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pale grey and white plaster textured wallpaper in beautiful minimalist master bedroom

21/04/2020   POSTED BY

Minimalist Wallpaper for Simple Home Design

Scandinavian apartments have been a major inspiration for the interior world in recent years. Pared-back styles and simple, clean colours have transformed the modern home. It’s become a global sensation. However, true minimalism goes far beyond what we see on the surface of our walls and furniture. The concept of minimalism is about focusing on what’s important and removing the “things” and the “objects” that distract from our main purpose. This has been a common belief throughout religions like Buddhism and Hinduism. But the term “minimalism” was only coined in the 1950s and 60s when these ideals were adopted in music, art and design.

Today, we interpret these minimalistic trends by keeping our homes uncluttered. Getting the right balance is key though, otherwise, we run the risk of creating a space that’s clinical or boring. Here are some tips for making the “less is more” concept work in your home using our minimalist wallpaper designs.

Texture is everything!

minimalist white brick wallpaper in trendy lounge

A clean white colour palette may be on-trend – but done wrong, and it can be cold and impersonal. Getting white right isn’t as easy as it may seem. In fact, the perfect white home is often carefully curated, with every design feature considered to make it look and feel effortless. The effort though is by the bucket load and thinking about how and where possessions are placed should be the priority.

If you want to use light to maximise your space, white or off-white walls can be a great solution. The lighter the colour scheme, the brighter and more spacious your room will appear. However, to avoid that clinical hospital room vibe, make sure you include lots of texture.

This White Brick wall mural from our brick wallpaper collection is a chic example of how visual textures can add depth and dimension to an otherwise simple room. With all-white walls and floors, you will also have a blank canvas to work. Have fun using bright pops of colour or get experimental with different fabrics.

Choose arty minimalist wallpaper designs

watercolour blue and white flowers in white and grey bedroom

Minimalist wallpaper doesn’t have to be plain. It can also be full of artistic expression like this Glorious Ginko wallpaper designed by Carol Robinson. Featuring a soothing watercolour style, this floral wall mural is an intriguing work of art and a conversation starter – all without overcrowding the intended space.

By using illustrative wall features like this one, you can apply light colours such as whites, creams and neutrals to the rest of the home. There’s no fear of overdoing the clean colour scheme when you have beautiful mellow prints adorning your walls and adding an element of interest. Art can give your room so much personality, but at the same time, it doesn’t have to steal all the focus.

Make your mark with monochrome

black and white printed large pheasants wallpaper in minimalist bedroom

Monochromatic design is an excellent tool for minimalism. By incorporating black and white into your interior concept, you can make Scandinavian simplicity a little more complex and fun. Monochrome delivers an interesting contrast for the eye and helps to create focal points in an otherwise bland space. If you are planning on having all-white furniture and décor, injecting some personality into walls can prevent things from looking one dimensional.

As an example, this Woodblock Print of Pheasants wallpaper adds pattern, culture and interest without steering too far from your clean narrative. It's one of our favourites from our oriental wallpaper collection.

Mix simple with tribal elements

tribal patterned brown and white wall mural with grey sofa

We think the recipe for success when it comes to minimalist design is having the right mix of minimalism and maximalism. One cannot work without the other. It’s all about balance. The best, most Instagrammable minimalist homes all have some form of maximalist expression. Think juxtaposed setups such as plain walls brought to life with geometric upholstery. Or all-white living rooms highlighted with pops of rose gold or copper fixtures.

While cream on cream can easily get lost in a monotone plot, the contrasting look of plain hues against a tribal background can carry the storyline much further. The Brown and Cream Tribal mural seen here is a beautiful match for soft creams and greys and is ideal for applying to a feature wall.

Add luxury with minimalist marble

luxurious lined white marble wall mural in stylish bathroom

One of the most popular minimalist wallpaper trends to covet is the marble wallpaper. It has exploded all over social media and is often branded as the design trend for millennials. But we assure you, the marble home trend is much more than just a generational thing. In recent years, it’s made a serious comeback and there are so many fantastic marble wallpapers to choose from.

Marble wall murals, like this Marble Texture Background wallpaper, are an easy and affordable way to achieve that high-end interior look in any room in the house. Not only does marble effect wallpaper add texture while abiding by a minimalist colour scheme, but it can make your home look so much more expensive than it is.

Explore the industrial trend

pale white and grey plaster textured wall mural in pale sage and white bedroom

The use of concrete and raw industrial materials in the home is a technique that instantly modernises, bringing your interiors up to date. It also sets the groundwork for minimalist interiors, by giving you an easy canvas to work with.

Whether you live in a new build apartment or a character property, concrete makes a bold statement about your personal style. It’s a trend that can be done in a number of different ways, from a few decorative items and small concrete features scattered around the room to exposed concrete walls. There’s something to suit every budget with the concrete look and there are many faux concrete or concrete effect options out there.

Concrete wallpapers are the most cost-effective solution if you like this trend. This Cement Plaster Effect wall mural, for instance, creates the same effect without the hard work or heavy burden of renovation. It’s perfect for bedrooms, depicting ‘industrial luxe’ when combined with beautiful woods, Egyptian cotton and silk. It can be paired with copper, gold or brass too, for an ultra-contemporary finish.

What do you think to our minimalist wall murals? Tell us in the comments below which one is your favourite. Don’t forget to share any must-know decorating tips you have for choosing a minimalist wallpaper for simple home design.

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Joseph Martial


This wallpapers are attractive.

Amy @ Wallsauce


Thank you, Joseph! For more minimalist wallpapers and design ideas, please visit our Minimalist Interior Design blog here - https://www.wallsauce.com/blog/minimalist-interior-design

Exterior Plasterers Auckland


You are absolutely correct and thanks for giving information about the minimalist wallpaper. I loved your blog and thanks for publishing this!! I am really happy to come across this exceptionally well written content. Thanks for sharing and look for more in future!!

Jenny Stock


You write every blog post so well. Keep the hard work going and good luck. Hope to see such a beneficial post ahead too.

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hello Jenny! Thank you for your comment! :) We're glad you enjoyed the post.



Hi! I love Glorious Ginko wallpapper. I\'m interested in buying. But I\'ve got few question1. Do you have shippment to Europe, especially Poland2. Can you make customized size? I want to put this wallpaper on a wall with angle and I want to have nice image not cut in the middle. Thank you for help

Nicole @ Wallsauce


Hi Monika, thank you for your comment! I'm really pleased to hear you like Glorious Ginko!Yes, we ship to Poland. It takes 2-4 working days with our express delivery service. Yes, all of our murals are made to measure! We'll drop you an email too so that we can help you out :)

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