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sage green wallpaper in lounge

31/05/2022   POSTED BY

Sage Green Wallpaper is the “New Neutral”

Fresh vegetal greens are big this year. Think olive, mint, eucalyptus and all things herbaceous. But there’s been one mainstay that’s been dubbed as the “new neutral” and it’s a longstanding country classic that’s made a compelling comeback in home design. We talked about sage green decor a while back and we’re excited to wax lyrical about this colour again.

Multiple paint companies have promoted sage – or very similar hues – as their defining colour of 2022 and we think sage green wallpaper is one of the easiest ways to get on board with this trend. Oh wait – did we mention that sage is totally timeless? Should we even be calling it a trend? Perhaps the word “movement” is more fitting for this colour takeover.

If you’re bored of greige being your go-to neutral (*yawn*), here are some sage wallpaper murals to transform your home into a herby green paradise.

Leafy sage green wallpaper

green leaf wallpaper in grey living room

Mural in photo: Pop Art Leaves

This modern Pop Art Leaves mural captures the dried sage hue perfectly, bringing a muted green to your space, but in an arresting way. Striking the perfect balance between bold and gentle, this artistic wall covering will replace any boring neutrals you had before. Bye bye pebble grey, hello herb garden.

This year’s design focus is all about celebrating what’s in our backyards and the foliage we come across on our weekend walks, with botanical patterns remaining as instagrammable as ever. Apply this wallpaper to a feature wall to create a leafy focal point, or create an indoor jungle with biophilic goodness on all sides.

Sage with a splash of grandmillennial

william morris sage green wallpaper in lounge

Mural in photo: Tulip Pattern

As mentioned, sage is a true classic. Along with colours like burgundy and Wedgwood blue, sage is considered a heritage shade which had its big moment in countless period properties dating all the way back to the 18th Century. But with the rise of grandmillennial interiors, outdated is the new rated and vintage hues are the talk of the design world right now.

In fact, the granny chic comeback is such a big deal that Airbnb named it as one of their biggest trend predictions for 2022. They report over 14,000 listings worldwide using the “grandmillennial” buzzword and wallpapers like this vintage Tulip Pattern mural have all the chintz and grandeur required for a full revival.

Organic green map mural

sage green world map wall mural in dark grey bedroom

Mural in photo: Sage Green World Map

Combining a calming hue with an antique style map, this earthy Sage Green World Map wallpaper is the perfect way to add interest and intrigue to an otherwise featureless wall. We think world map wall murals work well in just about any room of the house, but can be especially stylish in the bedroom.

Form a backdrop behind your headboard, or get creative and use it to adorn your ceiling so you can think of your travels as you drift off into dreamland. Ceiling murals are a fantastic alternative to wallpapering your walls and when combined with the right neutral paint they can actually make your room appear larger. So if space is an issue, keep the walls bare and decorate your ceiling instead.

Map murals also work just as well as in guest bedrooms, home offices and children’s rooms. If you want to embrace the sage green wallpaper trend and turn it into a talking point, communal areas such as your living room are the perfect canvas.

Children’s nature-inspired wallpaper

cute woodland sage green wallpaper in nursery

Mural in photo: Deer Forest

Inspired by the world outside, this adorable Deer Forest mural by Kikki Belle paints a picture to fuel their imaginations. Herbaceous greens like sage are known to have a calming effect and are considered to be soothing and relaxing, making them ideal for a bedroom environment.

But calming doesn’t have to = boring. This exciting mural invites you to get lost in its magical forest story, with plenty of foliage and greenery to make you feel like you’ve brought the outside in. Children love nature and they benefit greatly from spending time outdoors, but when there’s no time to go exploring, having an indoor scene like this one is the next best thing.

Jungle mural with grey-green tones

tropical jungle sage green wallpaper in stylish bedroom

Mural in photo: Botanical Beauty

Muted green hues remind us of sage because of the way the leaves fade as they dry, turning a slightly green-grey colour as though you’ve turned down the dial on the saturation. If you’ve found yourself resorting to grey paint every time you redecorate, sage wallpaper is the next logical step and it can instantly bring your home up to date.

A mural like this one is a safe shift from classic grey – a colour that has captured the hearts of homeowners for too many years now. Changing things up with sage is your ticket out of the grey phase (there’s no shame in admitting you need help) and leafy botanicals is the way to explore a range of muted green tones.

Biophilia design and classic sage

palm leaf wallpaper in bathroom

Mural in photo: Palms Galore

Did you know that biophilic design can make people 15% more creative and productive in the workplace? Plants and plant-inspired design can work well in your home office, but they also bring a sense of calm to a bedroom, dining room or living space.

Biophillic patterns as seen in this Palms Galore wall mural can relieve stress and improve wellbeing, and as a result, you’ll feel happier and healthier in your surroundings. Combined with soothing sage décor, you’ll have everything you need for the ultimate zen.

Olive-y sage in watercolours

olive and pink watercolour wallpaper in living room

Mural in photo: Olive Watercolour

An ode to the herbal green trend, this olive-y sage wallpaper is all about colours, nothing more and nothing less. Green is the focus here and it’s the perfect alternative to other neutrals that are frequently used in the home. Move over magnolia!

We love watercolour murals because they are an easy way to embrace singular colours, or a group of colours, without diverting the attention elsewhere with patterns or illustrations. This mural certainly places olive/sage centre stage, providing a blank canvas for you to work your own interior magic.

Will you be trying the sage green wallpaper trend or any other popular greens this year? Tell us about your favourite shades of green below…

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Dianne Gavan


Looking for bedroom wallpaper with bold greens and black and white stripe for other room.

Nicole @ Wallsauce


Thanks for your comment, Dianne! I suggest you check out this mural - https://www.wallsauce.com/wall-murals-wallpaper/banana-leaf-pattern :)

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