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quirky kitchen wallpaper in kitchen

17/08/2023   POSTED BY

Unusual Ways to Use Wallpaper [Customer Showcase]

Over the years, our customers have been uber creative with our gorgeous wallpaper murals. So if you haven’t purchased with us before or are wanting to be more out there with your next wallpaper installation, then you have landed on the perfect page!

In this article, we are showcasing our favourite snaps straight from our customers’ spaces where they have gone above and beyond in their interior design. Be wowed by archway art – some are real archways some are not… Feel thirsty when you see 3D effect wine cellars and trendy backed kitchen shelving! Or be mind-boggled at tricky installations that have you thinking, “How on earth did they manage that?” When it comes to our creative customers, you will truly be amazed… trust us!

Unusual archways that trick the mind…

3D effect white arch showing beach wallpaper in white dining room

Mural in photo: Beach mural from our extended range

Firstly archway-galore! Some are real, some are not. Can you tell? Well, we will let you in on a secret. This tropical beach wallpaper mural installed by one of our customers is … not real! This amazing 3D effect wallpaper really shows the power of a realistic feature wall. When sat eating breakfast at this dining table, they must feel like they’ve woken up in the sunny Caribbean.

black and white painting in entryway

Mural in photo: The Holy Family of the Oak Tree

Now, let’s move on to our next archway. What do you think? Real or not real? Well, this beautiful The Holy Family of the Oak Tree, c.1518 (oil on panel) wall mural is actually surrounded by a real archway! Hasn’t customer Julie done a fabulous job in creating a glamorous feature wall in her home’s entryway? By changing this classic painting by Raphael into black and white, she has created striking wall art that complements the mix of old and new decor in her beautiful home.

greek street 3D effect wallpaper in hallway

Mural in photo: Archway wallpaper from our extended range

Lastly, this stunning Grecian travel wallpaper. Despite how mind-tricking this archway is, your mind tells you that it can’t be real because you can see the room behind. But still, it is very impressive! This talented customer wanted to recreate her beautiful holiday in Greece so that she could enjoy it in her own home. Hasn’t she achieved this perfectly?

Take a drink in your personal wine cellar…

wine barrel wallpaper in home bar

Mural in photo: Whiskey Barrels from our extended range

How amazing would it feel to have your own wine cellar? Choose a realistic wine cellar feature wall to make you feel like you’re living in a French vineyard. How epic does customer Ricardo’s man cave look in the room above? By installing this whiskey cellar wallpaper with shelving and a cool barrel table, he has created the bourbon cellar he has always dreamed of.

wine barrel wallpaper in under the stairs wine cellar

Mural in photo: Wine Barrels

Or do you have a handy understairs space? Then why not create your own wine cellar in there? Get rid of all the clutter that is currently under your stairs so that you have the ultimate show-stopper when your friends are next round for a meal! Imagine the glee on their faces when you ask them to step into your wine cellar with you? Customer Lisa has certainly created a really cool, unusual space!

Unusual installations with framed wallpaper

gold and grey coloured wallpaper in a frame

Mural in photo: Gold Dust Grey Marble

Framed wallpaper is one of the latest unusual installations that we have seen amongst our customers and we absolutely LOVE IT! It’s a great way to creating mesmerizing artwork without having to spend an absolute fortune! By choosing your favourite wallpaper and creating your own frame, you can completely transform the look of a room. Customer @anaceciliaartiaga, who is also a jewelry designer, has created a glamourous space with this standing frame with one Lara Skinner’s Gold Dust Grey Marble.

black and white mountain photo wallpaper in stylish home office

Mural in photo: Moody Mountain

Hasn’t @tarynwhiteaker_designs done a fabulous job at creating this monochrome framed wallpaper? Installed in front of a white desk and paired with black and white décor, this striking mountain wallpaper has really created a designer feel in this home office. Framing wallpaper is an unusual way to use wallpaper, but doesn’t it look amazing?

Unusual ceiling installations for a different perspective

blue and white watercolour wallpaper on ceiling

Mural in photo: Blue and white design from our extended range

Have you ever thought about installing a wallpaper mural onto the ceiling instead of the walls? Having seen this stunning blue design on our customer’s daughter’s bedroom wall, we couldn't get over how great it looked! Installed by @manwithabeard_wallpaper, this cool ceiling wallpaper has really transformed this bedroom! Paired with blue and white accessories, you can’t get cooler than this.

Difficult and unusual installations

pink and green leaf wallpaper on unusual wall

Mural in photo: Pink Jungle

How patient must our customer have been who installed this tropical-icious Pink Jungle mural on their bedroom wall/walls? With so many different crevices and corners, they must have really had to concentrate when installing this trendy palm leaf wallpaper!

gaming city wallpaper in cool office

Mural in photo: Futurescape Barcelona

Not as difficult but still an awkward installation, this Futurescape Barcelona wallpaper mural installed by Bold by Design Interiors must have been a challenge to put up. Pasted onto a sloping wall, you’d really have to bend backwards to angle this unusual wallpaper up in place! But it’s clear to see that the hard work has really paid off.

natural coloured map wallpaper on rounded wall

Mural in photo: Antique World Map

Last but not least is this gorgeous Antique World Map wallpaper installed by our talented customer @lifeat139a. Installing this world map artwork onto this cylinder-shaped wall must have been tricky but doesn’t it just look fab? By making a feature on this fun-shaped wall, they have really shown off an original part of their house which truly makes it a unique home.

Window views transporting you to faraway lands

beach window in beautiful bathroom above bath

Mural in photo: Beach window mural from our extended range

It really is surprising how much a beautiful window view can make all the difference to a space. Instead of having to smash a hole through the wall to get a view of your garden, a window effect mural will not only be easier (and less stressful) but can offer a view you will never have dreamed of having. Customer, Catherine, installed this stunning beach window wallpaper because she wasn’t able to have a real window in her ensuite. Despite her disappointment of not getting the real window she wanted, she said that this sunny beach view was better than the real thing!

beach photo wallpaper cut into faux window

Mural in photo: Tropical Beach

Customer William Campbell had a similar idea when installing this tropical beach wall mural in his beautiful bathroom. Cleverly repurposing a filled window, he is able to transport himself to the Maldives whilst soaking in the tub! By simply taking the longest measurements of this window crevice, he was able to cut out the window shape perfectly without worrying about now having enough paper to cover it all.

Shelfies that are definitely selfie-worth

tropical green leaf wallpaper backed behind shelving

Mural in photo: Tropical Banana Leaf Palm Tree

One of the other hot trends that have been around for a while is the shelfie! Beautiful shelves backed with stunning wallpapers are what every IG-enthusiast wants in their home. Not only does it create a feature within a room but is a great spot to take some gorgeous shelfies! Customer @bytheseawe has done a fantastic job at creating a bar shelfie in their kitchen with this tropical leaf wallpaper.

black and white leaf drawings backed behind shelves

Mural in photo: Black Ink leaves

We love how successful interiors blogger Grillo Designs has achieved the perfect open shelfies in her kitchen. After putting all that work into choosing a design and installing it to the back of your shelves, who wouldn’t put the doors to one side? By using a peel and stick wallpaper in her rented apartment, Medina has no worries about damaging the surfaces before she moves out. That’s the beauty of peel and stick. As long as it is installed on a well-primed wall, it will not cause any damage!

Illusional wallpaper that makes you take a second look

log cabin effect wallpaper in living room

Mural in photo: Rustic Fireplace from our extended range

Want to make your guests' minds boggle when they come into your home? Then why not have a go at creating your own mind-tricking signature wall such as customer Deborah and her Rustic Fireplace mural. Can you tell the parts which are real and not real? The more you look, the more you will notice!

drawn kitchen wallpaper in cooking area

Mural in photo: The Kitchen

Another one of our customers, ironically called Deborah as well, also created a mind-tricking feature wall in this quirky kitchen! An unusual wallpaper created by Colin Thompson, this The Kitchen wallpaper makes you peer closer and closer until you can make out the shelves are 2D instead of 3D. Is the countertop in the middle really real? Hmm….

Do you love all of these unusual installations? Has it inspired you to get creative? Let us know how you get on by leaving a message below!

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