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22/06/2022   POSTED BY

Quick & Easy Reading Nook Ideas for Book Lovers

Every book lover has the same dream: the perfect reading nook. Whether that means cosying down in a comfortable reading chair or sitting on a window bench, as long as you can be completely absorbed in a really good book, it doesn’t matter too much.

Creating a reading room doesn’t need to be as fussy as you think. It’s primarily about finding the quietest space in your home where there are as few distractions as possible so you can practice mindful reading. Sometimes a comfy chair, side table, a bookshelf and a lamp are enough to help you escape to fictional worlds. It’s all about escaping the bustle of life one page at a time…

Find the best reading spot in your home

reading window

Image source: howark-design.co.uk via Pinterest

Before you start thinking about reading nook furniture and other ideas, make sure you find the best reading spot in your home. This space needs to be relaxing and peaceful so you can really escape your busy day-to-day responsibilities. So if your living room is full of toddlers, and toy bricks can be found in every crevice, then this probably isn’t the best place to have your reading room. Whereas for others, the living room could be the ideal, quiet spot to escape into a good book.

One of the best places to have a reading nook is on a window seat or at least by a window so you can make the most of the natural light as well as a pretty view if you’re lucky enough to have one. Or how about using that unused closet, the empty space underneath your stairs, or even an attic? The beauty of choosing the perfect reading nook is that it really won’t take a lot of time at all. If you’re undecided, why not ask a family member or a friend where they can envision your lovely, snug reading nook?

Get the lighting right

white armchair with dog on it

Image source: abeautifulmess.com via Pinterest

If you can’t have a reading nook by a window or if you like to read at night, then make sure the lighting is right. The last thing you want is to strain your eyes or give yourself a headache because your lamp isn’t bright enough. If you have a small reading area, choose wall sconce lighting to maximise the floor space. Before installing the wall sconces, sit in your chair and depending on how you sit, make sure the light is on the right wall. If you place a lamp on the wall that faces you, you aren’t going to reap the benefits as much if it is behind you.

Or, if you have a bit more space, we highly recommend an adjustable floor lamp that you can manoeuvre into place. Ones that are arched look sleek and stylish, but are very practical as well. This is because they literally hang over the pages as you flick through your book. Just remember that it is there when you stand up so you don’t bang your head! Otherwise, a simple table lamp is perfect. Just place it on the table next to your reading chair and it will be your perfect reading companion!

Every reading nook needs adequate book storage

book shelf and swinging chair

Image source: reddit.com via Pinterest

It’s pretty obvious, but of course it’s ideal if your reading nook is near a bookshelf or that you have one installed! That way you can easily reach for your next read or simply be surrounded by that wonderful book smell (you know what smell I mean if you’re a true book lover). Fitted bookshelf storage that takes over an entire wall is such a wonderful statement to make in a reading corner and really shouts out, “This person loves to read!” And what’s more, it just really sets the scene for when you’re reading in your world of books.

Of course not everyone can have a bookshelf feature wall or even a fake bookshelf wallpaper (shush! We won’t tell anyone that it’s not real). So instead, a small shelving unit or even a coffee table with books stored neatly underneath are still practical and pleasing to the eye too.

Add in a few personal touches

marble wallpaper and reading corner

Mural in photo: White Marble

What’s a home without a few personal touches? And the same goes when it comes to styling your reading nook. Remember – this isn’t a library. First and foremost it is a home, so always add in touches of your style or personality just like customer Sophia. Having a cute shelf next to your reading corner is the perfect place for photographs of loved ones. Not forgetting pretty scented candles (ones that smell like old books even)! Or simply little ornaments that reflect your love for literature. No one is judging you if you have a Heathcliffe ornament!

As well as a well curated shelfie, a really good idea for a reading corner is to have a custom-made wallpaper mural to separate the space from the rest of the room. For instance, this reading nook is part of a living room but is isolated by the stylish White Marble wallpaper that creates the illusion of a room within a room. So easy to install with the help of a friend, this is a dramatic way to create the ideal reading corner with as little hassle made as possible.

Have table space in your reading nook

green reading chair and side table

Image source: ariyonainterior.com via Pinterest

What’s a good book without a cool, icy drink or a steaming mug of tea? That’s why table space is a big must in a reading nook. If your reading corner is super small, then why not opt for a pull-out table or one that pulls out from the wall and can be flattened back afterwards? Alternatively, a small shelving unit with wheels can be wheeled out and wheeled away whenever you want!

Table space is not only great for placing drinks on but they can also be used for placing lamps, storing even MORE books or simply for putting your pretty plants on.

Choose the perfect footrest

neutral foot rest and blue chair

Image source: sugarandcharm.com via Pinterest

When enthralled in your latest book, sometimes you can forget how long you have been sat down for and pins and needles might start to set in. That’s why it’s good to have a footrest to keep elevating your feet now and again. Not only this, but they just boost the comfort factor up a few notches as well. And the thing with choosing footrests is that it's easy and quick to do but also is yet another opportunity to show off your unique sense of style. You can really go as bizarre or as simple as you like.

Why not choose a natural, wooden-legged stool with a neutral-toned patterned top? Or a Moroccan-inspired pouf that is multi-coloured and covered in tassels? Simply choose one that reflects your sense of style and it will fit into the room perfectly.

Choose a comfortable reading nook chair

jungle wallpaper and armchair

Mural in photo: Birds in Nature

One of the most important parts of a reading nook is a comfortable chair. Basically, if you’re uncomfortable when reading, you’re not going to keep going back to your reading corner. That’s why sometimes a preloved or an inherited chair are the best options because they have been worn in and are ultra cosy!

Don’t be put off by preloved armchairs. You can learn online how to deep-clean upholstery so that you feel comfortable and remove any unwanted smells. What’s more, if you go on a quick upholstery course or follow a few simple steps on online tutorials, you could completely reupholster a chair as well! If you live in a hot climate, avoid leather. Nobody wants to have to peel leather off the back of their legs after having been sat down reading for an hour! Instead, choose soft yet hardwearing fabrics that are comforting and keep you cosy all year long, no matter what the weatherman says.

Remember: You don’t need to spend a fortune…

woman reading

Think about what you already have. Lots of books, a reading light that gives off the perfect warm glow, your favourite woollen blanket or your best cushion that you’ve moulded into the ultimate, squishy shape. Then think about what you need, a comfortable armchair that will fit your chosen space. Could you find a preloved one from a thrift shop and give it a deep clean or even re-upholster it? How about finding some aromatherapy candles to really create a sense of calm? Ones with lavender or rose notes will create a calm ambience in your reading room.

Love our reading nook ideas? Let us know how you made your own by leaving a comment below.

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