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astronaut on planet wallpaper in living area

22/02/2022   POSTED BY

Why Every Home Needs Astronaut Wallpaper!

People have long looked to the sky for answers and space represents the ultimate unknown for humankind. Space also has the power to bring out the inner kid in us all because the idea of bendable time and space or the theory of black holes is enough to leave you in pure amazement.

The concept of space travel and other worlds have also influenced the way we decorate our homes, with interior design embracing everything from super-futuristic furnishings to galactic prints and astronaut wallpaper.

Whether you’re big kid or little kid, there’s something exciting about celebrating outer space in home design. And we think astronaut decor is perfect for every corner of the house, including home offices, bedrooms, guest rooms and living areas.

Here are the reasons why astronaut murals look great in every home (and why you should get some now)!

Because astronauts are real superheroes

astronaut with pink space background wallpaper in office room

Mural in photo: Spaceman mural

Forget fictional superheroes. The real heroes in the world are the ones who float around in space, shower with squirt guns, eat freeze-dried food and sleep upside down. Every space mission is a risk to life, and in the name of discovery, astronauts put their lives on the line.

Astronauts can die during in-flight accidents, and they can even die while training for space missions (like the Apollo 1 launch pad fire which killed the entire crew). So if you want to celebrate actual superheroes who contribute to science (and could one day discover a new planet to support human life), proudly display astronaut wallpaper in your home.

For people who work remotely, this epic Spaceman mural is the perfect addition to your home office, inspiring you to do something ground-breaking (or just get through your work emails without losing your mind).

For a unique take on astronaut wallpaper

colourful space planets wallpaper in black and white lounge

Mural in photo: Space Odyssey

Galaxy wallpaper certainly had its moment on Instagram and it continues to be popular today. But astronaut wall murals take things up a notch. Shifting the aesthetics from mild and abstract to bold, in-your-face and even realistic, the astronaut symbolises serious space exploration and channels your best NASA vibes.

If you love the galaxy trend in interior design but you want more impact, this jaw-dropping Space Odyssey wallpaper will give your home a unique feature. Use it in communal spaces so it gets the exposure it deserves!

Because you should reach for the impossible

rocket launching wallpaper in simple home office

Mural in photo: Space Shuttle Against Dark Sky

Space travel, moon landings and missions on Mars teach you to reach for the stars (literally and figuratively). That’s why we love astronaut and galaxy wallpaper, and all things take-off!

The first rocket to fly high enough to get into space was the V2 missile which was first launched by Germany in 1942. The first human to fly into space was astronaut Yuri Gagarin in the Vostok 1, which circled Earth at a speed of 27,400 kilometres per hour in 1961. And the first person to walk on the moon was Neil Armstrong, just eight years after in 1969.

Astronauts at NASA have conquered one milestone after the other and this Space Shuttle Against Dark Sky mural is everything you need to feel like you can conquer your own life missions.

So you can add incredible colour to your home

pink, purple and blue galaxy wallpaper in living room with blue couch wallpaper

Mural in photo: Space mural

When people think of Mother Nature’s best colours, they immediately think of florals. While we love floral wallpaper, nothing quite beats the wild, exciting rainbow colour effects seen in space. People are drawn to florals because they are safe, likeable and non-offensive. Who doesn’t enjoy florals, right?

But if you want to display the most incredible colour combinations in your home, step out of your comfort zone and try galactic wallpaper murals instead. This amazing Space wallpaper works well with midnight blues or mysterious navy hues, as well as luxurious deep plums and purples, or even magentas, warm oranges and golden yellows.

To create a space-tacular children’s bedroom

colourful planets wallpaper in kids bedroom

Mural in photo: Planets in Space

Another reason why every home needs astronaut wallpaper is to decorate a child’s bedroom with something completely awe-inspiring. Graphic-rich murals are a wonderful addition to kids’ bedrooms because they unlock a whole lot of creativity.

Just like imagery in books, a beautiful work of art like this Planets in Space mural by artist Adrian Chesterman will trigger their curiosity, fuel their imagination and bring out their artistic side. Murals also get kids asking questions and create a stunning space in the home where they can spend time alone, reflect and process and conceptualise their thoughts.

For training astronauts in the making

space infographic wallpaper in teenager's bedroom

Mural in photo: Universe Infographic Solar System

Do you have a little astronaut-in-training at home? If so, this Universe Infographic Solar System wall mural is perfect for their bedroom or playroom.

We have a range of educational solar system murals that can turn their curiosity into effective study, briefing them on their future missions and arming them with all the knowledge they need to get into the NASA flight programme.

They’ll prove popular for sleepovers too, because every kid in the neighbourhood will be fascinated with this amazing mural.

Because everyone is an explorer at heart

astronaut by hubble wallpaper in living area with console table

Mural in photo: Hanging Out with Hubble

From the more subtle manifestations of retro-futuristic design which was popular in the 60s – to subtle and elegant design features such as constellation prints and celestial wall art – to the big, bold and spaceman-obsessed décor reserved for NASA nerds. In interiors, space themed design has long been coveted. 

We particularly love this wall mural of the Hubble Space Telescope because it represents some of humankind’s most amazing achievements. First launched into orbit by space shuttle Discovery in 1990, Hubble orbits above the Earth at 547 kilometres. And thanks to this space telescope, we’re able to enjoy imagery from space, such as planets, stars and galaxies.

To design stunning bedroom starscapes

purple and navy galaxy wallpaper in kids black and white bedroom

Mural in photo: Dreamy Space

There’s no better way to drift off than under the stars and moon with a night sky wallpaper. Not only is a starscape with planets relaxing and soothing, with all the right colours to help you wind down at the end of the day, but it’s a dreamer’s paradise.

Drift off to sleep with the thought that anything is possible…..space travel, other worlds, alien galaxies, humans populating new planets. Wake up with a feeling that you can tackle just about anything.

This Dreamy Space wallpaper is great for bedrooms, including kids’ bedrooms or guest bedrooms. It also works well as a ceiling mural, making it a versatile addition to your home.

Because astronaut wallpaper will impress your guests

astronaut in space wallpaper in lounge with yellow chair

Mural in photo: Taking on Space

Want interior design that helps your house stand out? Or need a talking point in your reception room? Everyone loves space, and NASA wallpaper gives you a point of difference so your home doesn’t look like everyone else’s.

Florals? Overdone. Stripes? Too safe. Marble print? We’ve seen it all before. But space wallpaper is utterly unique, and applied in the right way (and with the right furniture and décor) it can look stylish and even kind of chic.

Murals like this one are especially striking in large, open-plan apartments where your kitchen, dining and office space are all rolled into one. And if you’ve got tall ceilings and industrial beams, even better – this astronaut mural will command that wall space!

Would you have NASA or astronaut-themed wallpaper in your home? Tell us your favourite ones in the comments below…

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