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rainbow slanted abstract wallpaper in trendy office

14/01/2020   POSTED BY

Office Interior Design Tips to Boost Productivity and Make a Winning Impression

People often say that their home is their castle and the place they feel most comfortable. We spend a lot of money redecorating our homes every single year and we generally consider it to be a worthwhile investment. Not only can a fresh lick of paint or a beautiful wallpaper print make us feel content in our environment. It also makes a great impression on our guests too.

Sadly, the same effort doesn’t always apply to the office. Many business owners let refurbishment plans fall by the wayside. They often let other important expenditures take priority. But, considering we spend more hours at work than at home, it’s just as vital. We need to create a comfortable and nurturing environment that promotes productivity. So what better way to motivate the workforce than with an office wallpaper? So, read on for some office interior design tips to raise morale, boost production and make winning impressions on clients.

1. Don’t stick with plain white walls (yawn)

It can be tempting to play it safe for fear of getting the décor wrong. But then you run the risk of creating an office that’s cold, clinical – and worst of all – boring. Boring is probably the biggest talent repellent for today’s discerning millennial workforce.

rainbow ink flowing in water on white background wallpaper in office waiting area

White is classic, but only when applied in the right way. The classic minimalist trend isn’t as effortless as it appears. It’s one of those office interior design tips that are a tricky dilemma, particularly for those who don’t know how to address the balance. But with a few simple tricks, you can add a bit of fun and creativity to your workplace without huge costs. Such as this stunning Colourful Ink in Water wallpaper in this minimalistic office waiting room. All this customer needed to do was add a few chairs reflecting the colours in the mural and they've achieved the perfect look.

Here’s how to get it right:

  • Refresh the wallpaper

Wallpaper is an easy choice for the office because it can always be changed at a later date. Beautiful feature wall designs can fill large, blank spaces at a reasonable cost and you don’t need a professional to put it up. So you can cut costs on labour.

autumn wallpaper in trendy office

  • Add a 3D wall

One of our favourite office interior design tips is to install a 3D wall mural. They are fabulous for opening up any small office area. This architect company installed this amazing Never Ending Corridor wallpaper into their industrial office space to create the illusion of a much bigger space.

white and grey 3D tunnel wallpaper in small industrial/raw office

We love this customer's hypnotic 3D mural in his office. This alluring 3D wallpaper is sophisticated and not overbearing, making it perfect for any productive workspace. We can’t help but feel that this customer’s stance is alike to a certain famous billionaire…

3D white and grey wallpaper in office with man sat at desk

  • Play around with monochrome

Don’t want your office to look like a hospital, but unsure about bright colours? Adding stylish monochrome wallpaper to your walls is one of the best office interior design tips for instant sophistication. This mesmerising Stormy Ocean Wave Barrel is absolutely calming while invigorating at the same time.

black and white wave in private office

This stunning office’s use of the striking Tyne Bridge wall mural is really clever. They have ordered this amazing mural in black and white: an option that can be made on any one of our products.

large office unit with small tyne bridge wallpaper outside office block room

As well as spicing up a plain white wall, it adds an injection of interesting pattern to help bring the room’s interior to life. It also provides a fabulous talking point for clientele and guests when they visit the office.

2. Office interior design tips to create a stunning focal point

Do you want to get the creative juices flowing in your team? Designing a space that helps them think conceptually, collaborate effectively and come up with your next big, ground-breaking idea requires a bit of flair. For creative job roles in particular, a beautifully designed office is so important. People want to feel like they work for a company that inspires them – 1970s Artex or drab office carpet is unlikely to hit the spot.

Here are ways to create a focal point that truly inspires:

  • Add art to the walls

Another one of our office interior design tips is to install an art wall mural. Art prints and getting them framed can be costly, especially when you have a lot of wall space to fill. An inspirational art mural can give you a fantastic feature wall that centres the focus in one area of the office. Whether you love Monet, Van Gogh or something more modern, make sure it’s a talking point.

vincent van gogh field wallpaper in modern office

  • Inspire with photography

Photographs capture moments in time and they can be interpreted in a multitude of ways. Trendy photo wallpapers can transport people to a different frame of mind entirely. Use images of nature to reduce stress in your workforce or a city skyline to make them feel purposeful. Or, why not choose images of people to stimulate free thinking?

manhattan cityscape wallpaper in large modern meeting room

3. Turn to Mother Nature for design ideas

One of our other successful office interior design tips is using nature to boost workforce morale. The colour green is calming and soothing and it’s often used as a symbol of health. Simple colours have the power to make people happy. Beautiful landscape wallpapers, misty forests and big juicy leaves are also good for us. They do wonders for the soul. This soothing Smokey Misted Forest wallpaper is ideal for calming the nerves and focusing the workforce on productivity.

mist covered alpine forest in trendy office

If you want to improve office productivity, first work on the things that improve wellbeing. Here are some things you can do to incorporate nature in your office décor:

  • Use beautiful botanicals

Fresh botanical wallpapers can be the perfect way to bring the outdoors in. Something like a leaf print wallpaper or jungle wallpaper can really add a sense of calm in the workplace. This helps people manage stress whilst also aiding towards creativity.

palm leaf on pink wallpaper in home office

  • Escape to a better place

No matter how much we enjoy our jobs, few people would turn down a trip to The Alps or a beautiful lakeside retreat in Canada if they could be there instead. Everyone needs a bit of escapism to stay sane. Sadly, we don’t live in a world where we have the income nor time to take constant vacations. So, an invigorating mountain mural will have to be the next best thing.

mountain and lake wallpaper in trendy office

4. Use colour psychology to motivate

As we’ve already established, colours are incredibly powerful and can affect our mood and state of mind. According to colour psychology experts, blue is the most productive colour for the workplace. It has the ability to rid the mind of distracting thoughts and helps to calm you. But blue doesn’t work for everyone. For designers, writers, artists and creative thinkers, colours like yellow would be more productive. Stunning shades of yellow have the ability to stimulate and get the creative juices flowing. Red can stimulate and motivate people in a physical way, making it a good colour for certain types of labour. On the other hand, green has a fantastic balance that can work in a lot of settings.

rainbow abstract wallpaper in modern office

Or if you want to combine all the colours, choose this rainbow Joyful wallpaper for your office.

There’s a lot to think about, but here’s how you should approach it:

  • Create different spaces

Designate different areas for different things and apply colours that way. For instance, use green in the admin zone, relaxing blues and neutral colours in the breakroom and yellow in creative meeting rooms.

green forest wallpaper in relaxing office

  • Experiment with geometrics

Bring different colours together with a stylish and modern geometric wallpaper. This designer Fooling Around wallpaper is cool and contemporary. Perfect for impressing clients or attracting new talent.

Colourful Geometric Wallpaper

  • Add colour with small décor items

Small decorative pieces are a good choice because they aren't as permanent. If you don’t want to commit to wall paint or wallpaper, opt for a few smaller décor items for the desk instead. These wonderful desk accessories from Etsy are perfect! They add style and colour to a work section with minimal effort.

art desk mat, stationary book shelf containers and plant

Image source: Etsy

Ready to get refurbing? Let us know what you think of our office interior design tips and share your ideas in the comments below.

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Amy @ Wallsauce


Hi Alexandra! We're glad you like the post. :) If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us at info@wallsauce.com.



Wall color is very fantastic. Like the post. Thank you for the post.

Reno Macri


I certainly agree that office refurbishments should take priority. We spend a significant amount of time at our places of work, after all! Office design can help to boost productivity and have a positive impact on employees. I love the design suggestions in this article – thank you for sharing!

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hello Reno! You're quite right. We do spend a lot of time at the office so it's important to make sure it is an inspirational space we enjoy working in.

Charlotte Fleet


It makes sense that you can improve your office productivity by designing the space in a way to boost well-being. I imagine that a commercial interior designer could help you do just that. My mother-in-law wants to help her employees be more productive, so I'll advise that she hire a professional designer to help her spruce the office.

Rachael @ Wallsauce


Hello Charlotte, thank you for your comment and it's lovely to hear your mother-in-law is striving to keep her employees productive. We hope your mother-in-law's plans are successful!

Tex Hooper


 I like what you said about adding blue coloring. That seems really peaceful in the office. I'll have to consider getting some blue couches to liven the space up. 

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hi Tex! Blue is definitely one of the most calming colours. My favourite is an ocean sea blue!

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