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pink and green jungle wallpaper

21/07/2022   POSTED BY

8 Pink and Green Wallpapers to Change Your Life

That’s right – we said it. We’re putting the spotlight on two colours that will make your life better. Sure, it’s a bold statement: but pink and green really can do wonders for your state of mind. It all stems from the psychology of colours and the associations our brains make when looking at different colour palettes in the home.

And green and pink? Well, that’s just a match made in heaven. Both colours bring something different yet similarly wonderful to your space and they are surprisingly well paired. In fact, this palette works so well together that the combination inspires even the most unwavering pink-haters (*raises hand*).

Pink and green wallpaper can instantly transform an outdated space and here are the reasons why you won’t regret adding it to your home…

1. Pink instantly revives old trends

pink and green parrot leaf wallpaper in bedroom

Mural in photo: King of Parrots

Nothing is more draining than looking at an outdated room in the house. Subconsciously, our surroundings can affect our mental state. If your home is well-kept, organised and tidy, it can be easier to concentrate. If your home represents chaos, it can be hard to relax.

The same may apply to our choice of interiors. If your décor is tired, lacklustre and uninspiring, you may very well feel the same within yourself. Simply put, a worn-out space isn’t just aesthetically unpleasing – it can chip away at your mood and make you feel less motivated.

The jungle trend has been around for a long time, which can lead to some elements of trend fatigue. One way to instantly inject a bit of life is to add a lifting shade like pink!

2. This colour duo connects you to nature

pink foxgloves wallpaper in bedroom

Mural in photo: Foxglove Flowers

Wallpapers with herbaceous greens have been all the rage in 2022. This is because of their connection to nature and the outdoor world around us. Just a look out into the garden and you’ll see exactly what we mean – sage greens, olives, eucalyptus and mint are all of the most popular interior hues that have been pinched from our own yards.

Another colour that we see a lot in nature is pink. From blossom trees that line suburban streets in the springtime to the endless pinkish-purplish hues spread across wild meadows, this elegant colour palette is a reminder of why it’s so great to be alive.

3. Pink and green wallpaper is calming

olive green and pink abstract wallpaper in bathroom

Mural in photo: Olive Watercolour

There couldn’t be a more soothing partnership of colours than green and pink. While green is the colour of health, pink is considered to be one of the best colours to fight depression. Together, they form a powerhouse, lifting your mood and improving wellbeing in the home.

Green is intrinsically linked to nature and can bring a sense of hope, while also promoting feelings of renewal, adventure, self-control, harmony and compassion. And pink is gentle, while being linked to love, kindness, innocence, optimism and femininity.

Both are considered to be calming, non-threatening colours – perfect for helping you relax at the end of a hard day.

4. Green makes everything better (including pink)

pink background and green cacti wallpaper in boho bedroom

Mural in photo: cactus wallpaper from Extended Range

Pink and green wallpaper is a millennial favourite – and despite pink being a feminine colour, this duo is anything but ‘girly’. While girly can = empowering for some, not everyone likes this gender stereotype.

If we look back at the history of pink interiors, it’s easy to see how pink got left behind as a core colour. While it was a big interior trend in the 1950s and 60s, bold and bright pinks have since been reserved for teenage bedrooms only (thanks to toy doll brands turning it into such a popular colour for young girls).

If you’ve always loved the calming and soothing power of pink – but hate the idea of a ‘girly’ looking home – green can be the perfect way to balance out your interiors. Green is grounding, making everything better (and it happens to go with all colours).

5. Bring a healthy retro vibe to your home

pink and green wallpaper in bedroom

Mural in photo: Fruity Pink Jungle

This fun Fruity Pink Jungle mural creates a playful retro feature wall but it’s not for the fainthearted. It’s bold, it’s out there, and it’s bound to start conversations. A green and pink wallpaper also brings two incredibly healthy colours to your space, giving you an organic way to express your love of all things retro.

Jungle wallpapers aren’t just on-trend and totally instagrammable. They are also a good way of bringing the outdoors in. For city apartments with no access to greenery, they can do wonders for your mental health.

6. Enjoy the blooming botanicals day and night

pink and green wallpaper in living room

Mural in photo: Moonlight Peonies Garden

Love the idea of green and pink, but want something a little more sophisticated? Or something that’s darker, moodier and a lot more conducive for evening relaxation? This luxurious Moonlight Peonies Garden Floral wallpaper celebrates this year’s most sought-after botanical wallpaper trend while keeping things grown-up.

A floral mural like this can add bring the beauty of botanicals to any living space, giving you access to floral fractals at any time of day or night. Flowers are also known to reduce anxiety and stress, improve symptoms of depression, and be able to aid a restful night's sleep.

7. Pink and green can help to improve focus

watercolour green and pink wallpaper in office

Mural in photo: Green Grey Light Pink Bloom

If you’re looking for a colour scheme that will work in your home office, pink and green can be a brilliant choice. Not only are these colours calming as we have already discussed, but both of these colours also help to improve brain focus.

Green is one of the best interior colours for boosting concentration and productivity, while also helping you exercise better self-control (we wonder if this includes snacking?). While pink encourages natural relaxation, clearing the mind of distraction and everyday stressors, making it easier to focus on the task at hand.

8. Pink and green are happy colours

pink and green leaf wallpaper in dining room

Mural in photo: Pink Jungle Passion

As if we haven’t praised this stylish duo enough… another reason why we’re loving pink and green wallpaper is because of the happiness factor. Since the pandemic, homeowners everywhere have been thinking more carefully about how their surroundings make them feel.

If your home doesn’t spark joy or make your heart sing when you walk through the door, it could be time to redecorate. A bright pink and green wall mural like this one brings nature into your indoor space, while brightening up a dull room with two happy hues.

Green has been scientifically proven to lift the spirits and create a sense of peace, while studies show that pink can bring comfort and reduce stress in humans. So happy families all around…


Are you obsessed with pink and green interiors like we are? Do you feel like it’s done anything for your mental health and wellbeing? Or tell us about your favourite colour combinations below…

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