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yellow and grey painted floral wallpaper in white room with white panelled walls

18/12/2020   POSTED BY

Pantone Colour(s) of the Year 2021: Wallpaper Ideas

The ‘Colour of the Year’ has finally been announced by Pantone and they bring not one, but two, fantastic shades for us to swoon over. That’s right, 2021’s leading act is a duo, singing in harmony for a fresh, optimistic and sunshine-filled performance. One that can raise the spirits, in a time where people around the world really need their confidence restored. Described by Pantone as “a marriage of colour conveying a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting”, this is set to be the biggest colour trend for interiors come springtime.

It brings together 'PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating' and 'PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Grey' for a youthful yet sophisticated pairing, with the cheerful yellow hue setting the mood and refreshing tired design concepts. But let us not be mistaken. The main narrative for this couple is not just about brightness and warmth. The thoughtful grey counterpart brings balance, adding a timeless element to the sparkling and vivacious solar storyline.

Solid, dependable and resilient, the grey contrast has been carefully selected to stand the test of time. Together, these colours are truly aspirational and will give a contemporary twist to your home. If you love this double act as much as we do, here are some beautiful wallpapers that complement the Pantone Colours of the Year.

Simple colours for a fresh approach

grey, white and yellow watercolour wallpaper in a lounge with a grey couch

Mural in photo: Grey and Mustard Watercolour

Need a living room overhaul? Raring to press the refresh button? If you’ve followed the all-grey-everything rule for too long and your living space is leaving you a bit flat, a splash of colour could do the trick!

Watercolour is the best way to go when you want colour purity, and our Grey and Mustard Watercolour mural creates instant vibrancy. While it has the wow factor, it doesn’t steal away from a minimalist setup, giving you the perfect balance for a modern, clean and uncluttered home.

Gorgeous graphics to celebrate our love of wildlife

illustration of cockatoos on grey background wallpaper in grey and yellow bedroom

Mural in photo: Soul Birds Cockatoo

This spectacular Soul Birds Cockatoo mural is by Yani Mengoni, an Argentinian-born designer who creates her illustrations by hand before adding colour digitally. This mural is part of her Soul Birds collection, which tells the story of nature and symbolism.

The cockatoo is often a symbol of change and light at the end of the tunnel, making this wallpaper extremely fitting for Pantone’s optimistic colour pairing. And as we recently discussed on our blog, dynamic displays of wildlife in the home can work wonders for your mental health. Animals can lift our mood by breathing life into our surroundings and the subtle use of yellow with splashes of green against the grey are an ode to nature’s palette.

Colourful forest scenes that ooze organic

yellow and white forest wallpaper in room with wicker basket

Mural in photo: A Poplar Tree Forest in Autumn

Bringing the outdoors in has become one of the most sought after styles in the modern home and forest and tree murals are particularly popular. The autumnal forest colours in this mural are an instant elixir for adding vitality, energy and colour to a tired space. Much like the Pantone duo, the warm and happy yellow mixed with a sturdy grey creates a sense of hope, confidence and anticipation for better days ahead.

This type of mural screams out for organic décor and neutral colour combinations. Beautiful wicker baskets, untreated wood finishes and lush indoor plant life are a match made in heaven for any gold-hued forest scene like this one.

Surface pattern design = easy symmetry and order

grey and mustard leaves wallpaper in minimalist lounge

Mural in photo: Organic Interweaving Light

This Organic Interweaving Light leaf print wallpaper helps to create symmetrical proportion and balance, while bringing your room up-to-date with similar colours to the Pantone Colours of the Year for 2021.

Although this The Tiny Garden is a little more muted, you may find this mural a lot easier on the eye. Complementing neutral greys, creams and beiges in your furnishings, it’s a simple way to add a pop of colour without going outside of your comfort zone. Perfect for feature walls and focal points, and ideal for those who worry about headache-inducing yellows.

Subtle yet eye-catching geos for every room

grey and yellow triangles wallpaper in cute nursery

Mural in photo: Little Triangles

One of the best ways to channel next year’s Pantone colour duo is with geometric patterns. Wallpapers like this Little Triangles mural keeps your colour scheme clean, fresh and simple. This means you can create a seamless look, one that doesn’t disrupt the status quo, upsetting an already carefully considered interior concept.

Geometric patterns are a big design trend for 2021 and are surprisingly versatile. They can be used in so many different ways in the home, in just about any room, and can channel everything from uber-futuristic vibes to retro and mid-century mod.

Embrace colour splash with Pantone Colours of the Year

black and white photo of new york central park railing with yellow cab wallpaper in room with small table and blanket

Mural in photo: New York Taxi Colour Splash

2021 brings a fresh start for people around the world and for many of us it means the prospect of travel. For those who love to explore new countries, cities or off-the-beaten-path locations, geographical wall murals can be a great boost of inspiration.

Our New York Taxi Colour Splash photo wallpaper is shot by photographer Assaf Frank, who combines digital post-production to align with his perfectionist approach to landscape art. This colour splash mural is a classic way of injecting colour, but in a measured way. The grey hues work well in any home, keeping things stylish and sophisticated, while the burst of yellow adds a ray of sunshine on a dull day.

Grown-up hues that embrace this colour trend

flower watercolour painting wallpaper with white sofa and beige cushions

Mural in photo: Transparent Gold

While 'PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating' is a bright sunshine yellow, there are many variations of this colour that can give you the same summer feeling. For a more grown-up take on this delightful hue, opt for something with deeper, more golden tones. This will add a warm glow to a neutral or cool living space, breathing life into your interiors and creating a welcoming reception where guests feel right at home. Combine clean white furnishings and décor with a grounding, robust and humble grey, as inspired by Pantone, and keep things fresh with some organic finishes.

This stylish Transparent Gold wallpaper by Carol Robinson is a charming take on the Pantone Colours of the Year and is ideal for warming up any south-facing room.

Do you love next year’s Colours of the Year from Pantone? Let us know your favourite wallpapers in the comments below, or tell us what colours are inspiring your home projects in 2021…

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