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oriental landscape painting wallpaper in bedroom with cosy wooden bed

12/02/2021   POSTED BY

The Golden Rules of Minimalist Bedroom Design

A minimalist bedroom brings a world of benefits and can even improve your sleep quality. By saying goodbye to clutter, you’re saying goodbye to stress. With regard to physical health, it’s basic maths: less stuff = fewer things to clean. This means less dust, dirt and allergies. The mental health benefits are what make this concept worth it. Giving you a serene space to relax, reflect and wind down at the end of the day.

Plus, have you ever noticed how a minimal room still looks good when the bed is messy? A well-designed space can withstand the impacts of a busy lifestyle. It also teaches us to choose our possessions carefully.

The number one rule to minimalist bedroom design is of course keeping it simple. But going back to basics isn’t always as straightforward as we’d like to think. In fact, effortless interiors need a great deal of thought and effort. So, as well as sticking to the golden rule of simplicity, here are some interior design tips to achieve an understated and peaceful place of slumber.

1. Enhance minimalist bedroom design with pastels

cracked old concrete with white and pink tones wallpaper in pink and white bedroom

Mural in photo: Pale Pink Concrete

If you’re worried about your boudoir looking more barren than minimal, a few pastel colours can bring it to life. Choose a shade that works well in your space to add personality and create a certain ambience. For instance, a lot of colours impact our emotions. By using hues like soft pastel pink or blue, this can be calming and soothing for the mind.

This minimalist Pale Pink Concrete mural conveys industrial minimalism together with femininity and warmth. Who said concrete walls couldn’t be cosy? This wallpaper design is both stark and sumptuous, something we didn't think was possible until now.

2. If in doubt, add a little texture to the walls

rusty orange and grey rust wallpaper in bedroom with wooden bed

Mural in photo: Brushed Rust

Not sure if minimalist bedroom design is going to work for you? Quash those doubts with some playful texture. Bare walls can come across a bit austere and that’s why adding texture to your design concept is a must. Most of the time, you can achieve this with soft furnishings, such as cushions, throws and fabrics. But if you’re keeping your décor simple, a bit of surface design can be the antidote to one-dimensional flatness.

Marble is of course the go-to if Instagram is anything to go by, but there are other textures you can test out too. Distressed brick, rustic wood, stone or wood panelling are super on-trend choices. You can also go more industrial with concrete, rust and metal effect walls. Even things like stacked wine bottles, log piles or faux bookcases are a great statement.

3. Play with proportions to make features more interesting

pale green world map wallpaper in white minimalist bedroom

Mural in photo: World Political Rustic

In a minimalist bedroom with limited space, proportion and scale are a great way to have fun with the design. Creating a focal point in a small space can be difficult, so turning fixtures into features is key.

This simple fix can be; the charisma of an oversized lampshade or the allure of metallic accents. Life-size art presented as a wall mural can also do the trick. Instead of framing your favourite prints, turn them into huge feature walls instead. Proportion doesn’t have to make sense. Large murals like this stylish World Political Rustic Map wall mural are a quick way of giving your room some interest.

Love world travel as much as we do? Our collection of map wallpaper designs will instantly inject personality into your space!

4. Remember colour is fair game, but choose them wisely

tones of green and off white abstract pattern wallpaper in bedroom with wood bed

Mural in photo: Ocean Tones

Contrary to belief, minimalist doesn’t have to mean white. Using colour is a fun way of putting your stamp onto plain interiors. It will add character and something that’s unique to you. To do this, combine a splash of colour with white wooden floors and neutral décor to get a wonderful balance. But the art to this is choosing the right colours. Stick with one or two, or similar tonal varieties that don’t compete for attention.

The trick is to make your interiors appear seamless. Make your decisions like every element and every colour choice is there for a reason. This relaxing Ocean Tones wallpaper works well with white walls and a Scandinavian aesthetic. Bringing calming hues of the sea, it creates a sense of order with its geometric lines.

5. Don’t be scared of stepping over to the dark side

black panel effect wallpaper in bedroom with black and white striped bedding

Mural in photo: Luxury Off Black Panel

The rule with colour also applies to black interiors. The interior design world is going crazy for it in 2021, so don’t be afraid to indulge in a dark, enigmatic colour palette. There’s something sophisticated and intimate about all-black bedroom design. It’s the absolute opposite of cold, and when done with the right design approach, it’s modern luxury at its finest.

Make sure you have enough natural light coming in and avoid clutter like the plague. Take depth and dimension into consideration and black wallpapers will work a treat in elevating your minimalist home.

6. Know the difference between warm and cool

very simple japanese painting of a countryside wallpaper in bedroom with wooden bed and white bedding

Mural in photo: Landscape wallpaper

One of the most important tips for a minimalist bedroom is using colour temperature. South-facing bedrooms get a lot of direct light, so if you use yours for functions other than sleep, choosing cooler colours may be beneficial.

What’s key to remember is that light colour evolves at different times. Your south-facing bedroom may be yellow/green first thing in the morning and change to blueish at lunchtime. By late afternoon it may be a deep orange/red. Balance is everything, and what works well here is something neutral and earthy, but not too warm.

For cooler north-facing rooms, colours and wallpapers with a warm undertone work best. But don’t overdo it if your room is very dark. Without a good amount of natural light, warm hues may end up looking murky.

This cultural Kōno Bairei Japanese art wallpaper is a good way to combine cool and warm tones for a minimalist look. Landscape wallpapers help to add an element of interest to an otherwise unfussy room. If you experiment with landscapes, make sure you keep everything else simple.

Love our minimal bedroom design ideas? Tells us about your favourite wallpaper styles below! Or, share your decorating tips for a clean, uncluttered and peaceful bedroom sanctuary.

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Thank u for this beautiful information. We look forward for more information.

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hello N.M! Thank you for your comment. Please keep visiting us for more information.



Hello Sir/Madam, Your blog "Interior Trends - The Wallsauce" Blog is a wonderful article and bedroom interior design image was amazing the article is so much information and people's easily understanding thanks for writing such a wonderful blog.

Amy @ Wallsauce


You're welcome! We're glad you enjoyed this article. :)



Your blog "The Golden Rules of Minimalist Bedroom Design" is a wonderful article and the interior design image was amazing the article is so much information and people easily understand thanks for writing such a wonderful blog.

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