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boy with headset and RBG tech in gamer room

23/01/2024   POSTED BY

What Every Gamer Room Needs [Expert Advice]

When you step into your gamer room, you want to feel like you are entering a fantasy world. But creating the ideal gamer room shouldn’t be taken lightly. Every gamer will know the amount of time they spend there and because of that, you need to make sure everything is perfect.

We have accumulated the best tips from real-life gamers to create the ideal gaming room - whether you are a PC or console gamer. Find out the importance of ergonomic furniture, the top gadgets that will improve the quality of your gaming as well as cool wall murals and ambient lighting to get you really in the zone. Ready to play? Then begin at Level 1.

Level 1: Smart lighting

colourful light system in gaming room

Right now, cool gaming rooms aren’t complete without ambient lighting. Rather than light up the room, gaming room lights are solely for creating an atmosphere within a dark space. Damian Karnas, Founder of Quizondo and passionate gamer, explains why LED backlights are a great choice for a cool gaming room.

‘Choose LED backlight, which may not affect the gameplay, but it simply looks nice when the equipment is on the desk or when the player decides to broadcast his actions on the Internet.’

As well as LED lighting, triangular light systems, such as in the room above, are one of the top décor items that every gamer would love. Thao Tran, Founder and Editor at Voltcave explains why.

‘They are able to mirror colours from a screen to create a really immersive gaming experience.’

Cool, right?

Level 2: A mounted TV for console gaming

mounted large tv screen on graffiti wall mural

Mural in photo: Taken from our Extended Range

Another hugely popular tip for a gaming area is to install a TV screen onto the wall as seen in this home designed by JRL Interiors. As well as creating more space, mounting a large TV not only provides a great gaming experience but also creates a multi-functional space in a family home, pairing as a lounge as well as a gamer room. Jim Hamilton of Game Authority explains more.

‘One of the first pieces of equipment, and probably the easiest to install is a large screen TV. One of the best things you can do with a relatively small TV room is to make up the one wall with a large screen that you can watch anything on.’

But be wary of the type of TV that you buy. Abby at Wellpcb points out a very handy tip that every gamer should know.

'Worth to note, you need to ensure the projector or TV can connect to consoles, speakers, and other gaming essentials.’

Level 3: A good sound system or headset

Gamer headphones in LED lit gamer room

When you’re in the gaming zone, you really don’t want your gaming experience to be interrupted by unrealistic or unpleasant, scratchy sounds when the volume gets too high. So making sure you have the best surround sound systems or a wireless surround sound gaming headset will help you to locate your opponents in the virtual world precisely.

‘Invest in the most advanced speakers that give a codeless connection to reduce the messy and tangled wires in the room.’ – Abby (Head of Marketing at Wellpcb)

As well as your sound system, choose a memory foam headset with a noise-cancelling microphone. This will come in handy when playing online with friends. Try to choose a headset that is wireless and can be charged on a headphone stand with a USB charger.

Level 4: Have at LEAST two monitor screens

cool gamer room with two monitors and black leather gamer chair

One of the most important factors when creating a gaming room is your choice of monitor screen. Choose high-quality monitors that will protect the player’s eyesight even when playing for long periods of time. As well as this, you should have at least two monitors, as is preferred by most gamers. This will allow you to be flexible whilst playing so that you can play the game on one screen and reply to messages on the other.

Level 5: A mini fridge

LED lit gamer room with mini fridge

Because a true gamer will game for hours and hours on end, having a mini-fridge in a gaming man cave or woman cave is essential. Stocking up your mini-fridge with drinks and snacks will keep you going until you complete that essential level!

Level 6: A cool wall mural to set the scene

3D effect white wallpaper in simple gaming room with two monitors

Mural in photo: Polygon wallpaper

As well as ambient lighting set the scene with a gaming wall mural. Not only do they add to your gaming atmosphere, but choosing wall art or a gaming wallpaper will reflect your personality and passions.

‘They put you in a gaming mood and serve as a source of inspiration. The art also helps to amplify the intimate feeling in the room.’ – Abby (Head of Marketing at Wellpcb)

graffiti guitar wall mural behind child's desk with boy sat there with laptop

Mural in photo: Graffiti - Guitar

We think that customer Justine’s son’s bedroom is the ideal boy's gaming bedroom. He’s combined his love for music with his passion for gaming by installing this Graffiti - Guitar wallpaper behind his desk. Now, all he needs is a high-sleeper gaming bed with a gaming desk underneath it! Room for game storage, a TV stand and space for multiple consoles – it's every kids' gaming room dream.

gaming scene of soldiers in snowy city wallpaper in trendy home office

Mural in photo: Winter Patrol

For the perfect gaming bedroom, why not install a Simon Fetscher design behind your bed or gaming desk? Dark, moody and similar to game art as seen in Assassin’s Creed, Halo, Call of Duty, Metal Gear and Fornite, Simon Fetscher’s artwork is what gamers’ dreams are made of. Not only this, but illusional wallpapers like this are great for making a small gaming room appear bigger.

Level 7: Think about noise

Gamer in gamer room with LED headset

All gamers will feel the pain of not having their game volume as loud as they would like it to be because of the neighbours or worries of disrupting their own family. Not only the volume of the game, but gamers often want the freedom to say what they want on the mic. An answer to all this is to install wall padding. A noise-cancelling wall will also relieve online friends from any background noise.

Level 8: Have a theme (our favourite gamer room idea)

white storm trooper themed gaming room

Choosing a theme is one way to REALLY bring your gamer room to life. Whether it be Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Halo or Fortnite, your gamer room should take you away from your daily responsibilities and transport you into a world of imagination.

spaceship style gamer room

And don’t think you need to spend lots on merchandise, but instead get your DIY skills ready and upscale furniture to look the part. If you want an easy DIY task, choose an epic sci-fi wallpaper to completely transform your gamer room. As well as changing the entire room into a certain theme, display all your favourite sci-fi and gaming figurines on sleek shelving or in any spare space in the room.

‘The shelves in the player's room are often decorated with gadgets related to cult productions. Among them, figurines with game characters, add-ons from limited editions of the best productions, and retro gadgets are popular. Gadgets such as mugs with game motifs, neon lights and decorations, alarm clocks in the shape of game characters will add splendour to each player's room.’ - Damian Karnas (Founder of Quizondo)

Level 9: A comfy chair to enjoy hours of gaming

gaming chair in purple gaming room

When you’re on a gaming high and have the entire day to game, you don’t want your game to be interrupted by something as lame as your chair being uncomfortable. Instead, you need to choose a chair that will help you to game endlessly in your gamer room.

Robert C. Bird, a Professor of Business Law at the University of Conneticut, and more importantly, a huge gamer since the ‘70s, gives us his chair advice.

‘Pick a chair that you will be comfortable in for long periods of time. Don’t select a chair just because someone slaps the label ‘gaming chair’ on it.’

We recommend a chair, whether with the label ‘gamer’ or ‘office’, with high-density foam so you can sit comfortably for hours. Make sure it is made with strong steel so that it’s sturdy enough to last game after game. For extra comfort and to support your frame for long periods, choose a gamer chair with a fitted headrest and lumbar support as well as a flexible seat that reclines, has swivel action, quiet rolling wheels and adjusts to fit your body well.

curved console chair

If you tend to play console games and you use a mounted TV screen, an L-shaped console gaming chair is for you. It allows you to comfortably rock backwards and forward as you play. If you love driving simulator games, choose a racing chair which will simulate the feel of a race car.

Another great choice for console gamers is an oversized bean bag seat. It will give a fun, playful feel in your gamer room. Not only this, but they come in a range of shapes and colours.

Level 10: Storage to stack all your games and consoles

console storage idea

As well as using shelving to display your cool collectables, storage is a big must if you want to make gaming easy. If you’re a console gamer, choose a shelving system, such as in the room above, to store your consoles (great for showing off to your friends as well). Tim Koster, Founder of Clever Creations, explains the usefulness of shelves in a gamer room.

‘My number one recommendation for creating a game room is to make sure that you have a lot of accessible storage. Especially if you are a console gamer. Spacious, open storage cabinets let you display your consoles, controllers and games while having them accessible for use at the same time. No one likes to rummage through cabinets and drawers to get what they need.’

Level 11: See-through glass PC cases

see through gaming PC

If you love the LED ambient lighting look, then choose a glass PC case that will light up in the dark.

‘Nice additions to gaming computers are the cases with a window made of plexiglass or tempered glass, which allows you to look inside the computer. One or multi-colour illumination of the interior of the housing or its external elements also looks great.’ - Damian Karnas (Founder of Quizondo)

Level 12: Block out natural light

light works in gamer room

One of the most important gaming room design ideas is to block out any natural light. It goes against the interior design rule book, but a gaming room is not supposed to be a light, airy space. It’s about creating a dark space so that the impact on the screen is at its best.

‘Remember not to place the desk with the computer in the immediate vicinity of the window or with your back to it, because the reflected light may interfere with the game. The player's room should be equipped with thick curtains or blinds that will ensure comfort and optimal lighting during the gaming session.’ - Damian Karnas (Founder of Quizondo)

Can’t wait to create the perfect gamer room with these ideas? Leave a comment below to tell us about your gaming room or if you have any questions.

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Eli Richardson


It's awesome that you talked about gamer rooms and how to design a killer one! Recently, my wife and I started to plan our home's construction project. My wife wants an art room, and I want a gaming one. I love classical arcade games, so I think it'd be a cool theme idea, so I'll be sure to check your design ideas. Thanks for the advice on choosing a theme for my gaming room!

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hi Eli! We're so glad you have been inspired by this gamer room blog! We wish you and you wife all the luck with creating your art and gaming room! :)

Nathan McCabe


My son will like these ideas!!

Amy @ Wallsauce


Thanks for your comment, Nathan :)

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