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three images of quirky customer homes

30/03/2022   POSTED BY

Take a Peek Inside Our Quirkiest Customer Homes!

Over the years, we have been amazed at the creativity of our customers who have transformed plain rooms into quirky, beautiful spaces. More than anything we could have imagined, they have shown how much our custom-made wallpapers can completely alter a room: its ambiance, style and presence. We have been wowed by hip ‘70s style dining areas and cheat window views to mouth-watering wine walls and even make-believe camping bedrooms.

To show you how creative our customers have been, we have accumulated just a few of the most quirky rooms for you to be inspired by. And it wasn't easy bringing it down to just 15 - there are so many! It’s all about having a vision, choosing a wallpaper design and then planning the rest of the room around it. Are you ready to take a peek?

Quirky retro wallpapers for a ‘70s style dining

colourful shapes wallpaper in retro office

Mural in photo: Diamonds Geometric

This dining/home office area is the perfect quirky space to make the most of this Diamonds Geometric wallpaper. The bright colours and psychedelic pattern simply ooze retro style which we love. The Rambling Man really knows a thing or two about making a show-stopping room.

Mind-boggling windows that make you take a second look

beach window mural in bathroom

Mural in photo: Beach mural from Extended Range

Customer Catherine had us taking a second look when we saw this photo of her beautiful bathroom. By installing a window effect wallpaper above her bath, she has created the illusion of a real window which has instantly made this small space appear much larger.

Mouth-watering wine wallpaper to get the party started

wine glasses, grapes and cheese wallpaper with customer pretending to drink wine

Mural in photo: Cheese and Wine

If you love a glass of wine or hosting for family and friends, then this Cheese and Wine mural from our food and drink collection is for you. Sent in by customer Adrienne, this delicious wine wallpaper was a great addition to their home showing their love for all things cheese and wine.

Colour burst trend rooms that ooze joy

abstract colourful shapes wallpaper in bedroom

Mural in photo: Meditation mural

Customer Nicolette has created a cheerful ambiance in her bedroom with Shandra Smith’s Meditation mural. This colour burst trend wallpaper fits in perfectly with her quirky bedding and bright green walls.

Black and white photography to take you back in time

black and white toned vintage photo wallpaper in dining room

Mural in photo: First Nighters

If you are an old soul at heart, then a bygone time wallpaper could be for you. Just look at how wonderful this black and white toned vintage wallpaper looks in customer Debs’ stylish dining area. The next time she hosts a dinner party, everyone will want to get up and play an instrument or serenade everyone!

Bring the outdoors into your kid's bedroom

camping abstract wall mural in kids imaginative bedroom

Mural in photo: Camping wallpaper

The home stylists from Interior Design Studio really knew how to bring the wild outdoors into this adorable kid's bedroom. The fake log fire, wooden seat, boat/bed and our amazing Camping mural all work wonderfully together. It makes you feel like you’re about to toast marshmallows! What a fantastic imaginative kids' bedroom.

Blown-up terrazzo to add to sustainable home design

terrazzo wallpaper in eco friendly home office

Mural in photo: Brown and Black

Home design influencer Natasha @la_sidhu made her office area beautifully quirky in a sustainable way. We adore how she paired this Brown and Black terrazzo wallpaper with natural décor made from wicker and rattan.

If you are passionate about sustainability, know that all our wallpapers are eco-friendly too. They are made with environmentally-friendly inks and are recyclable for after you have finished with them.

Roarsome faux fur print murals for the dining area

animal print wall mural in industrial dining area

Mural in photo: Jaguar Print

Get roarsome interior design with a faux animal print wallpaper such as this Jaguar Print wallpaper from Wallsauce.com. Home stylists @crdecorandspray have completely transformed this industrial dining room so that it has a wild side to it.

Quirky graffiti wallpaper for a cool kid's bedroom

colourful graffiti wall mural in kids bedroom

Mural in photo: Graffiti Urban Art

How much of an amazing reaction would you get from your child if you installed this cool Graffiti Urban Art mural in their bedroom? Paired with brightly coloured bedding, this child-friendly graffiti art wallpaper creates the ultimate cool bedroom. Customer Vincent has also done a great job at cutting the mural around the window as well.

Stylishly quirky 3D effect wallpapers for a monochrome lounge

black and white toned window wallpaper in stylish living room

Mural in photo: Window wallpaper from Extended Range

We love how effective this window effect wallpaper is in customer Kayleigh’s monochrome living room. It’s another window mural that makes us look twice. Paired with dark room accessories, this black and white wallpaper is quirky and utterly stylish as well.

Summer houses that transport you to the Mediterranean

italian cafe wallpaper inside summer house

Mural in photo: Old Town Cafe, Italy

Steve has created an amazing space here in his summer house with our façade wallpaper Old Town Cafe, Italy. Placed on the back wall in his garden shed and paired with comfortable garden furniture, he has created his own little Italy in his garden.

Designer kitchen wallpaper for a quirky cooking area

illustrated, colourful kitchen wallpaper in kitchen

Mural in photo: The Kitchen

Customer Debs' breakfast room is certainly a quirky room. Have you worked out which part of the kitchen is real and not real? By installing this The Kitchen wallpaper around the kitchen top, what was once a very plain room has been transformed into a whimsical dream.

Achievable wine cellars at a much lower cost

wine tunnel wallpaper in home bar

Mural in photo: Wine Cellar

For those who have always dreamed of having their very own wine cellar, this is the best quirky home idea for you. By installing a wine mural on the wall, using an upcycled wine barrel as a table and having rustic stools they have created their very own wine cellar!

Just don’t forget to have a large wine rack with your favourite tipples. What an amazing transformation by @p.a.bleasedecoratingspecialist.

Maximalist rooms that will drop jaws

leafy green jungle wallpaper in maximalist bedroom

Mural in photo: Tropical Landscape 2

If you want maximalist bedroom inspiration, then take a look at @colourmadetheroom's creation. We adore the mix of bold colours and patterns in this jaw-dropping bedroom. Maximalism is all about blending and mixing different shades, texture effects and shapes to create show-stopping design.

Quirky wallpaper ideas that are cheesy in a good way

black and white cheese wallpaper in kitchen with man

Mural in photo: Cheese Stacked

One of our customers was really impressed with their cheese wall in their home. We absolutely love this Cheese Stacked mural and how they have used our black and white tool to change it from the original coloured image to a monochrome masterpiece.

Which is your favourite quirky customer home? Let us know by leaving a comment below. If you want to see more of our customer homes, why not take a look at what they were up to in 2021?

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