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Gold and orange themed living room

10/08/2022   POSTED BY

Interior Trends 2023: Nature, Emotion and Luxury

Let’s face it, some things are here to stay. And you guessed it. Nature continues to play a big role in home design as we look ahead to next year. A mainstay in our humble abodes, natural elements including plants, botanical prints and colours, aren’t going away anytime soon.

But what we’re going to see is this trend evolve and envelope a range of other stories, concepts and ideas, taking organic to a whole new dimension. Because nature isn’t always soft and gentle, or soothing and unassuming. It can also be exciting, lively, playful, sumptuous and opulent.

If you need new inspiration for décor styles and interior trends, 2023 will revive your idea of decorating for well-being in the home. Here are some of the most interesting interior design trends to look out for in 2023 and beyond.

Biophilia in the bedroom

Dark bedroom with floral bedsheets and trailing plants

Image source: thedesignsheppard.com via Pinterest

It will come as no surprise that biophilic patterns are continuing to grow in popularity. But the room that will get the focus for all things natural in 2023 is the bedroom, with searches for “biophilic bedroom design” doubling on Pinterest according to its most recent report.

This aligns with the rising sleep category across various markets, including within technology, supplements, health foods, and wearables. People care more than ever about sleep and wellness. From sleep trackers and sleep supplements to adjustable bed frames that promote a good night’s rest, it seems we’re hooked on perfecting our snooze game – and what better way to wind down than with soothing nature as the backdrop?

Mural in photo: Forest Fun

Biophilic bedroom décor includes kid’s bedrooms too, with Forest Murals being one of the best ways to inspire their imaginations and get their creative juices flowing.

Eye-catching arches

blue and pink arched bathroom entrance

Image source: behance.net via Pinterest

Drawing inspiration from Renaissance architecture, the use of arches will be returning to furniture design as well as other decorative elements around the home. This can take the form of doorways, windows, mirrors, paint effects or wallpaper.

Arches depict strength and support, creating a powerful and timeless symbol, with striking transitions as you flow and move through your space. As visual elements, archways can frame a design feature, drawing focus and attention to a specific area in the room.

Mural in photo: Window With Tropical Birds

This Wallpaper by Andrea Haase combines nature with pleasing curves, creating a window/lookout point effect that helps to make a room appear larger and more exciting.

Curved décor

Retro green curved sofa in a living room

Image source: roomandboard.com via Pinterest

In addition to architectural arches, keep an eye on curved décor in general. This is one of the most visually appealing interior trends 2023 has in store for us.

As reported by Pinterest, searches for “round sofas” and “curved kitchens” have tripled, while “round interior walls” has quadrupled. Experts believe that curved furniture could improve well-being too, evoking emotional responses such as calmness, contentedness and even hopefulness. This is because rounded, smooth shapes are pleasing to look at, with curvilinear furniture being subconsciously seen as warm, inviting and comfortable.

Mural In photo: Blue Tropical Shapes

This trend captures the curves in nature, found all around us, from the curves of petals to pathways, rivers, lakes, and rocks and boulders. Round shapes can be explored in wallpaper and wall art too, which can be a more affordable option than investing in new furniture if you want to a quick makeover.

Amplified lavender

Purple marble effect mural with a grey sofa and purple accessories

Mural in photo: Purple Glamour

According to WGSN, the Colour of the Year in 2023 is going to be ‘Digital Lavender’. This is a light shade of violet which expresses two sets of emotions: cheerfulness and calmness. By applying this colour to the home, you can create a relaxing yet mood-lifting ambience at the same time.

Already a much-loved interior colour thanks to its calming properties, lavender evolves from the soft, blush pinks that have taken millennial design by storm. It also stays close to the Pantone’s 2022 Colour of the Year, ‘Very Peri’, which brought about a sense of renewal in a time of global recovery.

Research tells us that colours with a shorter wavelength, such as light purples, evoke feelings of serenity. At the same time, purples ooze luxury and sophistication, while remaining gender-neutral and inclusive. It also has deep connections with nature, which can be very grounding, making it ideal for every room in the house.

Emotional escapism

Image source: historiasdecasa.com.br via Pinterest

Another trend indicated by Pinterest data is the rise of emotional escape rooms. As mental health and wellbeing continue to be major themes driving our interior design choices, it makes sense for homemakers to want to turn their homes into the ultimate escapism retreat.

With the ongoing global health crisis, people are focusing on adding value to their homes in different ways. Instead of the usual ‘nice-to-haves’, such as a conservatory, den or additional sitting room, get creative and try designing a space that fulfils particular needs or interests.

For instance, some rooms that are being searched for on Pinterest are “music rooms” (with double the searches lately), “crystal rooms” (with 8x the searches), “tiny library rooms” (with 12x the searches), and “home massage rooms” (with almost 3x the searches).

Luxury interior trends in 2023

Mural in photo: Lotus Art

Pure opulence is coming back in, and this time it’s going to be everywhere, with luxurious finishes across all areas of the house. This includes unexpected spaces such as basements, gaming rooms, children’s bedrooms, laundry and utility rooms, downstairs bathrooms, and even in garage interiors.

While minimalism and the idea of simple living have been the main narrative for many years, maximalist concepts are returning, bringing a new wave of luxury features with it. You can achieve this look by incorporating rich fabrics, exciting textures and deep colours to your space.

For an instant injection of grandeur, add warm metals such as gold or brass – these metals are taking over the colour black. You can combine gold accents with organic elements like floral fractals, as seen with this ‘Lotus Art’ wallpaper from our range. It elevates the biophilia trend, turning nature into a lavish storyline while still keeping aesthetics comfortable and organic.

For bold wallpaper designs and fabric patterns that are conversation starters, turn to art deco or neoclassicist interiors for style inspiration.

Excited for all the interior trends 2023 has to bring? Tell us what trends you’re looking forward to the most in the comments below…

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Afton Jackson


Incorporating more nature into a house in places like the bedroom could be exactly what we would need to try out. This is something that will really be amazing if we can get it right since our home has been looking quite boring and bland for years now, and adding some nature elements to it will work for us. Once I find an interior designer expert in the area, I'll definitely ask them to give us a hand with using this idea.

Rachael @ Wallsauce


Hello Afton, adding plants and nature to your home is always a wonderful idea to breathe life back into your interiors (literally!) plus, humans react well to close proximity to nature as it makes us feel calm and grounded.

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