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18/07/2023   POSTED BY

How to Create Cozy Maximalism in Any Room

Maximalists tend to find comfort in chaos – but that doesn’t mean that this design trend is cluttered or untidy. Rather, it’s eclectic and cozy. If you’re an avid collector, a world traveller, an art connoisseur, or just a lover of artefacts, you’re probably wondering how to achieve maximalism without the mess.

Well, let us introduce the current trend of cozy maximalism. This interior style is all about making your home as diverse, interesting and comfortable as can be – with a particular focus on the comfort part. If a room isn’t warm and drawing you in, then it’s just not hitting the mark, right?

Here are some of the ways you can achieve maximalist style in the coziest of forms…

Get Fruity with Wallpaper

maximalist fruit forest mural

Mural In Photo: Fruit Forest

Love colour? Love food? And love bold prints that aren’t florals or jungle? Then the citrus wallpaper trend may be just what your home needs for a juicy revival. A unique wallpaper like this one gives your space a point of difference and helps you achieve maximalist style in a fun way. It’s certainly a talking point for interior-loving guests, and it’s ideal for cozy country kitchens, large open-plan kitchen/diners, or other communal spaces such as your living room or hallway.

Layer on gold-framed artwork to add a sense of interior glamour and choose shiny metals for the perfect finishing touch. Or invest in deep, rich woods to keep things laidback and earthy. Big leafy potted plants are a must, and textural elements such as sumptuous fabrics are welcomed too.

Have Fun with Storytelling

maximalist flamingo jungle mural

Mural In Photo: Vintage Flamingo Jungle

If you’re a minimalism-to-maximalism convert, intricate murals provide the ultimate cheat code for adding interest and intrigue to your home. They work well in just about every room too – as long as you have the wall space, and everything else is balanced in terms of positioning placement and proportions.

By focusing on storytelling, you are able to spark joy through escapism and you can also make your feature wall a big focal point that attracts the eye. For rooms with a lot going on, this focal point is a game-changer.

What makes this ‘Vintage Flamingo Jungle’ wallpaper such a great choice for your feature wall is the use of muted tones. They are comforting to look at, making your room warm and inviting. Plus, the whole vintage maximalist look is so hot right now. Why? Probably because of the link to nostalgia….with objects, décor and design elements that remind us of simpler times!

Supersize Your Floral Prints

maximalist bouquet wallpaper

Mural In Photo: Big Bouquet with Poppies

Right now, it’s the bigger the better with florals. We’re talking full on flower power, magnified to huge proportions! Ditch the ditzy florals your granny loves so much, and instead opt for rich floral imagery in macro mode. It’s time to get super close to your subject, where the ebb and flow of each petal, each fractal, can be seen and felt at a glance.

It ticks the box for maximalism – but it also makes your home extra cozy. Because flowers are known to be soothing to look at, according to psychology. The curved silhouette of flowers soothe and calm, making any room a comfortable space to wind down at the end of a tough day.

Why else do you think the floral trend has survived so many years, never ever going out of fashion? And while this look has traditionally been seen as feminine, darker and moodier florals take on a more masculine form, giving you options for androgynous interior concepts.

Add Warmth with Sepia Tones

maximalist sepia jungle mural

Mural in Image: Seeing In Sepia

One of the quickest ways to turn your eclectic home into a cozy retreat is to choose warm colours for painting or wallpapering. With wallpaper murals, it can be really easy to transform a room. You can instantly change the mood with hues that soothe, calm and lift the spirits.

This Seeing in Sepia mural is a great way to add comfort by helping you relax. The cozy maximalism trend can be created with lots of real plants according to interior design experts, which are great for your mental wellbeing. But you can amp up the nature vibes with a jungle mural too. Leafy wallpapers not only add depth and texture to your space, but they can make everyone feel safe and happy.

Apply Navy With a Pop of Gold

maximalist blue pattern wallpaper

Mural In Photo: Ornamental Tiger Blue

We think that navy and gold is the perfect combo when it comes to cozy maximalism. The navy living room narrative has been around for a while now, creating an opening into the world of dark interior design, offering tentative trend-followers an accessible way to travel over to the dark side (slowly).

With navy, you get safe passage (phew) because it’s not as dark as black. It’s also extremely calming, while looking pretty darn sophisticated and grown-up. This ‘Ornamental Tiger Blue’ mural features pops of gold for added class and opulence, creating an easy colour palette to follow for the rest of your furnishings. Use as a feature wall and add plenty of framed art for depth and dimension – and don’t forget to bring the ‘outside in’ with live plants.

Enter the World of Art Nouveau

maximalist art nouveau wallpaper

Mural In Photo: The Times of The Day 1899

There’s something rather homely about the international style of Art Nouveau. This architectural movement came about in the 1890s and can be defined by the application of long, sinuous, organic lines and flowing shapes. Back then, it was a shift away from historical styles, adding a fresh new look of modernity to period properties.

Today, it can be seen as the go-between for clean and eclectic, as well as old and new, which is a great hybrid for coziness. This transitional effect makes it ideal for those who appreciate elements in both minimalism and maximalism. If you love this style, explore our range of beautiful Alphonse Mucha wallpaper, characterised by theatrical and stylised posters.

Go Dark for Cozy Maximalism

crane and ducks maximalist mural

Mural in Photo: Mandarin Ducks and Cranes

Dark wallpapers can be extremely romantic. And this is why darkness is so cozy for living rooms, dining rooms or bedrooms. If you’re worried about the room looking too dark or dingy, just be sure to have enough natural light and artificial light in all the right places (think effective lighting placement and using mirrors to reflect light around the room).

You can also pick out a few colours to run with, such as the muted blues, reds or gold/mustard tones in this ‘Mandarin Ducks and Cranes’ mural. Throw in some organic elements to tame the dark wallpaper and you’ll have a serene and tranquil room where everyone feels at home.

What do you think of maximalist styles in interiors? Do you think it’s easier to achieve than minimalist design? Let us know which trend you prefer in the comments below…

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