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24/02/2017   POSTED BY

A Conversation With... Kevin Walsh

We Caught Up With Kevin Walsh To Talk About His Collaboration With Wallsauce.com

Yorkshire born, Kevin Walsh may have had a challenging start to his career, but his art has since featured on Harrods Christmas biscuit tins and cards along with licenses with other recognised household names across the world.


What influenced your unique style?

“I work traditionally in oils, so really appreciate the compositions and skill of artists of the Victorian period. I also like classic car motoring artists like Roy Nockolds and also Terrance Cuneo who could paint anything. He would paint some of the most difficult subjects successfully.”

What is your favourite piece from our collection and why?

“One of my favourite pieces is VE Day Celebration. There are about forty people on it. It is quite a large painting and took me well over two months to do. It has been one of my most successful works.”


'VE Day Celebration' mural by Kevin Walsh

Who are your influences in life?

“My parents, who always encouraged my art from an early age. I used to like knights in armour, soldiers you could buy in Woolworths. I used to spend hours drawing and colouring armies of them.

I was eventually allowed to take over our best room as a studio. This was quite a sacrifice on their behalf as we only had two downstairs when growing up.  Also my wife, Sharon who has supported me through difficult times in my early career when I decided to become an artist full time.” 

Where do you see the murals being installed? Is there a specific one that you think belongs in a specific room?

“A lot of my work features my interest in classic cars and other modes of transport, so I could see them fitting in a study or hobby room perhaps.”


'Flying Scotsman at Kings Cross' mural by Kevin Walsh

What is your favourite room in your home and why?

“I have to say my studio. It’s where I spend most of my time and where I escape. I have mountains of books, photos and pictures that inspire me. I also have boxes of reference from different periods that has taken me years to collect.”  

How would you detail your journey into becoming such a successful artist?

“Hard work and persistence! I always work in the premise of producing the best work I could do.  Spending many hours on a painting when the financial reward was not that great. In the long term it paid off.”


'Balloons Over Bristol' mural by Kevin Walsh

Visit the full Kevin Walsh wall mural collection and share your favourites in the comments box below.


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