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12/05/2017   POSTED BY

Blooming Lovely Flower Murals

Flower murals come in all shapes, sizes, colours and styles! 

From bright botanical flower murals to delicate, heavenly rose murals, there are thousands of stunning flower wall murals to blossom your walls with.

Whether you’re looking to create romance in the bedroom or bring your summery garden indoors, flower murals are so diverse, but perfect for bringing a room together.  Although associated with being feminine, contemporary floral murals can neutralise this association and create a cheerful atmosphere in any space.  So pollinate your space and see how your room can bloom.

We have a whole bouquet of stunning flower murals for you choose from and we understand it can be overwhelming, so to keep inspired here are our favourites, freshly picked from our flower mural category.

Rose Wall Murals

Commonly connected with weddings and romance, rose wall murals are simply perfect for bedrooms! Our ‘Bright Pink Roses’ mural captures a whole bouquet of florist-worthy petals, along with tints of green buds ready to burst. The natural pink tones in this rose mural can add a real delicate, feminine feel to your bedroom and create a stunning feature wall.


Amongst our garden of delicate rose murals, we also have an abundance vibrant and rainbow rose murals. These are great for adding colour to your room!

Dandelion Wallpaper Murals

Often tarnished a weed, dandelion wallpaper is a firm favourite in our collection. There’s something so pretty and delicate and even vulnerable about a dandelion flower that’s ready to sow its seeds. Its neutral colours mean that dandelion wallpaper murals aren’t typically feminine and can be enjoyed in many rooms.


Cherry Blossom Murals

Considered the national flower of Japan, cherry blossom is widely recognised and can be seen in the Nothern Hemisphere of the world. There’s something very girly about cherry blossom murals. The pretty pink petals often symbolise clouds which are fitting for our cherry blossom flower wallpapers that hang peacefully in blue skies.


'Pink blossom wallpaper mural'

As you can see, this type of flower mural is very popular with our customers! As Helen demonstrates, the cherry blossom mural wallpapers are so versatile and can be teamed with various patterns and other colours.

Leaf Wall Murals

Leaf murals are the floral wallpapers to watch right now. As mentioned in our trend update about tropical wallpapers, leaf wall murals can be seen in many magazines and blogs! One of our favourites right now is the green palm print wallpaper. Featuring many green tones, this flower mural is neutral and by no means feminine. Teaming it with other colours in accessories and furniture is effortless and limitless.


Large Flower Wallpaper Murals for Walls

Another popular style is our large flower wallpapers. Hanging a wall mural featuring a single flower head can really add a different perspective to your room! Flattering for both large and small rooms, large-scale murals can create the ultimate feature wall!


Garden Flower Murals

Can’t get enough of our flower murals? Head to our garden murals where you’ll find stunning sceneries from typically English cottage gardens to harmonising oriental garden. They’re perfect for those with green fingers and who’d love new ways bring the outdoors, in.

Garden mural in bedroom

Have a favourite flower mural? We'd love to hear about it in the comments box below!

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