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29/01/2018   POSTED BY

Designer Wallpaper for Your Home

At Wallsauce.com, not only do we have an established library of photo wallpaper, there’s also designer wallpaper for your home. This unique collection is constantly under development to bring homes luxury wallpapers. We’re constantly working with illustrators, photographers and artists sourced from around the world to bring you unique designs that can be printed into wallpaper murals. From children’s book illustrators to fashion photographers our collection of designer wallpaper has many popular designs for all ages and all rooms.

In this post, we’ll be sharing with you our best-selling designer wallpapers for homes. Continue reading to explore this vast range and get inspired for new wallpapers for your home.


Designer living room wallpaper

There’s no doubt about it, your living room has to have that WOW factor! It’s most likely the first and only room guests will spend time in, no matter it being your chill out zone. Indulging in designer wallpaper for the living room can create one heck of a feature wall to set off your theme.

For neutral living room design, view our collection of map murals that feature designs by Lovell Johns. As one of the UK’s leading mapping companies, you can expect detailed designs in desirable colours.


This post wouldn’t be complete without a mention of the Shandra Smith wallpaper collection! Shandra’s designs have been part of our designer wallpapers for several years and are very popular with those who aren’t afraid of pattern or colour. Many of her wallpaper design can be found as part of our pattern wallpapers.


Luxury wallpaper ideas for your bedroom


Treat your place of rest to luxury with designer wallpaper for bedrooms. Photo wallpaper by Phil McMenemey, in particular, is perfect for creating a relaxing sanctuary. His range includes this stunning tree wallpaper that almost creates a cosy canopy over your bed.


Alternatively, opt for an illustrated design like this luxury wallpaper by Marc Pasternack. Marc’s collection includes various circle pattern wallpaper in a choice of vibrant colours that will bring a stylish look to any bedroom.


Designer wallpaper for the kids’ bedrooms


Bring adventure and embrace your children’s favourite subjects with designer wallpaper for their bedroom. Our children’s wallpaper collection host artists such as Turine Tran who illustrates whimsical storybook themes in beautiful therapeutic colours. Designs like this are simply perfect for creating a gender neutral kid’s room.


For something a little more vibrant (and wild), fantasy illustrator, Adrian Chesterman has some created some awesome children's animal wallpapers.


Designer wallpaper for your home office


Your home office may be tucked away where visitors rarely go, however, there’s no doubt you’ll be spending a lot of time there. Therefore, it’s essential that you treat this space any room and choose a wallpaper that will boss your office. For creative minds who love to doodle and write things down on paper, you should check out wallpapers by Valentina Harper.


For those in positions where concentration is your main skill, then opt for the geometric wallpaper designed by Twisted Pixels Illustrations. Available in soothing tones, these make the perfect designs for home offices. 


Don’t forget about designer kitchen wallpaper!


Did you know that our wallpaper can be installed in kitchens? They make a great alternative to paint and can create the ultimate feature wall. Map wallpaper murals by Lovell Johns, in particular, are great for creating a neutral space. These world map wallpapers are available in a choice of colours to suit your décor and made to measure to fit your wall perfectly.


Tigerfeet and Twig have alternative wallpaper designs for kitchens. For a retro feel to your kitchen diner, check out their collection of designer wallpaper for unique patterns in various subtle colours.

No matter what you’re looking to decorate, our designer wallpaper collection has something for every style for every room. 


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