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31/03/2022   POSTED BY

How to Make Your Open Plan Living Area Vibrant [Expert Advice]

Open plan living integrates several areas into one space; from the kitchen to the dining area, and to the living room. All zones are places with no formal partitions and allow everyone to hop from one area to another.

This modern approach to living creates freedom and allows for families to integrate. With that also comes the complication of zoning areas in the space.

Open plan areas can be tricky to enhance particularly when you have minimal walls for a focal point and lots of ground space to fill. The key to creating a vibrant space is to create impact with a feature wall. It is easy for everything to feel somewhat “flat” otherwise. But you can overcome this is through accents, layers and feature walls with impact.

classic open plan living room with tropical wall mural

Mural in photo: Wistful Cockatoo Jungle

Utilise wall murals in open concepts

If you are considering your open plan area, no doubt you’ll be looking to enhance the few walls you have. More often than not, this would be a wall that would either have a TV or a workspace or a dining area. The walls you enhance can make a statement and evoke a sense of feeling for that particular area.

One way to create a theme is to use wall murals. They can convey a unique feature wall as it would immediately draw your eye to the focal point in the room. When selecting a mural, find commonalities that would tie in your furniture with the scheme you’re trying to convey.

open plan bedroom with blue floral mural

Mural in photo: Cool Ether

This cool ether design balances the wooden furniture in the room with calm watercolour tones. It also goes to show you can still arrange your furniture in the foreground without impacting the wallpaper. The colours and textures work with an art like feel on the wall.

To build upon the design above, it’s also possible to use this as a background for a TV area or dining area. The fear with murals is that it can be too much. But, when you start layering your room and your wall with the right pieces, it almost blends with a space.

Make your open space multi-functional

Open plan spaces also mean, multi-function areas. If you’re combining areas within an open plan space; allocating a feature wall with a refreshing mural can immediately enhance it. Why not balance the outdoors with a mural that complements nature and creates a real wow factor in a workspace? This forest design does the job!

open plan office with forest wall mural

Mural in photo: Birch Forest Sunlight

Woodland design concepts are in! To awaken the natural sense of space, pair the wallpaper with ornate wooden furniture to bring the textures together.

Often, a mural can be added to a wall and it’s assumed the room is done. But, there is much more to it to create an ebb and flow around the whole open area. If you opt for a natural forest or wood themed paper, consider introducing wooden accents around the room.

In this instance, the desk complements the wall. Take it a step further and frame your floor with a jute or warm-toned rug to invite more of the neutral colours in. Frame the space with floor plants so that the elements of the wallpaper are introduced into the room.

Layer your room from the ground up so your mural has the space to shine and the surrounding elements of your room tie into the concept.

Set the mood in your open floor plan

open plan living room with vibrant mural

Mural in photo: Heathland

Simpler designs still offer the same effect but can create a different mood. This Heathland design offers warmth with reds and blues creating an inviting feel. Such a contrast to the first living room. It shows that any room has the power to be merged into different feelings according to the patterns and colours. So next time, you’re considering a vibrant room, opt for a scheme that can balance the colours.

If you are opting for a room with warmer tones, add in more hues that work with the contrasting colour for balance. In this instance tones of gold would enhance the space and create a cosy feel in the living area. Add in other accents of golds like vases or decorative pieces to harmonise the room. Building upon a room with decorative accents creates personality in the room. It acts as a mechanism to share who you are and what you love.

Choose a theme to suit your personality

tube map mural in open plan bedroom

Mural in photo: The London Tube Map

So often we think, “I’ll leave it as it is.” But bringing accents and pictures into a room creates something that no one else will have. The one thing about wall murals is that you can be transported to a different area altogether. Maybe you loved a place you travelled to and you want to invoke that in a room. Find the tones that represent that and add them to your room. You’ll never tire of that particular image if it means a lot to you.

My personal thoughts are, to bring more of what you love, what you do, and who you are into a room. A mural can mean different things to different people. So be different and make your home unique.

Not so brave?

If you are struggling to bring out that vibrancy in your room why not start small. A print can be the first push you need to enhance that wall that’s staring you blank in the face.

A reading area or corner would be the perfect place to add a piece of artwork with a pop! Abstract pieces are ideal as they are fluid. They can incorporate so many different colourways and it’s an easy piece to add to a wall without it being too much. Once you’ve tried a piece I’m sure you’ll want more!

Considering your own project to create an open plan living space? Leave us your tips in the comments below.

About the author

Leena Biant specialises in transforming homes and businesses to reflect you and your lifestyle. She is also a Wallsauce customer! She says:

"I love creating spaces that resonate with my clients. It can be something small or big, either way, it means more to create a unique, personalised space that means something to them. My ethos is,  'live, love and laugh in a home that reflects your personality and character through colour, style and personalised touches.'"

For more inspiration from Leena, you can head to her website.

Leena Biant

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