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colourful graffiti wallpaper in stylish bedroom

25/02/2022   POSTED BY

These Designers Created Breathtaking Rooms

Over the years, we have had the pleasure of many high-end interior designers using our gorgeous wallpaper murals to upscale their clients’ homes. So what better way to celebrate their craft than showing you what they have been up to?

In this article, get excited to see a wide range of rooms. All showcase a rainbow of different styles representing the individuality and vision of each designer. From decadent designer bedrooms embellished in graffiti effect wall art to stylish home offices that look like they could be from a spy movie. Not forgetting illusional kids' bedrooms that could be in the wild outdoors! We have been majorly impressed by these designers’ fantastic tastes and creativity. Now it's time for you to take a look...

Designer home offices

beige toned world map wallpaper in mid century style office

Mural in photo: Antique World Map

First of all, we adore this gorgeous mid-century-inspired designer home office. With the 1960s style desk and chair, stunning world map wallpaper and retro chandelier, we feel like this has come straight from a vintage spy movie! Don’t you? Elegant and oh-so-very classy, Beck & Co Design have done a fabulous room makeover here.

blue and white flower doodles wall mural in 70s style office

Mural in photo: Flowers and Doodles Blue

Talking of retro, how groovy is this home office created by RHG Architecture and Design? This Flowers and Doodles Blue mural designed by Valentina Harper couldn’t look more perfect with this ’70s style desk and white shaggy chair!

navy flower painting wallpaper in blue and pink home office with couch

Mural in photo: Midnight Splash

Next, this stunning home office. Showcasing our popular Midnight Splash wallpaper by Carol Robinson, Grey Clover Interiors completely transformed this unstyled space into the most glamorous office imaginable. How wonderful would it be walking into this office every morning to battle your emails? We certainly have room envy!

Designer kids bedrooms

grey world map wallpaper in kids grey bedroom

Mural in photo: Grey Watercolour World Map

Many interior designers have embraced our stunning range of custom-made wallpapers in designer kids bedrooms. And haven’t they made a fantastic job of it… One of our favourite children's bedrooms was this room created by Jesse Lammers Design. They have perfectly matched this Rosana Laiz Garcia map with the bedding, rug and wall colour. Perfection!

colourful abstract mountain wallpaper in camping styled kids room

Mural in photo: Camping mural

Another mindbogglingly cool kids bedroom is this camping-inspired child’s bedroom designed by Interior Design Studio. With one of our Twisted Pixels mountain designs, this designer kids wallpaper comes to life with the pretend fire, log chair and of course, the boat! What a great role play area for them to enjoy!

hero with red cape wallpaper in designer bedroom for kid

Mural in photo: Superhero Watch

If your little one is a superhero in the making, just imagine how much they would love this designer kids bedroom created by MK Kids Interiors! By cleverly installing this superhero wallpaper across two walls, you almost feel like the hero is coming out of the wall!

photo of person kite surfing wallpaper in kids bedroom with bunk beds

Mural in photo: Kite Surfing in Waves

What a fabulous ocean-themed designer bedroom sent to us by Bold by Design Interiors! Installed on a wall next to a two leveled room, this Kite Surfing Waves mural is a fantastic feature in the room. And doesn’t the shark plush toy really add to the nautical theme? We love it!

pastel toned world map wallpaper in kids bedroom with monkey teddy and guitar

Mural in photo: Classic World Map

Another great use of map wallpaper in a child’s bedroom, this First Sense Interiors room is the ideal room for a future backpacker! We can already imagine them traveling the world with their guitar in tow!

Designer bathrooms

pink and green tropical leaf wallpaper in black and white designer bathroom

Mural in photo: Pink Jungle

We have also been wowed by the designer bathrooms created by interior design experts. Look at how fabulous this on-trend Pink Jungle wallpaper looks in this bathroom. Created by Siesta Home, we adore the black and white patterns combined with the exotic pink and green tones.

watercolour green floral wallpaper in guest bathroom

Mural in photo: Garden Sage

Revive Interiors in Doncaster, UK really impressed us with their use of Carol Robinson’s Garden Sage wallpaper in this guest bathroom. We adore how they have wrapped the entire room in this elegant floral wallpaper and chosen accessories that complement the off-white and green tones.

Designer dining rooms

navy and off-white floral painting wallpaper in designer dining room

Mural in photo: Midnight Splash

Again we see our stunning Midnight Splash mural being used in a completely different way in this designer dining room. Melissa Manning Home Styling has expertly framed this stunning flower wallpaper to create paneling across this beautiful dining area. We find it so inspirational and can’t stop thinking of the other wallpapers we have that would look gorgeous in panels.

off white oriental inspired wallpaper in simple neutral dining room

Mural in photo: Chinese Landscape

If you love oriental-inspired interior design, be wowed by this dining room that oozes neutral bliss. A creation by Kinkade Design, this Chinese Landscape wallpaper couldn’t look more elegant with the round marble-topped table and comfortable low seats.

Designer bedrooms

brown and off-white marble wallpaper in designer bedroom with pretty bed with fur blanket

Mural in photo: Marble mural

We have seen a gorgeous selection of designer bedrooms over the years and we are always stunned by the talent of interior designers out there. Take this romantic bedroom designed by Diane Gordon Design LLC. This Marble wallpaper from our GCC Artworks designer range has been brought to life with the peach and brown-toned bedding in this room.

dark green misty forest wallpaper in bedroom with bed with white and green bedding

Mural in photo: Misty Mountain Landscape

Your Designed Space created a heavenly area in this relaxing bedroom. Cleverly, the dark green and off-white tones in our beautiful Misty Mountain Landscape wallpaper have been brought into the rest of the room with the choice of room accessories.

colourful graffiti wallpaper in luxurious designer bedroom

Mural in photo: Grunge mural

We have another creation by Interior Design Studio. Grunge meets regency in this stunning designer bedroom where the silk striped cushions blend perfectly with the orange tones in this Grunge wallpaper mural. Clearly sometimes combining two very different styles can be a match made in heaven.

Other designer spaces

heron wallpaper in blue and gold tones in designer room

Mural in photo: Elegant Flight

We adore how fabulous this Elegant Flight wallpaper looks in this seating area. Paired with black and dark navy room accessories, this decadent heron wallpaper oozes luxury and great taste. House to Home by Leena really know a thing or two about colour use.

designer hallway with green watercolour wallpaper in panels

Mural in photo: Garden Sage

Lastly, we once again see our Garden Sage wallpaper used in a very different way! Revive Interiors in Doncaster, UK, have created stunning paneling with this Carol Robinson wallpaper. We love how the paneling complements this unusually shaped entryway.

Which is your favourite designer room? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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Alicia Montoya


Love it!

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hi Alicia! Thank you for your comment! :) If you want any more home inspiration, keep visiting our ideas page here - https://www.wallsauce.com/mural-wallpaper-inspirations/

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