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agate wallpaper in mid-century style living room

14/06/2019   POSTED BY

Amazing Agate Wallpaper - The Interior Design Cousin of Marble

We all know about marble. It’s in every magazine, in every influencer’s Instagram feed, and on every millennial’s wishlist. Marble has reigned over the interior design world for long enough. But right now, we’re making room for its more flamboyant cousin – agate wallpaper. Sparkly, glitzy, and also kind of showy compared to some of the muted marble wallpaper designs we’ve seen, it packs the wow factor like no other pattern or print.

Both trends project a sense of retro refinement, and even a sense of homeowner status, but agate wins the war when it comes to distinctiveness. This is such a unique style for the home, and with the recent release of the agate wallpaper collection by Lara Skinner, we just can’t enough of it.

If you’re looking for something that’s alluring and dazzling, and the marble trend no longer excites you, check out these amazing agate wallpapers instead. They look fabulous in every room of the house, from the master bedroom to the bathroom. But be warned, as they tend to steal the show…

Bold blues and beautiful bronze accents

This incredible Rainbow Agate Island wallpaper by Lara Skinner is just one of the many agate stone designs in her collection at Wallsauce. Here, we see every shade of aquatic, featuring bold blues and greens, as well as deep and mysterious purple-violet hues. Finished off with streaks of bronze, it brings this mural right up to date, making it a match made in heaven for contemporary concepts.

blue and bronze agate wallpaper behind grey sofa

Clean lines and cool greys work well to balance out the wall design and copper or bronze décor items are a must for tying it all together. Choose a room with ample lighting though, as the metallic accents will shine even brighter when the sun floods in through the windows.

Psychedelic agate wallpaper designs

There’s something seriously psychedelic and mind-altering about agate wallpaper. The ways the colours whirl and swirl and dissolve into one another will steal your focus as soon as you walk in the room. This is a mesmerising trend, suitable for everything from art spaces, offices and retro-look restaurants to large, open plan living areas in a city penthouse.

psychedelic agate wallpaper design in pinks and purples

If you have unused walls that need bringing to life, this intoxicatingly vibrant Pink Swirl wallpaper design by Lara Skinner will make one heck of a talking point. No art required when you’ve got this feature wall!

Grown-up geode murals

It’s official. Geodes are in. Born from a boho world of moonstone, incense and crystals, but transformed into something truly luxe for 2019. This Earthy Geode wall mural by GCC Artworks at Wallsauce is world’s away from the hippy student flats and 90s bohemian bedrooms that were prevalent once upon a time. No. This wallpaper is opulence personified. And despite its roots, the design is everything that’s anti-boho.

earthy geode wallpaper in bedroom

Geode wall murals are a quick way to add a high-end touch to a simple, minimalist space. So if you’re bored of whitewash walls and Scandinavian starkness, add some depth and drama with a geode wallpaper. See the full collection by GCC Artworks.

Photorealistic rock surfaces and natural hues

Bronze accents are classy and chic, and psychedelic is fun and funky, but some may argue that agate stone should be much simpler than that. Agate is a celebration of nature and the world around us. If you want something natural and authentic to add to your home, this Spearmint Geode wall mural by GCC Artworks is as organic as they come. Featuring the effortless greens of the earth and photorealistic jade quartz, this wallpaper makes a great addition to any room in the house.

green rock surface wallpaper behind bath

Combine this look with clean lines and muted colour palettes for something soft and understated or style with extravagant fabrics and lavish silk for something sumptuously splendid. To bring out the verdant qualities of the stone, scatter some of your favourite leafy plants around the room and use mirrors to bounce around the natural light.

Agate wallpaper made for mid-century mod

We are loving the Stripe wall mural by Lara Skinner because of its balance. It’s struck the sweet spot between on-trend and classic, making it a fantastic investment for years to come. The simplicity of the design and incorporation of hushed hues means that it can slot right into any style of home, harmonising with your existing interior concepts while never stealing the show.

neutral agate wallpaper in mid century style lounge

It works particularly well with mid-century modern, so wooden sideboards, retro armchairs and 1960s inspired colour palettes gets our stamp of approval. Coordinate upholstery to match the browns and blues of this mural, and use potted plants and natural wood items to decorate your space.

Geode patterns for creative spaces

This loud and vibrant geode wallpaper mural doesn’t work in every setting. It’s extreme in its design, brash in its colour scheme and unapologetic in its personality. But it’s the perfect feature for an art space, creative office or music room. Or if you’re looking for something that can stimulate the imaginations of young kids or teens, this mural is ideal for covering bedroom walls and ceilings.

colourful geode pattern wallpaper in living room

For open-plan apartments with tall ceilings, this is the perfect piece of wall-to-wall artwork, guaranteed to stop guests in their tracks.

Fusing florals with the agate trend

Bringing together three of our favourite trends (floral walls, modern metals, and precious stones), this Metallic Floral Agate wallpaper by Lara Skinner has every box ticked. We think it makes an ideal feature wall for a grown-up bougie bedroom. Jot down your interior shopping list now…..we’re thinking Egyptian cotton sheets, expensive silk cushions, plush fur rugs, botanical designs, hat box roses, and copper-gold finishes in every corner.

floral agate wallpaper in bedroom

Or if you’re looking for a way to add a feminine touch to your living spaces or luxury spa bathroom, this fabulous mural is just perfectly dreamy. It’s both Instagram and Pinterest worthy, and it’s a unique way to include the floral trend in your home.

Do you love our new range of agate wallpaper and geode wallpaper? Tell us which one is your favourite in the comments below, or share your thoughts on this glitzy interior design trend – love it, hate it, or just not sure? Don’t forget to let us know which trends you want us to feature next on our blog!

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Sandra Kester


tell me about this paper please would it be suitable for a powder room.

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hello Sandra :) We would definitely recommend these agate designs for a powder room. Because this is a room that may have a lot of moisture in the air, we would recommend buying one of these designs with our premium wallpaper which contains anti-mould and anti-mildew properties. For more information about our premium wallpaper, visit this link - https://www.wallsauce.com/how-it-works/our-materials

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