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Dining room inspiration with a wooden table and grey chairs with a brown and gold marble effect wallpaper

02/12/2022   POSTED BY

7 Beautiful Dining Room Inspiration Ideas

The dining room is the place where you eat your dinners and breakfasts every day, they double as a study room, a party room and a deep conversational space. For such a multifunctional space, we thought it would be a good idea to walk you through 7 wonderful dining room inspiration ideas! Depending on your style, the vibe you’d like your room to have and how often you use your dining room, you’ll be sure to find an interior that catches your eye!

If you are looking for ways to inject life back into a sometimes-overlooked room, there are many design styles ranging from eclectic to minimalist. Whether you want your dining room to host elegant parties, be the talking point of your gathering, or simply a space to relax and eat some great food, your dining room deserves the same love and attention as the rest of your home…

Embrace eclectic style at your dining table!

Bright dining room with blue walls, a pink unit and a wooden table with green chairs

Image source: instagram.com via Pinterest

If you like a vibrant and powerful design style, why not go down the eclectic route? The secret to pulling off this style is to not hold back. Let your weird and wonderful design style seep into every aspect of your furniture, paint choices and accessories. Dining room inspiration can come from contrasting colours, such as pink and green work extremely well together, all you have to do is choose the same tone. One of the best ways to incorporate an eclectic style into your dining room is with various styles of furniture.

Choose a vintage sideboard but pair it with a modern table and colourful chairs. You can also get super creative and paint your own furniture if you are unable to find items in your preferred colour! This way you can have complete creative control over your dining room inspiration.

Dining room inspiration that embraces minimalism

Neutral dining room inspiration with white walls, a wooden table and black chairs on a wicker rug

Image source: mtnsidehome.com via Pinterest

Minimalism is also a great choice for those who may be short on room space. Just because your dining room might not be extra spacious, doesn’t mean your interior décor needs to suffer. A great way to add character to a small room is to layer varying materials, such as wood, wicker and glass, but also to include furniture with tall legs to make the room appear more spacious. Place down a large, rectangular rug for your wooden table and dark chairs to stand on.

Adorn your walls with a few picture frames and place a glass vase in the centre of your table holding flowers or soft reeds. If you have a window or a patio door that leads to your dining room, hang voile curtains to allow more natural light into your room.

Make way for a moody dining experience

Dark dining room with black panel walls and a black dining table with a dark grey rug

Image source: thehouseofsilverlining.com via Pinterest

Dining room inspiration can come from the darkest of corners… Black is a gorgeously versatile colour that can transform a room quicker than you can say 'Wednesday Addams'...

Should you be after a style that oozes elegance for all your prestigious dinner parties, moody interiors are a must! Keep your furniture a mixture of dark grey wood and your chairs black velvet. Place down a dark rectangular rug and paint your walls black for those of you who have o fear of the darkness! Or anthracite for those who don’t want to go too dark. A great way to achieve an elegant look with a dark twist would be to opt for one of our dark panel wall murals.

Adorn your table with beautiful dark plates and black chrome cutlery and use black accessories such as a gorgeous floral display in the centre and set tall, black dining candles on either side. Now your dining room is ready for your soiree to commence…

Ooze elegance with a marble effect wall mural

Dining room inspiration with a wooden table and grey chairs with a brown and gold marble effect wallpaper

Mural in photo: Dark Beauty

A great way to inject a hint of class into your dining room (especially if you are on a budget) is to install a gorgeous marble effect wallpaper mural. Marble is synonymous with luxurious design choices, making it a perfect addition to your dining room. A rich brown marble-effect wallpaper with hints of golden swirls will transform your dining room overnight.

Simply combine with rich wooden furniture and grey or bronzed accessories, such as your lighting choices and tableware. For the perfect finishing touch, place a tall bronzed vase in the centre of your table and fill it with tall, soft reeds or beautiful stretching greenery.

Feel the farmhouse vibes at dinner

Farmhouse dining room inspiration with a large white table and white chairs and a beige rug

Image source: lizmarieblog.com via Pinterest

Everybody dreams of living in a rustic farmhouse out in the beautiful countryside! Surrounded by green forests, wildlife and peaceful nights… But you don’t have to fork out large sums of money to buy yourself a farmhouse as you can recreate the same warm and inviting vibe through your dining room décor! For farmhouse dining room inspiration, think antique, mismatched furniture, distressed metal and strategically placed clutter.

A long, wooden table adorned with vintage watering cans and surrounded by varying dining chairs is the perfect place to start. For the rest of your décor, make sure you display items such as your plates and cups and if you have shelves and cupboards, try to keep these in different styles to really accentuate your farmhouse vibe.

Dining room inspiration taken from biophilic design

Dining room with white walls and wooden furniture surrounded by potted plants and trailing plants

Image source: apartmenttherapy.com via Pinterest

The biophilic design came into our lives slowly, with a violent shove when lockdown graced us all… We embraced this beautiful design style to keep us connected with nature and the outdoors when we were confined to homes for such a long period of time, but the thing is, we still love it!

Nature calms us, makes us feel grounded and can help to relax our busy minds, so what better place to welcome this design style with open arms than in our dining room? This is a particularly great interior style to replicate if you prefer to keep your dining space feeling laid-back and friendly.

Mix wooden furniture with an array of potted, trailing and hanging foliage to transform your space into a beautiful outdoor sanctuary (without any creepy crawlies!) Embrace wicker or terracotta accessories to really ramp up your natural, outdoor vibe.

Marvel at modern Victorian dining rooms

Dining room inspiration with modern victorian style with a dark floor, large wooden table and ornate picture frames

Image source: laurelberninteriors.com via Pinterest

If you want to recreate a classic dining room style but without outdated furniture and colours, you should try your hand at decorating towards a modern Victorian style. The modern Victorian style combines Victorian era design elements with modern elements.

The modern Victorian style can be a daunting task to perform as the merging of old and new may prick your creative anxiety levels, but a good place to start is by mixing ornate picture frames or a chunky Victorian table with modern white chairs. Keep your colour scheme neutral to accentuate your modern style if you prefer to display more Victorian furniture.

Which of these 6 gorgeous dining room inspiration ideas has ignited the interior designer in you? Let us know in the comments below!

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