns found in nature) can melt away stress. This makes florals ideal for relaxation. So if nature recharges your spirit, this could be the perfect wallpaper for your home.

Personalised wallpaper = you have a strong sense of self

photo of married couple statement wallpaper in bedroom with pink and white bed

Mural in photo: Uploaded image from a customer

Having customised photo wallpaper shows a deep connection with life’s treasured moments. According to psychology, the same applies to having personal artefacts around the house.

More importantly, it’s the sign of a very sentimental person. You’re likely to crave nostalgia and value experiences and relationships. Unlikely to be overly materialistic, your prized possessions are usually memories.

As a result, your home is probably simple yet stylish and always cosy and welcoming. And as life evolves, so will your space. If your family grows, your interior choices too will adapt.

As psychologist Dr. Linda Papadopoulos explains, “Family is at the core of what a person values about life. When we become parents for the first time, documenting precious memories is a way of holding on to them”.

So, whether it’s your wedding photo, a sunset captured on holiday, your own artwork or pictures of your kids, creating your own custom wallpaper is a great way to show a sense of self.

Do you agree with our wallpaper designs and personality matches? Let us know in the comments what your house says about you! When it comes to colour, prints, wallpapers and fabrics, we’d love to hear your interpretations!

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