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Living room trend for 2023 with a caramel terrazzo mural with a brown couch

22/09/2022   POSTED BY

The Living Room Trends for 2023 Are Here!

Another year may nearly be over, but one industry that isn’t showing any signs of slowing down is the design industry! You will be spoilt for choice with these stunning living room trends for 2023. As another year rolls on, so does the world of interior design, and it will be a big one!

Your living room is the one place in your home where you spend most of your time. Whether it is entertaining guests, having a cosy night in, watching the TV, or curled up on the couch reading a good book. It is a room that deserves the most love and attention as it is the one room everyone gets to see.

This is why we want to let you in on the best living room trends appearing in 2023. Now you can start planning your living room décor update ahead of the crowd!

Promote mindfulness through your colour scheme

Purple and lavender living room with with a purple couch and light wooden flooring

Image source: idealhome.co.uk via Pinterest

If the last few years have taught us anything, it is how important our self-care is. We all feel like we’ve been dragged through some tough times and without the chance to really sit back and process all that has happened. Dusty purples, mauve and lavender tones are the next big colour when it comes to promoting mindfulness. The lavender herb is well known for its calming properties when it comes to anxiety and stress. So why not adorn your walls in this gorgeous colour to help recharge your soul day after day?

Choose minimalism through the Japandi style

Neutral Japandi styled living room with rattan furniture and cream walls

Image source: purebyamimckay.com via Pinterest

The Japandi style comes from a beautiful blend of two cultures: Japanese and Scandinavian. These particular designs have an appreciation for neutral tones, nature and uncluttered spaces. This is why the Japandi style is one of our favourite upcoming trends. The natural textures and tones of this design will add warmth to your living room without leaving it feeling bare. It will make you feel grounded and calm as it promotes an uncluttered atmosphere.

The living room trends are telling you to embrace your curves!

Cream and peach living room with curved furniture

Image source: behance.net via Pinterest

Adding curvature to your space is a growing favourite amongst next year's living room trends. The soft, sweeping arches or even rounded corners are perfect for softening a room and making it look more inviting and cosier. You can achieve a curvy interior through many mediums. Seating, coffee tables, rugs and, if you are feeling super creative, you can even paint an arch or sweeping curvature directly onto your wall. Curves, of any variety, are a great way to soften your style as they draw your eye away from harsh lines. They are also a good shape to use if you have a smaller room, as sweeping curves can help to elongate a space.

It’s time to let terrazzo shine!

Brown terrazzo wallpaper in a neutral living room with a brown couch

Mural in photo: Subtle Tones

Gone are the days when terrazzo is limited to our floors. We can now enjoy this wonderful patterned tile on our walls. The terrazzo style is making a big comeback in 2023 and is probably one of our favourite living room trends! You don’t need to worry about the cost of lining your walls with terrazzo tile as you can achieve the same look with a terrazzo effect wall mural.

A great aspect of this patchwork-styled design is you can control how patterned, or how colourful you wish to go. If you want to embrace this upcoming trend, choose an earthy-toned mural and combine it with rich brown seating. Add dashes of contrasting colours, such as green or black, to finish your style.

Nurture these living room trends with nature

Yellow and blue living room filled with potted plants

Image source: domino.com via Pinterest

It seems like ‘bringing the outdoors indoors' is still a big deal when it comes to 2023. And aren’t we glad! It’s well known that occupying spaces with plant life in our homes makes our areas feel calming and soothing. Thanks to our love for nature and the outdoors, we can breathe life into our living room, quite literally, through an array of indoor plants. Depending on which plants you chose, you can create a subtle interior greenhouse. Or you can go all out and really hit that jungle vibe. You can achieve this by hanging plants from your ceiling or by choosing a high space on a bookshelf and placing trailing foliage to occupy the area.

Get cosy with earthy tones

Beige and cream living room with a brown sofa and grey walls

Image source: decoholic.org via Pinterest

Who says brown is boring? Not us! The living room trends for 2023 are honing in on those warming and rich earthy tones. Choose from terracotta to spiced pumpkin, burnt orange to soft clay. These autumn-inspiring colour palettes are perfect for making a space feel warm and cosy. Mix these colours in with darker greys and textured white fabrics to re-create a living room trend everyone will envy.

Go luxe for less with a stunning mural

Grey and gold furniture in a living room with a pink and gold wall mural

Mural in photo: Gold Hue Glamour

Everyone has been feeling the pinch for the past few months. This is why it is important to remember how you can still achieve your interior goals without breaking the bank. If you want to spruce up your living room for 2023, you can do this by installing a golden-effect wall mural. Perfect as a feature wall, you can accessorise the rest of your space with ease. Select muted gold cushions and further metallic accents, such as brass or brushed bronze lighting or dipped plant pots. These few accessories, combined with your new mural will make your living room look effortlessly luxurious.

These new living room trends are rattan time!

Neutral living room filled with rattan furniture

Image source: viroutendencia.com via Pinterest

It is no wonder rattan furniture and accessories are back on trend this year. We have the Japandi style to thank for this wonderful little accident. The rattan style is perfect for 2023 as it encompasses both earthy tones, which are going to be big next year, and also the connection to nature. Rattan is an environmentally friendly and natural material. It holds the warmth of the handmade close to its heart.

It is perfect for those who don’t like bulky furniture and want to ooze a natural, eco-friendly vibe. You can choose rattan in any style, from seating to cupboard doors, to tables and baskets. Mix your rattan furniture with lively greenery to accentuate your naturalistic theme.

Make love, not waste

christmas wall mural in a living room with a white sofa and a christmas tree

Mural in photo: Star Forest Reflection

We all feel the deep urge to help our planet heal as much as we can. We recycle, we choose electric cars and some of us have even turned vegan! This is why sustainability is a big trend carrying on into 2023. Environmentally friendly wallpapers use water-based inks, meaning they have very low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions.

Made-to-measure wallpapers are made to your wall dimensions, thus helping to eliminate the amount of waste produced. If you like the idea of seasonal changes within your interior, you can always choose a mural in our peel-and-stick option. This range is completely recyclable, so you can enjoy switching up your living room wallpaper without feeling guilty!

Are you excited to transform your home with these amazing 2023 living room trends? Let us know which is your favourite in the comments below!

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