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teal green sofa with pink and orange cushions with art nouveau feature wall

08/12/2020   POSTED BY

Interior Styling Tips 2021: Easy Makeover Ideas

2021 is set to be an exciting and positive year and people around the world will likely be able to resume their social occasions and celebrations as before. Dinner parties and indoor entertaining could slowly return to normal, so making our homes look tip-top should be top of the agenda. Next year, the interior trends are just as exciting too…with references to nature, a big spotlight on organic materials, a pleasing palette of neutral tones, plus texture, texture and more texture!

Ready to go into the new year with a fresh outlook and rejuvenated décor? Here are some of the best interior styling tips 2021 has to bring, with quick and easy makeovers that anyone can do…

Dig out your travel trinkets and embrace the global trend

navy wallpaper with oriental plates and orange koi fish in room with sidetable and grey blanket

Mural in photo: Dynasty Fishes and Dishes

Remember that ‘tat’ that you boxed up from your travels? Or those charms and trinkets that never really fitted in with your minimalist design scheme? Or how about the china pattern fabrics that were cherished by your grandmother? Now could be the time for them to resurface as the interior design world goes gaga for international design. And we’re talking all the eclectic wonderfulness that comes with ethnic prints and patterns, colourful mosaics and tiles, as well as anything with an oriental twist.

One of the most effortless ways to enjoy the global influence trend is to refresh your wallpaper. Beautiful murals, such as this oriental Dynasty Fishes and Dishes design, can transform a living space in an instant. Finished off with some real gems from your travels and you’ll have an authentic home to show off to your guests. Vet the trinkets with care though and only pick the best (such as the ones that exude style and sophistication, or ones with the best stories to tell). And if in doubt, just remember that clashing = cool!

Create a textured talking point with a signature rug

room with blue-green geode feature wall with L-shaped grey sofa and big fluffy rug

Mural in photo: Spearmint Geode

There are many ways to create a focal point in a room. An exposed brick fireplace, a feature wall with eye-catching patterns, an overhanging floor lamp…these are all wonderful tricks to turn a dull space into something exciting. But what we’re obsessing over right now are signature rugs with gorgeous geode patterns. Not the tiny synthetic ones from a budget catalogue, but the fullest, fluffiest and most intricate ones you can find. Great rugs are an investment piece and they can serve your family for many years. So anything that feels soft under your feet (and promises to be durable) gets our vote.

You can also match a statement rug with our geode and marble wall murals, giving your home an eclectic, mixed pattern finish.

If you’re unsure of sizing and placement, here are some very simple dos and don’ts:

  • Do extend rugs under furniture (a rug should go under all legs of a table if possible)
  • Do leave equal floor space to show off beautiful wooden floors
  • Do fully cover high traffic areas (make sure people can walk across the rug comfortably)
  • Don’t skimp on size (it’s better to have a rug that’s slightly oversized than too small)
  • Don’t be afraid of colour and pattern (it doesn’t always have to match)

Introduce layers of nature with not-so-greenery

dried flowers and cotton in black vase on brown wooden chair

Bringing the outdoors in has been important this year, with many people looking for ways to improve their mental health as local lockdowns endure. Nature has the power to lift our mood and one of the biggest trends to watch next year are plants of the faux or dried variety. While we all appreciate fresh greenery in the home, not everyone has time for pruning and upkeep. If you’re guilty of letting your plants die of thirst one too many times, dress your rooms with faux foliage instead. Or if you still want that authentic nature vibe, dried flowers and plants make a beautiful alternative.

For serial plant killers, this is great news. And muted hay/straw tones of dried leaves such as palms or pampas grass fit right in with 2021’s neutral colour trend. So wave goodbye to those luscious greens for now and say hello to their parched but pretty cousins.

To amplify the plant appreciation, you can also create a scenic design theme with our range of botanical wall murals.

dried meadow flowers wall mural in simple room with wooden shelves and chair

Mural in photo: Aged with Beauty

This beautiful Aged with Beauty wallpaper is subtle, muted and totally on trend as a neutral colour option.

Follow Pantone’s interior styling tips for 2021

blue and white marble effect wallpaper in calm home office with wooden desk, buddha head and green plants

Mural in photo: Iceburg wallpaper

If you want a quick and easy makeover that doesn’t require renovation or a complete style overhaul, you can bring your house up-to-date simply by switching out some colours. The easiest way is to add in a few decorative items, such as vases or soft furnishings such as cushions and throws. You can also refresh your walls with a lick of paint or new wallpaper.

While the Pantone Colour of the Year is yet to be announced, the Pantone Spring/Summer 2021 colour trends suggest that forward colours are the main theme. Risky reds, empowering pinks and noble blues are on the menu, so don’t be afraid to take a brighter approach to design. Mix and match, or choose one bold colour with total confidence.

This sleek Iceburg wall mural by Katy Smeets is exclusive to Wallsauce and is a brilliant celebration of blues and purples. If you’re decorating a south-facing room that gets a lot of sunlight, this icy design is perfect for temperature balance. It keeps things tonal while adding a flamboyant pop of colour to your home and is a fantastic way to enjoy designer style on a budget.

Bring back art nouveau and give your walls a designer touch

art nouveau floral wallpaper with blue, orange and pink tones in retro lounge with teal, orange and pink sofa

Mural in photo: Nouveau Reflection

One of the best interior styling tips for 2021 for those who want simple and easy is to embrace wallpaper patterns. We’re talking big, bold and totally retro – anything that screams “look at me” as you walk in, but also blends in like part of the furniture.

If you haven’t taken advantage of prints in your upholstery, decking out your walls is a great way to add that high-end finish. We have a huge collection of designer wallpapers, many of them featuring surface pattern design, graphic and digital design, botanical art, and unique illustrations by independent artists. But our star of the moment is Nici Gabriel, an Austria-born designer who gets her inspiration from art nouveau, in particular the art nouveau revival in the 60s and 70s.

If you love the designs of this period, something nostalgic like this Nouveau Reflection wall mural can really bring a flat, tired space to life.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our quick and easy tips for revamping your home in time for the new year. If you want to keep up-to-date with interior styling tips (2021 and beyond), keep checking in on our blog.

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