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colourful think big quote wallpaper in trendy office

13/07/2022   POSTED BY

Motivational Wallpaper to Inspire You!

Motivational wallpaper is interior design’s answer to keeping your eye on your life goals. It doesn’t matter which ambition you are striving for, surrounding yourself in an inspirational environment will remind you to keep going. It's about not giving up and keeping your eye on the end result.

It may be that your purpose in life is to be the best parent you can be, to lose enough weight to have a healthier BMI, to earn a million pounds before you reach 40, or to simply make the most of every day. Whatever your dream may be, we are sure to have a motivational wallpaper to mirror your goals!

Gym motivation wallpaper to burn away those calories

mural of lady jogging with motivation quotes wallpaper in small gym

Some of the highest goals out there are fitness and weight loss. You may have been told by your doctor to shed a few pounds for health reasons. You may just want to lose enough weight before a special event. Or you find that keeping fit helps you to clear your head and look after your mental health.

When it comes to the gym, whether at home or in the local recreation centre, motivational quotes for exercise are some of the best ways to get you to do that extra 5 minutes on the treadmill. Remind yourself that, “Success trains failure complains” like in this Personal Trainer's gym room: a joint creation by the customer and our design team. Repeat the mantra to yourself when the going gets tough or even when you want to eat that treat that you really don’t need.

vineyard and wine motivational wallpapers in home gym

Murals in photo: Panorama Collinare con Vigneti and Cheese and Wine

To you, a gym motivation wallpaper may be a reminder of why you are working out. One of our customers, Adrienne Hartley, adorned her home gym with two fitness motivation wallpapers. One of a beautiful vineyard and another with a tray of delicious wine and cheese. When she is working out, she is reminded of the treats she can enjoy afterwards!

We’ve noticed that this home gym is especially close to the kitchen - perfect for grabbing a well-earned snack (or glass of wine) afterwards!

Bedroom motivational wallpaper for a fresh new day

pink blossom flowers in grey and pink bedroom

Mural in photo: Japanese Cherry Tree in Blossom

One of the other popular goals is mindfulness. One way to make sure you have a healthy mind is a healthy sleep pattern. Start the morning on the right side of the bed every day with a motivational wallpaper on your bedroom wall. When you go to sleep at night, make sure one of the last things you see is your stunning feature wall, relaxing you into the perfect night’s sleep.

sun frenched forest wallpaper in calm bedroom

Mural in photo: Forest Sun

Whether you want to relish in the vast landscape of mountain tops, enjoy the clean white sands of a tropical beach, or be energised by a sunlit forest, nature inspirational wallpapers are perfect for the place where you sleep. They bring a balance of energy and calm, perfect for those drowsy mornings and anxious nights.

Inspirational children’s wallpaper for big dreams

motivational wallpaper with quotes in children's bedroom

Mural in photo: All Things are Possible

All parents want the best for their children’s welfare and when it comes to their goals and dreams, it’s important to go one step further to encourage them not to give up on their ambitions. For instance, does your little one want to travel into space? Choose a galactic wallpaper to remind them of their big dream! Does your daughter want to play for her country’s football team? Surprise her with a realistic stadium wall mural! Or does your son simply need a reminder that “All Things are Possible if you Believe"?

earth motivational wallpaper in boy's space bedroom

Mural in photo: Realistic Planet Earth in Space

Just like us, our children’s goals are extremely varied! Take notice to see what your child thinks about none-stop and really help to set them up to meet their goals - even if going into space might take a little longer than expected! Just look at this amazing space inspired bedroom by mother Nathalie Barden @a_mothers_retrospective. She created this inspirational bedroom for her son’s 11th birthday! What an amazing gift!

Motivational wallpaper for a go-getter's office

colourful quote motivational wallpaper in cool, white office

Mural in photo: Think Big

It doesn’t matter if you work at home full-time or are still going into the office, a motivational wallpaper for the workplace is a great way to stay on track and progress onwards and upwards. From colourful quotes wallpapers that are bursting with energy to calming hilltops that are so realistic you can almost feel the wind combing through your hair.

An inspirational wallpaper in the office is always a good idea because it will help towards one of life's biggest goals - our careers. Many of us are always looking to get that next promotion, earn more money for our family or have always dreamed of being a millionaire.

panoramic mountain wallpaper in office

Mural in photo: Lush Green Mountains

This customer photo from Nick Horder at Ruffer has always been one of our favourite inspirational office wallpapers. Placed along a huge storage cabinet, this rolling green hilltop wallpaper has created a stunning room with a view in what would have been quite a claustrophobic space! Perfect for when you need to rest your eyes from the screen and re-energise yourself! If you look closely enough, you might see a familiar character who is singing amongst the hills

Motivational wallpaper to ignite ambition in schools

large panoramic celebrity quotes motivational wallpaper

If motivational wallpaper needed to be anywhere, it would be in the educational environment. A space to inspire, intrigue and motivate its students to achieve the unimaginable. To work towards reaching their dream career roles whether they want to be a Doctor, Teacher, Designer and more!

This stunning panoramic motivational wall mural was designed by the school and our design team. Full of motivational quotes for success from present to historic icons, we’re sure the students at William Howard School take a look when they are needing a push to reach their goals. It’s the perfect motivational wallpaper for students.

Let us know which motivational wallpapers you feel driven by and leave a comment below!

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