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large gym with teal walls and vast equipment

11/06/2020   POSTED BY

Gym Design Ideas You Need to See

Whether you have a gym in a public space, in your home or in a residential block, gym design is key to creating the perfect ambience as well as utility in any workout area. The design of a gym needs to make the experience of going there a good one: it has to be easy to use and a desirable place to spend free time. There’s no point in creating a dark, cramped, stuffy workout area that you’d rather stay miles away from: especially on those days when you’d rather sit in front the of the telly and eat half of a Victoria Sponge!

Instead, gym design must take into consideration the main factors addressed below. That way you will create a space that is presentable, on-trend as well as inviting. Before you know it, you or your clients will want to spend more time there and as a result, start to reap from magnificent health and fitness benefits.

1. Use smart storage to increase workout space in your gym design

black and white photograph of stacked weights

Having smart storage is crucial in creating a successful workout space. This applies to a home gym and public facilities. By having just 5 inches more space to move in, you can really make a difference to your workout session.


One of the best ways to store hand weights, kettlebells and more is to opt for raised or wall shelves to make sure the floor is as clutter-free as possible. This again adds more space to work out in, makes it easier to keep the floor clean, safer because of fewer trip hazards and easier to use as a whole.

2. Opt for space-enhancing mirrors and lighting in your gym design

large modern gym full of natural light

Often, gym design has to deal with the problem of making the most out of tight spaces. Two ways of tackling this are lighting and mirrors.

An influx of refreshing natural light works for all design, not just at the gym. It brightens up the whole space and creates positive energy: a crucial factor when you’re working out!


Another important tip is to avoid harsh, man-made lighting. Choose softer options to create the illusion of natural light - especially if the space you are working with has a lack of windows.

trendy gym with mirror wall and large windows

One of the oldest tricks in the interior design book is using mirrors to maximise space. By placing a mirrored wall on one side of the room, you create a corridor effect. This draws the eye forward and, as a result, creates the illusion of having more space.

3. Have gym wallpaper murals to bring your gym to life

More than anything, when you are working out in the gym, you need to feel motivated to meet your goals. One way of creating an inspirational atmosphere is avoiding blank walls. Instead, choose a stimulating gym wallpaper.

Motivational sports wallpaper

snowboarder doing a trick wallpaper in a small gym with mirror

Mural in photo: Snowboarding

We love how one of our customers, Mike, installed this cool Snowboarding wallpaper in their gym. The icy landscape must help cool down his clientele when they’re in the midst of a workout! Plus, the white and grey tones of the fitness wallpaper compliment the colours in the rest of the room.

By cleverly placing a mirrored wall next to this luxury sports wall mural, they have elongated it and made it appear twice as large than it actually is!

Mood-boosting quotes wall murals

motivational quotes wall mural in small gym

One way to keep your clientele or yourself motivated when breaking out a sweat is by installing an inspiring quotes wallpaper! Just a few words such as ‘Success trains, failure complains’ could be just the ticket to making you do that extra 10 minutes on the rowing machine! We love this bespoke quote wallpaper created by one of our customers and our design team. You can do the same by choosing which image and quotes you would like and then the team will create the typography and the layout of the design.

Not only does this invigorating quote wallpaper motivate and inspire the users of this personal trainer space, but it opens up this small workout room as well.

4. Keep your home gym organised and separate

snowy mountain and forest wallpaper in home gym

We all love to work out but most of us also like to separate that time from the rest of our day. That’s why it is so important to keep a home gym separate from the rest of the house. We love how our customer, Nathan, chose this snowy mountain wall mural in his home gym. Find a similar wintry mountain wallpaper in our landscape wallpaper category.

grey illustrated world map in home gym with wall divider

Mural in photo: World Map Monochrome

You may have the luxury of a spare room that can be committed to all things gym-related. Or you might have a large room that can have a divider wall halfway to create one half as your personal gym. Whichever way you achieve it, try to keep it separate from the rest of your home life. Imagine having kettlebells sat in the corner of your living room. You really don't need a reminder that you haven't worked out that day whilst you're enjoying Netflix!

5. Residential gym design: entice the residents to work out (and spend money)!

light, airy and modern residential gym

If you own a residential gym that is built into apartment blocks or a communal living space, making the gym inviting and fresh is crucial to get the custom in.

Already residential gyms have an advantage over public gyms when it comes to the tenants. It’s literally on their doorstep, making prioritising time to workout much easier. However, that doesn’t mean you can get away with dark and dank gym design.

To keep customers happy, residential gyms must be bright, well-aired spaces with optimum workout space and top-flight equipment

Do you feel pumped up for a workout now that you have seen our gym design ideas? If you are craving for more, why not read more about luxury wall mural ideas for gym and leisure centres?

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Braden Bills


I want to get a home gym, but I'm not sure how to put it together. It makes sense that I would want to use smart storage methods. That seems like a good way to ensure that I have plenty of storage space for my weights.

Rachael @ Wallsauce


Hi Braden, thank you for your comment and we also would love a home gym! We're glad you found our storage ideas to be helpful.



Thanks for sharing this useful information! Hope that you will continue with the kind of stuff you are doing.

Rachael @ Wallsauce


Hello McKinney, we are glad you found the information in our blog useful!

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