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rainbow clouds abstract sky wallpaper in spare bedroom

09/12/2019   POSTED BY

Spare Bedroom Ideas to Really Wow Your Guests

Soft creams, ocean blues or cool greys often spring to mind when choosing colours for a spare room. These colours are real crowd-pleasers. Loved by all, inoffensive to look at and soothing for the soul. We totally get it, of course. It makes sense to play it safe when the room needs to satisfy everyone from your 82-year-old, straight-laced gran to your hip and arty best friend.

But guestrooms don’t have to fall into a default colour palette. They can be anything you want them to be including an extension of your personality. If that means out-of-this-world alien planets, optical illusions or even misty forests, then so be it. Because, while neutral walls will aid a good night's sleep for your guests, some of us would much rather wow them with something unique.

Here are some spare bedroom ideas that are show-stopping and out of this world.

Blow their minds with optical illusions

black and white optical illusion wall feature in modern bedroom

If you really want to add some impact to your spare bedroom, try adding an optical illusion wall feature like this mesmerising Optical Art Spiral wallpaper. It’s the perfect mural to paste behind the bed and it will instantly impress as soon as your guests walk in. This is the type of gorgeous guestroom wallpaper that will get people talking and have them coming back to visit time and time again.

To really have them hypnotised under your spell, try pasting this mural on the ceiling instead. Furnish with simple hues and keep things chic and minimalist. The stylish monochrome trend is making a comeback for 2020 in fabrics, so this is the perfect time to embrace black and white design.

Transport your guests to the mountains

painted snow capped mountains in modern bedroom

Mountainscapes and beautiful landscape wallpapers are some of the best spare bedroom ideas for people who want their guest to feel zen while under their roof. If you want to use calming colour palettes in your home, but hate the idea of picking up a run-of-the-mill duck egg blue paint, a scenic mural is perfect for your home.

This beautiful Cloudy Mountains mural by Tenyo Marchev will send your guests off to snooze town by taking them up to the clouds with the most spectacular views. Finish the room with natural wood, neutral bedding and some air purifying plants for added relaxation.

Spare bedroom ideas that will send them to another planet

orange sci fi planet in guest bedroom

You want your visitors to relax and have the perfect night’s sleep. But a pretty beach sunset simply doesn’t inspire you (although we do love a serene beach mural here at Wallsauce). If you’re after something a bit different, something with a bit more oomph, indulge in a fantastical setting instead.

This Fantasy Alien Planet wallpaper is both intriguing to look at and soothing for the soul. For space and astronomy enthusiasts, we have a huge range of spellbinding space and planet wallpapers to check out.

Create an underwater bedroom

under the sea whale shark in modern guest bedroom

If you’ve ever been to an underwater hotel or restaurant, you’ll know just how fascinating they are. The absolute bliss of being underwater is something that instils a sense of calm. This is because water is proven to bring people into a more meditative state.

Use this calming Whale Shark and Fish mural for a cool feature wall or wrap it around your spare room for a complete sensory experience. To really dial up the relaxation, set up a wall-mounted TV screen and have some underwater footage playing for your guests’ arrival. They’ll love the effort and will probably get a great night’s sleep for it too.

Spare bedroom ideas that take you to a calm, misty forest

misty autumn forest wall feature in nature inspired bedroom

If you prefer to be on land rather than under the sea, take a look at this blissful Autumn Dream wall mural. Not only will this tree wall feature make your guests instantly calm and relaxed, but it's also extremely versatile. It would be difficult to find a guest who wouldn’t love this stunning forest wallpaper.

Keep the outdoors flowing into the room by choosing raw wooden furniture and fresh plants. Why not add white, simple décor, such as drawers, duvet covers and curtains, to ensure the forest wall mural is always at centre stage? The floating shelves in this bedroom are particularly striking. They almost look like they are floating! This really accentuates the forest mural’s dreamy vibe. Your guests won’t be able to wait till they can go to bed!

Take your guests on safari

zebra group wallpaper in industrial bedroom

If you love going on safari, give your guests the gift of joining you on the experience. This Zebra Gathering wallpaper is a fantastic example of celebrating wild animals in their habitat. It's also right on the pulse with the current safari wallpaper trend that’s happening in interiors.

You don’t have to settle for a photography mural either. You can experiment with different textures and patterns. Why not include an animal print feature wall, feather print wall or a jaw-dropping animal close-up? If you have countless souvenirs and nic nacs from your travels, a safari-themed guestroom could be the perfect place to display them.

To personalise the room even more, use our easy to use image upload service and design your own wallpaper using your holiday snaps.

Inspire creativity with some abstract art

rainbow clouds wall mural in modern bedroom

If you have friends who are into their art, they may appreciate this stunning Vision of Abstract Landscape wall mural. The colours are gorgeously vibrant and will have them mesmerised every time they stay over. For homeowners who despise colour trends like beige or grey, this is a rebellious stand against what’s ‘in’. Neutrals are easy on the eye while too much colour can sometimes be challenging. But if you want a design that makes you think (rather than just blends into the background) don’t compromise. Go all out instead.

Keep your furniture and upholstery simple if you want to let the mural speak for itself. Or be bold and get clashing with lots of brightly coloured cushions and décor for a serious style statement.

Do you love/hate our wild and wacky spare bedroom ideas? Let us know in the comments section below which ones you would try and which ones get the thumbs down.

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