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three toilet design ideas

11/04/2024   POSTED BY

Unique Toilet Decor Ideas to Wow Your Guests

Is bathroom décor a bit of an afterthought in your home? While many people get experimental with living, dining or cooking spaces, bathrooms tend to follow a generic design blueprint. In fact, bathrooms are often predictable and safe. But our unique toilet décor ideas could be just what you need to level up your interior design game…

From ultra-modern and flashy to rustic and organic to unusual and quirky, there are so many ways to make your bathroom stand out. Isn’t it about time your bathroom became the talking point when guests come over? Here are some fun and unique design ideas to bring your bog to life!

Tropical jungle vibes

pink jungle wall mural in luxury toilet

Photo by Siesta Home. Mural in photo Pink Jungle

Being surrounded by a beautiful vision of nature when nature calls…now that makes a lot of sense to us! Imagine being able to ‘do your thing’ in a leafy green heaven. But that’s not the only reason having a verdant jungle theme is one of our favourite toilet décor ideas to embrace in 2024.

There’s a big shift to wellbeing-led interiors right now, and adding greenery to your home is one of the fastest and easiest ways to instantly lift your mood. The colour green has a calming effect on the mind, helping to lower cortisol (the stress hormone) in your body.

This is true when you look at research on neighbourhood green spaces being linked with lower levels of perceived stress, as well as the use of colour therapy used in interior design.

So if you love the tropical jungle trend and want to improve wellbeing in your home, this funky ‘Pink Jungle’ wallpaper (as seen in our customer’s bathroom) could be perfect for your bathroom space.

Themed toilet idea

octopus wall mural in toilet

Photo by Michala. Mural in photo Underwater Dream IV

The sound of swelling and crashing waves is extremely soothing to listen to. This is due to something known as “acoustic camouflage”, which is a passive sound that drowns out other noises and distractions, creating a safe and relaxing space for complete peace and escapism.

Furthermore, just the sight of the ocean can be calming for the mind. Simply being surround by water gives us a sense of something greater than ourselves, which is the key to making us feel gratitude, providing perspective on all of life’s stressors and making our brains happier.

So when it comes to ocean-themed bathroom décor, we’re 100% here for it. This ‘Rolling Waves’ mural makes a serious splash in any home, and works well with all-white bathrooms that demand a little ‘je ne sais quoi’.

Cosy period bathroom

classic 3D mural in small toilet

Photo by David. Mural in photo Palace in Venaria

There’s a real buzz for period bathroom design at the moment and we’re getting so nostalgic about it. Perhaps it’s driven by the popularity of historical dramas like Bridgerton and Downton Abbey, or maybe traditional design is finally making it back to us full circle.

Whatever the reason, we’re fully committed and we’re enjoying everything from Neoclassicism and Greco-Roman styling to the return of Victorian and Georgian features. One of the hottest trends for bathrooms is the freestanding bath tub, especially in typical Georgian design.

You can elevate this look with an ‘old-fashioned’ floral mural (one that reminds you of your grandmother’s bathroom or a period wedding venue you once attended). Our William Morris wallpaper collection is a great place to start if you’re looking for inspiration.

Or if you have a small toilet and need to create the illusion of space, why not add an architectural wall mural – like the one our customer, David in his home above.

Dripping in gold…

green watercolour mural in toilet

Photo by @holyporthouserenovation. Mural in photo Teal and Gold

One of the easiest ways to add instant luxury to your home is with a marble mural. This is one of the best toilet décor ideas for cramped downstairs toilets because it’s a tried and tested trend that will look high-end for less, making your home super social media friendly.

We love how our customer has used our ‘Teal and Gold Watercolour’ mural with gold metal finishes for a thematic feel. The gold faucets and hardware make this toilet a great talking point, and the toilet also embraces the green and gold interior design trend.

The use of gold in bathrooms help to radiate warmth, luxury and sophistication, and can instantly modernise a tired space.

The botanical toilet

green botanical mural in toilet

Photo by Donna. Mural in photo Garden Sage

This ‘Garden Sage’ wall mural is great for adding colour and a touch of nature to a small toilet space. Like all designs by Carol Robinson, the mural design is both subtle and intriguing, creating a nod to the botanical trend without overwhelming the interior story.

Our customer Donna Shenton has enhanced the look with some really unique finishes too. The lattice mirrors help to bounce light around the room in a chic way, while the striped blinds bring a Parisian edge, and the artificial grass toilet mat just ties it all together. Every time you go to the toilet, you’ll feel like you’ve entered into a secret garden!

Toilet décor ideas with Feng Sui

chinoiserie mural in downstairs toilet

Photo by Julie. Mural in photo Chinese Chinoiserie

While Feng Sui is mostly upheld by anecdotal benefits, with no real no scientific evidence to back it up, there’s no denying that the main rules of Feng Sui do make sense. Think about it: balancing colours, decluttering your space and keeping passageways open all help to create a comfortable and functional home.

You’ll also find references to symbolism, such as the symbol of bamboo for nourishment, the Laughing Buddha for happiness, or the much-loved Koi Carp fish which represent prosperity and abundance. Even if you’re not big on Feng Sui symbols, having any reference to nature can be soothing for the soul.

What do you think to our toilet/bathroom décor ideas? Would you consider any of these trends in your home? Love or hate, let us know your thoughts in the comments below…

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