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palm tree wallpaper

19/09/2019   POSTED BY

Palm Tree Wallpaper that will Make You Feel Like You’re on Holiday!

Our homes provide an escape from the stresses of everyday life. Whether you have a horrible boss, mischievous teenagers or overbearing in-laws, closing the door of your house (or in your favourite room) can be a much-needed respite. Even if just for a moment to gather your thoughts. But what if you’d rather be on a beach or a tropical island far, far away? (Don’t worry, we all do.)

This year’s all about bold wallpaper designs, and palm tree wallpaper is taking the interior world by tropical storm…..one palm frond at a time. As technology hasn’t bestowed us time machines and magic portals just yet, this is the next best thing to instant transportation. The ultimate (and non sci-fi) way to escape reality.

Can’t wait until your next holiday? Embrace the palm tree trend and transform your home into a perfect paradise in these inspiring ways.

Create a feature wall that everyone talks about

palm tree wallpaper feature wall in bedroom

If you really want your palm tree design to stand out, pick one area to focus on and make it your baby. Too much of a good thing can be overkill, especially when you’re trying to set the scene with visuals of sun, sea and sand. Use light colours with warm tones (such as pale yellows and lovely creams) to bring a little sunshine, and decorate the space with simple, natural finishes.

This Key West Boardwalk to the Beach wall mural will be everyone’s favourite corner of the house. Or for a real talking point, upload your own holiday snaps and turn your wallpaper into a fresco of magical memories.

Enjoy a weekend at the beach (in bed)

No need to pack or print your boarding pass. With this Tropical Beach wall mural, you’ll have all the sunbathing time you need – without the sunburn. Transform your bedroom into a little piece of paradise and let the swaying palms and blue skies take you away to warmer climes and happier days.

tropical beach mural in bedroom

Finish off the room with fresh white linens, light-coloured woods, and some woven baskets for a boho beach look. We have a huge collection of beach wallpapers to choose from, so you can find your dream mural.

Decorate walls or ceilings with a jungle canopy

Bored of staring at a blank wall or ceiling? Create a portal into a whole new world with this Jungle Canopy wallpaper…..designed to make you feel like you’re somewhere hot and exotic but you’re just taking shade under the trees for a short moment. Perfect for creating little reading corners or cosy little nooks where you can escape to when life gets too much to handle.

jungle wallpaper mural behind sofa in living room

This is a great way of bringing the outdoors in, and can instantly transform dull grey interiors. If you’re trying to update Scandinavian design schemes or want to experiment with botanicals, this is the chicest way to do it.

Turn your bathroom into a palm tree paradise

Palm leaves symbolise peace and eternal life in ancient history. But today, they represent exotic holidays, beautiful landscapes, and the luxury of a 5-star resort. Hidden in the depths of pretty palms is exactly the kind of place we can imagine a hidden spa. The type of place you’d find a freestanding tub and organic towels, handmade soaps, and peace and quiet from the rest of the world.

dark palm tree wallpaper in bathroom

Using green and elements of nature are also great for the soul and wellbeing. So it makes sense that palm tree wallpaper is becoming a hot trend for bathrooms. Create a lavish spa in the comfort of your own home with this Dark Tropical Leaves wall mural, or browse the rest of our jungle wallpaper collection for ideas.

Dream of Hawaii and sunsets to set the mood

Wallpaper is no longer an after-thought in interior design, but quite often it’s a key feature and focal point of a room. This year, we’ve seen houses being totally revived with bold prints and scenic wall designs. This Hawaii Palm Trees Sunset mural is the perfect example of scene-setting. It’s a dreamy backdrop for any living and dining space – or it can help you create a calming ambience in the bedroom.

hawaii sunset wallpaper in living room

Choose soothing colours like blue and mood-inducing colours like sunset orange to help you relax and wind down at the end of the day.

Get retro with palm tree wallpaper

From bright pink flamingos and pina coladas to the pastel-painted Chevrolets of the 1950s, there’s something very retro about the symbolic palm tree. Something about a row of palms just takes you away to post-war Cuba, a time when the island was known as the top holiday destination in the world. Rich Americans flooded the shore to top up their suntans and brought their American cars with them. Today, these postcard images are forever engrained in history. With the growing design trends of mid-century modern and G-Plan furniture, retro wall murals are definitely worth checking out.

retro palm wallpaper with vintage car in living room

Make life a beach (or jungle) at the office

Turn your home office into a calming, creative and inspiring place of work. This Dark Palm Leaves wall mural is utterly soothing and is the perfect backdrop for a brainstorming session. Not only can good interior design improve productivity, but it can also help to support mental health. Plants are definitely the way to do that, and a palm wallpaper is the kind of plant that you won’t need to water.

palm tree wall mural in home office

Go wild for wildlife with a colourful mural

Flora and fauna go hand in hand, and many of our nature wallpapers feature both animals and plants. The Nostalgic Cockatoo mural by Andrea Haase has that charming vintage touch, and despite being quite bold in its design, it’s also perfectly quaint. Great for every style of property, from country cottages to open-plan apartments.

vintage map and jungle wallpaper mural in bedroom

The map-inspired print is an inspiration for anyone who enjoys travelling, the pretty pink cockatoo will add a sense of fun to your design scheme.

Do you love our palm tree wall mural ideas? Tell us about your favourite travel destination in the comments below.

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