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green and white tulip pattern wallpaper

04/08/2021   POSTED BY

Why We Love William Morris

The famous Brit whose name was on everybody’s lips in the Victorian era. A legendary textile designer, poet, artist, novelist, socialist activist and translator, Morris was an extraordinary person who played a significant role in the Victorian period.

His textile designs adorned many a home in Britain from beautiful wallpapers and furniture to tapestries and stained glass windows. He was closely connected to the well-known Pre-Raphaelite society and was friends with legendary artists such as Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Edward Burne-Jones. Passionate about visiting Iceland, Morris produced a series of English translations of Icelandic Sagas as well as writing novels such as News from Nowhere (1890). A political man, he was heavily influenced by Marxism and anarchism, and later became a socialist activist.

He was certainly an ‘afternoonified’ (smart) man, as the Victorians would say, which is why we are utterly in awe of this truly talented individual and his flair for design. We couldn’t be more in love with his wallpaper collection as well! From botanical artwork displaying ornate green tulips, vibrant orange daisies and tapestry style honeysuckles. Find out a bit more about why we love William Morris so much!

William Morris wallpaper is a classic

purple and pink floral morris wallpaper in stylish lounge

Mural in photo: Printed Linen Honeysuckle

It’s true. Whichever Morris wallpaper you choose, you will be creating a classic look within your home. Although this antique Printed Linen Honeysuckle wallpaper is paired with an ultra-modern couch and décor, it fits. It is a classic item that will always look fashionable no matter the ever-changing tides of contemporary trends. This William Morris honeysuckle wallpaper will create a traditional look in any home or style of interior.

Morris wallpaper designs are beautiful

green, red and orange floral wallpaper in white office

Mural in photo: Daisy Pattern

As said by William Morris,

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” – William Morris

And his love for all things beautiful is evidently clear in his patterns that were created for interior design. This stunning Daisy Pattern wallpaper sums this up perfectly. A light and bright Morris wallpaper, we adore the sage-green shade of the leaves and delicate flowers in orange and red tones. This beautiful wall mural is as versatile as it is gorgeous and will look perfect in a sleek office pad, a cottagecore living room, or a cute baby’s nursery.

William Morris’ work is artistic

william morris wallpaper with bright pink, green and blue tones

Mural in photo: Lodden Pattern

Another reason why we love his work is that you can feed your artistic soul with his beautiful works of art. From dark and moody patterns to swirling bright florals like this Lodden Pattern wallpaper, your need for aesthetic pleasure will be fulfilled with a Morris wallpaper. As well as gorgeous, this work of art is a snapshot in history: the culture, the individuals and the events of the period. As said by the man himself,

“History has remembered the kings and warriors, because they destroyed; art has remembered the people, because they created.” ― William Morris

William Morris style wallpaper designs are calm

light and sage green botanical morris wallpaper in minimalist bedroom

Mural in photo: Jasmine

Calm, serene and a reflection of nature, William Morris style wallpaper will undoubtedly bring a calm ambiance to your home. We promise we’re not kruger-spoof (lying) as the Victorians would say! Morris’ designs really are great for rooms such as serene bedrooms, chilled-out lounges and zen office spaces. The ever-entwined vines and branches seem to go on forever. The bursts of green reflect the beauty of the outdoors making us think of dewy morning grass or the sunlit leaves of a tree when you stand under an old Oak.

His artwork is an ode to history

stained glass style william morris wallpaper with green and yellow tones

Mural in photo: Honeysuckle Pattern

If you are an avid history fan, a Victorian wallpaper could be for you. A respectful nod to an exciting time in history, his textile designs from the 1800s will bring the perfect vintage touch to any room. This Honeysuckle Pattern wall mural is not only Victorian, but it is easy to see Morris’ passion for medieval history, architecture and art. The botanical print could easily have been taken from a medieval, stained glass window. Paired with a modern green velvet couch and dried pampas grass, this antique wallpaper has been brought to the 21st century in this on-trend lounge.

Morris wallpapers will suit any room

green and orange floral wallpaper in simple bedroom

Mural in photo: Graften Pattern

It’s true. Wherever you install a Morris wallpaper, it will look good. Perfect for enhancing the antique look in your 19th century-built home’s hallway paired with tiled flooring and a paneled staircase. Or for bringing a vintage look in your newly built home’s master bedroom such as our Graften Pattern design as shown in the room above. Accompanied with subtle grey and white bedding, this green botanical wallpaper looks just the part in this new home. We’re sure Morris would approve!

His Victorian art is dark and alluring

dark vintage bird wallpaper with bench and orange blanket

Mural in photo: Birds wall mural

This William Morris strawberry thief wallpaper will add dark Victorian-inspired décor into your home. It is said that Queen Victoria herself was a fan of dark shades and thus, many of her people followed in her footsteps! However, we aren’t Victorian. Instead, we are used to light interiors where white is our best friend. Because of this, you may think dark colours will make your home appear smaller and glum. But something gradual like this classic Morris Birds wall mural, with its specks of orange, will be a great way to test the waters. Simply ensure there is enough natural light in the room and you will be surprised that a near-black design like this Morris wallpaper, can in fact open up a room.

Despite their age, William Morris wallpaper is on-trend

off-white and green floral wallpaper in grey and green lounge

Mural in photo: Tulip Pattern

Although some of his designs are over 150 years old, this Tulip Pattern wallpaper couldn’t be more on-trend! This picture-perfect sage green wallpaper has everything we love: in a popular green shade, folksy and beautifully vintage. Ideal for a stylish living room accompanied with neutral and green room accessories or for a calming master bedroom feature wall, this botanical print mural is sure to create a wow factor in any room.

Have you fallen for our William Morris wallpapers? Why not take a look at the rest of his collection? Tell us your favourite by leaving a comment below!

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