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Stone grey marble effect wallpaper with a grey sofa and golden accents

24/01/2023   POSTED BY

How to Make your Living Room Look More Expensive

The living room is the heart of the home and often the hub when it comes to entertaining guests so it makes sense that when it comes to décor you want the aesthetic to be luxurious and chic. So how do you go about making your living room appear expensive without winning the lottery? High-end furnishings and fittings can take their toll on your bank account but the good news is we have some top tips on how to make your living space look more expensive without breaking the bank.

De-clutter Your Décor

White living room with beige accessories with little clutter

Image source: ames-interiors-blog.com via Pinterest

The first step to making your living room look expensive is to de-clutter the space. We’re talking about clear surfaces, well thought out displays and key pieces only. Downsizing your living room décor and keeping clutter at bay will create the illusion of space and make your living room look instantly more appealing. Do an inventory of your current living room contents and keep only the pieces that you treasure. By being selective with the pieces you keep on show, you are able to create a living room that looks curated and organised rather than thrown together. 

Give your Walls a Makeover with Wood Panelling

Classic cream wood effect panel wallpaper with a blush pink sofa

Wall Mural in photo: Classic Panels

When we think of regal and grand homes, certain décor styles come to mind and you can use this as inspiration for your own living room. Traditional wood panelling can transform any living space and you don’t have to spend a fortune to re-create the look. A wood panelled wall mural is the cheapest way to inject a little luxury into your living room without embarking on a huge DIY project. Our Classic Pannels wall mural will help you create an upscale living room design in a flash without blowing your budget.

Swap Out your Handles and Hardware

Black and brass door handle on a white door

Image source: very.co.uk via Pinterest

You don’t have to completely refresh your living room design to create an extravagant aesthetic. A few small changes here and there can make a big impact. Handles and hardware add the perfect finishing touch to an expensive looking living room. Swap out basic light switches, cupboard handles, taps and door knobs and upgrade them by choosing unique finishes. Matte black, brass or copper handles and hardware are all luxurious touches that exude class and elegance.

Elevate a Room with a Stand Out Feature

Beige and cream living room with a beige chair and large wood framed mirror

Image source: wallmirrors.eu via Pinterest

Luxurious interiors go hand in hand with features that have the wow factor. A large ornate mirror can transform a space aesthetically but it can also make your living room appear larger, a great trick to learn if you have limited space. Place it behind your sofa or above the mantel or fireplace to give the illusion of higher ceilings and larger rooms. Freestanding mirrors have added versatility as you can move them around sporadically to change up the look and feel of the room.

Add a Luxurious Feel with Lighting

Black and white living room with a large black light hanging above

Image source: conceptsandcolourways.com via Pinterest

Innovative lighting solutions really have the ability to elevate your home décor theme and if you want to add interest to your room without adding clutter, pendant lighting is the answer. Lighting gives you free rein to create an aesthetic that is on par with your unique sense of style and gives you the opportunity to play around with and introduce different textures to your living room. Rather than one lighting source, include accent lighting to give the room a sense of luxe.

Make Your Move with Metallics

Wall mural in photo: Dreamy Marble Wallpaper

If you want to create a living room that looks expensive, it’s time to consider your colour theme. When we see professionally styled living spaces, you may notice there is a theme when it comes to expensive décor. It’s usually made up of neutral tones to create a timeless yet polished aesthetic. Rich gold hues and shimmering silver shades lend a level of opulence to a room that looks like a million dollars. Use a neutral colour scheme as your foundation and layer metallic touches throughout to really hone in on that upscale look.

Incorporate a Curated Coffee Table

Grey living room with a cool grey sofa and matt black coffee table

Image source: thechrisellefactor.com via Pinterest

The coffee table often takes centre stage in the living room so why not use some professional styling tips to give yours a curated feel? This is one area of the room where you can really be as creative as you want to be while adding a personal stamp to your décor. For a look that’s expensive and inspiring, you can display coffee table books, candles, diffusers, a trinket from your travels and last but not least a mini succulent or two. Your display should feature a medley of textures to create an impact.

While not essential, the foundation for any curated coffee table is an elegant tray but you can also create a striking coffee table display by using objects of different heights. A stack of books or a tall vase paired with candles is the easiest way to achieve this and the overall look will really take the eye on a visual journey.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our tips on how to infuse your living space with luxury and make a chic and stylish room look more expensive in a few easy steps. Which of our tips will you be trying first? Let us know in the comments below!

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