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Calming master bedroom ideas

15/10/2019   POSTED BY

Calming Master Bedroom Ideas to Help You Relax

In need of a good night’s sleep? Desperate to hit the reset button on your internal clock? Sleep is the secret to good health, good skin and good mood. Your quality of sleep can determine how productive you are at work and how much energy you have. But did you know that your bedroom design could be preventing you from getting your peaceful slumber?

While bedrooms can be multifunctional rooms, their main purpose is for rest. This means that interior concepts should be tailored to that purpose. Your bedroom is your sanctuary, so choosing the right colours, fabrics and wallpaper are all crucial parts of the design phase.

Here are some stunning master bedroom ideas that will help you drift away to Snooze Town without having to count sheep.

Escape to the clouds with a mountain mural

cloudy mountains mural in master bedroom

Head high into the mountains for a sense of escape with our Cloudy Mountain mural by Tenyo Marchev. One of the main functions of the bedroom is to be able to switch off from the rest of the world. To shut off from thoughts of work, other people and all social elements in your life. What better way to do that than with this spellbinding metaphor? A dreamy vista that transports you to total remoteness atop a tall peak.

Explore more mountain murals for your bedroom ranging from the Alps to Mount Fuji. 

Opt for neutral colours (but don’t be boring)

Abstract wallpaper in master bedroom

Bright colours can be a lot of fun. They can also be wonderful for lifting the mood. But your place of sleep should carry a different kind of energy if you’re struggling to sleep. A calmer energy - one that helps your mind readjust. If your life is chaotic, opt for soothing, calming colour schemes formed from a neutral colour palette.

But neutral hues don’t have to mean unexciting. This Inner City wallpaper design by Nicola Evans combines the playfulness of geos with earthy tones that are soft enough to ease the soul.

Discover more neutral geometric wallpapers to adorn on your bedroom wall.

Embrace plant power and clear the air in your master bedroom

pink jungle wallpaper in bedroom

One of the best master bedroom ideas for improving health and wellbeing is to harness plant power. Some of the best bedroom plants for purifying the air include ficus plants, Areca palms, English ivy, Boston ferns, the trendy snake plant and various succulent varieties. But plants aren’t just for breathing – they’re also great for visual calm. Which is why our Pink Jungle Wallpaper works so well as a backdrop for your bed.

If you’re looking for the ultimate escapism, explore one of the hottest trends of the moment and take a look at the palm tree wallpapers that will make you feel like you’re far, far away on holiday. Any thoughts of work will go straight out the window…

Go for clean and clutter-free with industrial chic

concrete mural as feature wall in bedroom

Is your bedroom a dumping ground for dirty clothes, bags and just about everything else? Studies have shown that there is a link between clutter and the stress hormone cortisol. So minimalism will score you more than just style points – it will earn you some relaxation points too. There are many minimalist design themes that we are loving at the moment, including industrial walls. Our Industrial Art wall mural can help you set the scene for a clean, contemporary, clutter-free zone.

Just be sure to invest in ample storage (psst…underbed storage is an absolute saviour) and try to keep non-bedroom items out of the bedroom. Be brutal about it too. If it doesn’t provide any value in either function or aesthetics in your place of sleep, relegate it to another part of the house.

See more industrial, brick or surface texture wallpapers from our collection.


Sail away to your own private beach

night time wallpaper in master bedroom

Did you know that water can induce meditative states? Simply observing water can cause our minds to calm, helping to lower depression, reduce stress and manage anxiety. Water can even promote better sleep patterns. There’s plenty of science to back it up, so beach wallpapers are great for the bedroom.

This Lands End Starlight by Ollie Taylor has a soothing sunset to help you drift off into a peaceful night’s slumber. But it doesn’t stop there with our love of water. Rivers, lakes and even waterfalls can be positive for the mind, body and soul.

Get the balance of lightness and darkness

Fogy aspen wallpaper in master bedroom

Light, airy rooms help to create a sense of space, helping you to relax, while complete darkness promotes better sleep. Striking the balance between the two is essential when you’re designing your master bedroom. Almost every interior magazine will tell you that light colours are the way forward if you want style and comfort. But if you have enough natural sunlight flooding in through the day, it’s okay to embrace a few darker tones in your own personal cave.

This Foggy Aspen Forest wallpaper will transport you to the dark, hidden corners of another world. A place where you can switch off and be at one with yourself.

Discover more forest and tree wall murals and create your own natural paradise.

Mute your thoughts with this master bedroom idea

watercolour wallpaper in bedroom

Have you ever wanted to hush those thoughts running through your mind late at night? From wondering whether you sent that important email to mentally planning your busy schedule, there are so many things that stop us from floating off to dreamland.

According to colour psychology experts, muted blue hues are the best colours for helping you relax and sleep at night. If you’re looking for a bedroom idea that will transform your space into a sleep-friendly zone, opt for soft and gentle blues in your colour scheme. It’s the best way to hit that mute button.

This Abstract Turquoise Watercolour wallpaper is the perfect example of how muffled and subdued colour spectrums can pacify the mind.

Do you love our calming and soothing master bedroom ideas? Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below if you have any interior design tips for a better night’s sleep…

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