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beige coloured panelled walls wallpaper in farmhouse dining room

23/07/2021   POSTED BY

Farmhouse Decor for Every Room [Expert Advice]

Farmhouse decor: quaint, cosy and classic. It’s an interiors trend that has never really gone out of style, has it? It has always appealed to vintage enthusiasts, rural folk, and city dwellers who are seeking the slower life of the countryside.

This well-loved trend has been adapted over the years which could be why it has always been popular. Natural wood-paneled ceilings which were all the rage in the ‘70s are now coming back stronger than ever. Whereas shiplap exterior walls have always been a constant. And many have taken their own take on farmhouse style too: boho farmhouse decor with a cool, hippy edge or industrial farmhouse decor where traditional wooden floors are paired with bare concrete walls and naked bulb pendant lights.

Luckily for us, it’s clear to see that rustic this trend isn’t going away anytime soon. However, breaking it down to see how we can embrace it in our own homes can feel daunting. After all, there is a fine line between chic country living and feeling like you’re living with The Waltons. It’s all about balance and thoughtful decor choices. That’s where we’re here to help! Read on to see our expert room-by-room advice on how to achieve the perfect ranch style home.

1. The farmhouse living room

blue couch with dog in rustic living room

Image source: Afarmhousereborn.com

This may be open for discussion, but to us, the hub of the home is the living room. The spot where we rest in an evening, gather as a family, socialise with friends or have a quick cuddle with the family pooch. In the last year or two, this little room of sanctuary has become ever more important. It isn’t surprising to find that a calming farmhouse living room is the top pick for this family space. Jenny Stokes, Founder and CEO at MinimalJapan.com, explains why.

"During the pandemic, many people experienced increased levels of stress, and in others heightened anxiety as a result of the current events. As an expert in home decor, this could be an indication of the increase in popularity of rustic decor in homes. It provides a rustic feel to any living space, and embraces a calming aesthetic."

Jenny’s words really ring clear as to why ranch-style interiors have become even more popular! This country-style trend transports you to the open fields, fresh air and beautiful nature that the world provides. But what decor should we choose?

Window styling

opaque curtains in farmhouse decor room

Image source: marialouisedesign.com via Pinterest

Dressing your windows makes all the difference when it comes to addressing farmhouse decor living room ideas. They are your connection with the outdoors or your escape from the hustle and bustle outside. If you live a metropolitan life and your view is far from the countryside, consider light-inviting opaque curtains. They will help you stay private but still encourage natural light. Angela Boswell, Co-Founder and Curtain Expert at TheDrape.com gives us a few more ideas about window styling to suit a farmhouse living room.

"Dressing your windows with curtains can elevate a homestead lounge. I recommend natural fabrics like cotton, linen or blends. The curtain panels should be styled with backtabs or rod pockets. For a modern farmhouse living room, I love hanging a curtain panel from matte black clip rings. Adding a sheer layer to your window decor can add privacy for city dwellers. If light blocking is important, a blackout lining can be added to your curtains without deterring from the style of the room."

Farmhouse fireplace decor

cabin interior wallpaper in living room

Mural in photo: Chimney breast from our extended range

Farmhouse fireplace decor is a key component in a modern farmhouse living room. It’s one of those period property features that just ooze bygone times on the farm. Where you’d dry out your wet socks after a day farming in the rain or where you’d huddle on a snowy evening toasting bread on forks (basically just imagine a scene from Anne of Green Gables). Lead Interior Designer at Trendey, Andra DelMonico tells us how to create farmhouse fireplace decor.

"Having a fireplace in your living room is the focal point of the room. You could cover your modern fireplace or create a faux one with bricks. Then use a salvaged or reclaimed piece of lumber for the mantel. If you build a faux fireplace, you can arrange large candles or mount an electric fireplace in it."

If you are craving a stone chimney breast but the thought of actually building one scares you, we have the solution. Thanks to customer Deborah, we were enlightened on how much this faux farmhouse wallpaper has transformed this lounge into a cosy farm room! The addition of ivy placed cleverly above the faux beam just brings this farmhouse wall decor to life! Yes – you will need to take a double-take on what is real and what is not!

Farmhouse gallery wall

farmhouse decor gallery wall

Image source: Re-fabbed.com via Pinterest

One of our favourite homestead living room ideas is a rustic gallery wall. The beauty of a gallery wall is that you can literally display anything you like. So if you’re a keen collector or picker, this is your time to shine. Hang a woven basket that looks like it has come straight from picking apples from the orchard. Nail up that beautiful old door handle that you never knew where to display. Adorn farm-inspired paintings of fruit, barns and fields into your gallery as well. Most importantly, it’s an opportunity to show photos of your loved ones in rustic wooden frames.

2. Farmhouse bedroom decor

neutral rustic bedroom in farmhouse

Image source: Nextluxury.com via Pinterest

Now farmhouse bedroom decor. What better place to enjoy this relaxing, country interior trend? After all, it’s the perfect spot to relax, unwind and enjoy the perfect night’s sleep. The aim is to create a calm sanctuary where romance and sleep are the main priorities. Just like on an historic farm, unnecessary electronics need to go. No phones and no TV! And more importantly, like any room in a rural-styled home, avoid all retail items.

"Opt instead to look for items in antique shops or even at garage sales, where you can refurbish secondhand items. This will help your decor maintain an authentic country home look versus a commercialized piece from a department store." - Jenny Stokes (Founder and CEO at MinimalJapan.com)

Find a worn, white tin milk jug to display flowers and anything that you can reclaim to make into art to really bring your bedroom to life.

"Hang a salvaged or reclaimed wooden window frame on your living room walls. This emulates the idea that nothing goes to waste on a farm. The rustic nature of the window frame gives your home a lived-in feeling. You could place a photograph or painting or the country for a faux window. Or you could leave it empty with seasonal foliage draped around the frame." - Andra DelMonico (Lead Interior Designer at Trendey)

Floral farmhouse wall art and decor

light blue botanical wallpaper in boho bedroom

Mural in photo: Blue Wild Meadow

The bedroom is a great opportunity to enjoy romantic florals that mirror the outdoors. Not only pretty but flowers are said to benefit us in many different ways. They are great for improving your memory and boosting your mood and are even supposed to help towards good sleep. So what better place than your boudoir?

The easiest way to have florals in the bedroom is by installing a gorgeous botanical wall mural like this fabulous Blue Wild Meadow wallpaper. Designed by the vintage-inspired Sir Edward, this beautiful farmhouse wall art instantly brings a fresh, outdoors feel to this simple farm bedroom.

red toned dried bouquet of flowers

Another way to make your bedroom bloom is by having beautiful dried flowers. From large floor vases brimmed with on-trend pampas grass, dried fragrant roses and lavender hanging from the ceiling, or fresh peonies prettily placed on your vanity or window sill. Florals are surely a way towards creating a cottagecore bedroom. Think about doing a bit of crafting to create your own cute jars and vases too!

Wood everything!

dark shiplap headboard in farmhouse bedroom

Image source: boutiquerugs.com via Pinterest

Like any room in a country-style home, wood decor is the ultimate must-have. As well as a natural wood or stressed white painted dressing table, bed frame and bedside tables, having a shiplap style headboard will achieve a true homestead feel in your bedroom. Tony Grenier, CEO of Grenier Media tells us more.

"A shiplap style headboard will greatly enhance the country atmosphere in your bedroom as shiplap is a staple for that style. For added effect, paint the shiplap woods in warm, earthy tones. To finish the design, drape a soft cotton fabric on your bed."

Use neutral colours

neutral brown, beige and grey toned flower wallpaper in rustic bedroom

Mural in photo: Neutral Bouquet

A rural styled home relishes in neutral tones: whites, creams, greys and earthy pastel tones. And these calming shades are perfect for a farmhouse bedroom.

"Farmhouse decor commonly uses neutral colors for their calming effect. Avoid using bright, striking colors and instead use pastel or earthy tones. Plain white or pastel yellow can also work as highlights against wooden surfaces." - Jenny Stokes, Founder and CEO at MinimalJapan

To keep things minimal, choose two shades and use these throughout the room. For instance, brown and white. Choose white bedding and white bed-sided cabinets, brown toned painted walls, and earthy rustic wall art like this gorgeous Neutral Bouquet wallpaper.

3. Farmhouse kitchen

meadow flowers wallpaper in farmhouse kitchen

Mural in photo: Delicate Floral Meadow

If you are a family who is always in the kitchen, whether cooking and baking, doing homework on the kitchen table, or having a drink and a chat with friends, making a cosy farmhouse kitchen will benefit you greatly. But how do you create one and what farmhouse decor are must-haves?

A Belfast sink

green cabinets and belfast sink in kitchen

Image source: Houseandgarden.co.uk via Pinterest

A farmhouse sink, otherwise known as a Belfast sink, will completely transform the room into a farmhouse kitchen. This deep-set, white porcelain sink will give the ultimate vintage feel to your space. Not only do they look good but their vast size makes them so handy for washing dishing, scrubbing boots and soaking washing! Interior Designer at the Knobs Company, Savannah Philips tells us the benefits of these antique style sinks.

"A sink is one of the biggest sellers when it comes to the ideal farmhouse kitchen. Farmhouse sinks are available in stainless steel, fireclay, porcelain and even cast iron. A farmhouse sink is deep and has an apron front, which is great for doing dishes and cooking. A Belfast sink is typically white to fit the aesthetic of the rest of the materials."

Open shelving

faux red brick wallpaper in kitchen with shelves

Mural in photo: Old Brick Wall

One way to create a rustic kitchen is opting for open shelving such as in the room above. We think these look great against this faux brick wallpaper! Farmhouse shelves are perfect for displaying your farmhouse-style trinkets such as vintage scales, glass milk bottles brimmed with flowers from the garden, or a charming chipped hob kettle. Choose wooden shelves that are a similar colour to your farmhouse kitchen table. Support their weight with vintage black painted iron or decorative wooden brackets or why not get crafty with some rope?

Farmhouse dining room decor

beige toned faux panel wallpaper with grey dining set

Mural in photo: Beige Wood Panels

Another central part of a country home is where you eat! This hubbub of tasty food, chatter, and the ongoings of family life all seem to happen at dinner! Good or bad, where we eat is where we often talk over family issues and make many of our special memories. Birthdays, Thanks Giving’s, Christmas, or important announcements all seem to be made at the table! That’s why finding the perfect farmhouse dining room decor is so crucial.

Farmhouse table and chairs

wooden dining table and black chairs in dining room

Mural in photo: The Straits of Dover

Choosing the perfect farmhouse table and chairs will complete the look if chosen correctly. Even if the rest of the room isn’t ready, it will be clear to see the farmhouse dining room decor you are going for by simply choosing farmhouse tables and chairs.

Choose from white painted hand-turned leg tables with natural wooden tops. Saddle-seated wooden chairs with traditional splat backs or upcycled vintage tables with elegant long legs. If you want to explore with colour, why not contrast by sticking to a natural wooden table but painting the chairs black as done by our customer Stormy via Instagram. This room is the perfect modern farmhouse dining table. If you are looking for more industrial farmhouse decor, choose stackable metal chairs instead.

Farmhouse lighting

leaf decorated chandelier in dining room

Image source: thecrownedgoat.com via Pinterest

It’s surprising how much a bit of lighting can have on a farmhouse dining set. Light will highlight your beautiful tables and chairs and draw the eye to this part of the room, which is, after all, the main purpose of the room – eating! Industrial lighting featuring large naked bulbs or metal pendant lights hanging from chains is great for a modern edge. If you are more of a traditionalist, opt for a candle-style chandelier or iron ring fixture. Decorate it with faux ivy so that the greenery slightly drapes above your dining set.

Farmhouse bathroom ideas

wood rustic bathroom

There is nothing more quaint than a cute farmhouse bathroom. A place of escape for many toddler parents or somewhere to soak in the tub after a difficult day in the office. The bathroom is the perfect place for escape and feeling like you’re on vacation in the countryside only helps to notch up the relaxation levels.

Faux shiplap or faux walls

white wood panel wallpaper in rustic bathroom

Mural in photo: White Wood Wall

One of the most effective ways to create a farmhouse bedroom is to opt for shiplap walls. Layer upon layer of wooden panels will make you feel like you’re in a cute, cosy cabin, creating a sense of intimacy in your zen bathroom. But making a shiplap wall can be troublesome and difficult. Instead, why not opt for a wood panel effect wallpaper such as this gorgeous Old Painted Boards mural? Custom-made to fit your wall perfectly, you can create a shiplap wall in your bathroom in a day rather than in a week or more!

Vintage vanity sink

wooden sink vanity in vintage bathroom

Image source: popsugar.co.uk via Pinterest

One of our favourite farmhouse bathroom decor ideas is a vintage vanity sink. A gorgeous wooden table with a small square sink on top will create the illusion of a vintage wash bowl rather than a working sink – perfect for your rustic bathroom. Available to be bought as a set, you can also create your own vanity sink by repurposing an antique vanity table and buying the sink parts separately. Choose brassy gold faucets with a vintage look to bring the entire look to life.

Which is your favourite farmhouse decor idea? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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