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Green and white botanical themed bedroom mural

24/08/2022   POSTED BY

Beautiful Bedroom Trends 2023

It’s important to go back to the basics when it comes to designing the perfect bedroom. As the most private and personal room in the house, style and personality matter. But the biggest influencing factor in 2023 is functionality – and the main function is, of course, sleep.

There’s a big focus on comfort, relaxation and wellbeing – just as we are seeing with the rest of the home. In the bedroom, a healthy approach to design is even more central, and that’s what a lot of the trends will reflect in the coming year.

If you’re looking for ways to transform your bedroom, here are some of the bedroom trends 2023 will see us swooning over…

Bring on the biophilic patterns

Green bedroom with botanical print bed sheets

Image source: housebeautiful.co.uk via Pinterest 

According to Pinterest’s latest report, searches for “biophilic bedroom design” have doubled, showing an upward rise in the nature trend. Our addiction for all things natural and organic isn’t letting up anytime soon – and we don’t want it to because never has there been a healthier, more wholesome obsession.

One way to embrace biophilia in the bedroom is to create scenic escapism with a mural. Right now we’re loving the forest scenery wallpapers by James Wiens, which bring a visual element of the great outdoors inside.

Forest green mural in a cream themed bedroom

Mural in photo: Fresh Forest Green Woodland

Science tells us that simply looking at nature will calm and relax the mind, and can even help us recharge, making it ultra-conducive for a good night’s rest. There are longer-term benefits too of incorporating biophilic patterns in your bedroom design, as research by the Mental Health Foundation shows that people who are more connected with nature are usually happier and more likely to feel that their lives are worthwhile. So a few leafy prints will go a long way for your mental health!

Feminine florals are back

Meadow inspired wallpaper mural with a white bed and wicker furniture

Mural in photo: Meadow Panelling

Another way to bring comfort into the home while celebrating nature is through the power of floral fractals. Whether you love kitsch and granny-inspired, rustic cottage vibes, muted and earthy, dark and romantic, or a dash of grand millennial, there are so many different ways you can explore floral patterns in interiors.

The repetitive patterns seen in flowers are both pleasing and soothing and bring a sense of comfort to the bedroom. Floral wallpapers and floral fabrics also add gentle femininity to the room, which can be an easy way to soften a cold, minimalist space.

This ‘Meadow Panelling’ wallpaper by Marina Stupakova is a great example of how florals bring balance to a design concept, elevating a neutral bedroom by injecting colour but keeping it tonal, ensuring it doesn’t completely steal the show.

Bedroom trends 2023 welcome warmer, bolder hues 

Orange and green themed bedroom with a marble effect mural

Mural in photo: Clay Sands

Green will continue to be a staple colour but one of the most exciting bedroom trends 2023 has in store for us is the introduction of warmer, more comforting tones. The sort of colours that help you wind down at any time of day and drift off into dreamland for a recharging nap.

Think cosy hues that have been inspired by nature, such as earthy clay, terracotta, or soothing pinks. These types of colours don’t just make you feel safe and cosy, but they also help you feel more connected to the natural world – which, as we know, is essential to wellbeing.

If you’re after something a little more exciting though, explore the natural progression from the ever-popular millennial pink trend – an amplified lavender that mimics nature in a charged and futuristic way. We already talked about WGSN’s predicted Colour of the Year, ‘Digital Lavender’ in our 2023 Interior Trends report, and we can’t wait to see this humble hue transform interiors in the coming year.

Known for its calming properties, lavender is a great colour option for the bedroom. In colour psychology, soft purples are feminine, gentle and elegant – and have the ability to bring order to a chaotic space.

Japandi is having a revival

Japanese style bedroom with natural furniture

Image source: amazon.com via Pinterest

It seems that Japanese design has been popular since 2017, but it’s been around in the western world for much longer. Right now, we’re expecting a Japandi revival and where better to inject this modern, sleek and functional design concept than in the bedroom?

This look works particularly well for small bedrooms where you struggle with space, as it can help you pare back, get back to basics, and invest only in the things that you need (or that spark joy).

Keep the walls simple and play around with textures to add a three-dimensional touch – or experiment with Japandi murals and choose simple furniture to strike the perfect balance of clean and interesting.

Curves are the next big thing

Orange and grey circular patterned wallpaper in a childrens bedroom

Mural in photo: Orange Boho

Curvy design is coming in and we’re seeing it in all forms – from arches and curved doorways to rounded corners on furniture. We’re also seeing more curvilinear shapes being used in prints, fabrics and wallpapers.

While sharp lines create order and symbolise strength, curves add flow and dynamism to your interiors. They could even improve sleep and well-being according to experts (due to the softness and organic appearance of rounded vertices).

This ‘Orange Boho’ mural adds interest and intrigue while maintaining high levels of visual comfort, creating a welcoming environment that makes it perfect for children’s bedrooms.

Expect luxe bedroom trends in 2023

Green and pink marble effect wall mural in a neutral bedroom

Mural in photo: Pastel Hues

Whatever colours or styles you have planned for your bedroom next year, make sure you approach the design phase with quality and luxury in mind. Investing in the boudoir has never been more important, and using gold accents is one of the ways you can instantly elevate and rejuvenate.

Emboldened by the pandemic, investing in our most-used spaces is something that many of us are keen to do, and a little bit of indulgence can go a long way when it comes to how it makes us feel.

Gold finishes happen to be incredibly versatile too, working well in both minimalist and maximalist settings. You can add gold touches in a number of ways, including lamps and light fixtures, cupboard and door handles, with furniture, or on your walls.

We can’t wait to see the best bedroom trends 2023 has to bring – what are your favourite styles? What predictions do you have for next year? And how are the ways you make your bedroom conducive for a great night’s sleep? Share your tips in the comments below!

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Thank you for this article! It is so timely for myself. I\'ve been researching wallpaper ideas for my master bedroom feature wall. Thank you for the ideas!

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