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17/04/2018   POSTED BY

A Conversation with... Anthony Bryant

Anthony Bryant has always enjoyed photography, but it wasn’t until 2012 that the Fiji-born, landscape photographer really got into the swing of the art. Having travelled the world, Bryant has captured some of the most significant views the world has to offer, both on foot and with a drone.

In this exclusive interview, we talk to him about his career as a private pilot to his favourite location in the entire world. Read on to learn more about the latest photographer to join the Wallsauce designer wallpaper collection.

I can see that you’re based in Manchester, is this also your birth town?

Actually no, I was born in the Suva the capital of Fiji in the South Pacific. After then living in Hong Kong, Singapore and Brunei I moved to the UK and lived mainly in the South growing up in Burgess Hill, Charlwood and then Hurstpierpoint. I then moved to Manchester in 2004 and have been here ever since.

Aerial photography produced with a drone seems to be a passion of yours. Is your Wallsauce collection images captured with a drone, or do you have other photography styles?

I have always loved the world from this perspective and as a private pilot, I was always keen to take pictures when flying. After admiring the amazing cinematic videos on YouTube, I decided to buy a drone to take videos and to get shots from above. Last year I became CAA approved for commercial drone operations and have had a number of works shown on the BBC and ITV.

From the Bellagio in Vegas to Llandudno pier, it’s evident you travel far and wide! Where have been your favourite locations to photograph and why?

[Bryant chuckles] Yes, I am fortunate to have good connections in aviation that allows me to, time permitting, travel to some great cities around the world. That said some of my favourite locations are right here in the UK! One of my favourites is Llanddwyn Island in North Wales. Llanddwyn is a tidal island and is a really magical place. An absolute must visit when in Anglesey!


Mural: 'Llanddwyn Island'

How did you find your feet as a location photographer?

Growing up I always had a love of photography. Mainly just seeing these amazing images of land & seascapes. I bought a camera when I moved to Manchester but fell in and out of photography for some time. It was then around 2012 and finding Instagram I really got back into photography and seeing these beautiful photos I thought I could do this!

The best part of photography and location photography is getting out there, ditching the car and walking around and seeing these stunning views. It’s amazing that even now when I shoot in Manchester I still find new areas and views that I am only just discovering.

Do you have any fellow photographers who inspire you?

Sure, Patrick Di Fruscia is one of my favourite landscape photographers. His images are stunningly beautiful. But also, on the other spectrum, Darren Heath has the most amazing images and of my favourite sport of F1. Nobody captures the cars & drama better.

What’s your favourite photograph that features in the Wallsauce collection?

It’s the one that I haven’t added yet! I am always striving to improve and learn and like most artists, I am very self-critical of my work. I suppose if I have to say one image now it would be the 'Golden Gate Bridge Two’ image.


Mural: 'Golden Gate Bridge Two'

Which rooms do you see the murals being installed?

With not being stuck in one area of photography I think my images lend themselves to all rooms both at home and office. There are landscapes, seascapes, aerial and black & white. A real selection that would complement all rooms.

What would it mean to you to see your murals take pride in someone’s home or workplace?

Even now when clients purchase prints I am still amazed that someone has decided my work is good enough to hang in their home. Having someone purchase a mural to have my image in huge format across a wall would be amazing and I’d definitely want to see some installation photos!

Do you have any tips for the aspiring location photographer?

Don’t get hung up on equipment. A good photograph is what's in the frame not what camera you took it on. A key is to develop your own style. Taking inspiration is good but allow yourself time to shoot the subjects you like and allow your own style to develop. It becomes very personalised. You would be surprised the number of photographers I can tell just by seeing an image.

Head to Anthony Bryant’s collection of wall murals to find your favourite landscape mural.

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